555 Chapter 555: Finale: Happy Five Years Life Of Married

Owen is old enough to go to primary school, in the twinkling of an eye, and Kristina is already in kindergarten.

Every day with two babies at home, it is very lively.

Katrina felt happy to hearing two little children calling them "Mommy" and "Daddy."

They sincerely implement the educational concept of "Girls should be brought up richly, and boys should be brought up poorly." Aaron is obviously much gentler towards Kristina. Aaron treats her like a little princess, buying whatever she wants.

But Aaron was so strict to Owen.

In the evening, Katrina personally prepares dinner in the kitchen, while Aaron coaches Owen in the study room and helps him do his homework.

Owen takes excellent pains to finish his homework and hands it to Aaron, "Daddy, I've finished it."

But Aaron immediately gives Owen another exercise book, "Ten questions above, son."

Owen can only reluctantly bow his head and continue to do his homework.


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