47 Chapter 47: The Aftermath

"We healed everyone, but it has been a while since he lost his right arm. There is nothing we can do for him." Lucy said, pointing at the blonde man.

"It's okay, I was looking for an excuse to retire from this activity, and this is it..." He rubbed his severed arm's shoulder with a sad smile. "On top of that seeing what you little monsters did there proves even more to me that my time as an adventurer is done." He continued.

"Well, I hope you have a great life after that." Arthur said to him.

"Let's get to the important part, what exactly happened here guys? We found a boy running away from here." Ash asked.

Hearing this everyone's expression darkened immedietly, especially Arthur as his bloodlust grew remembering how that kid tried to kill everyone here.

"That bastard shot us all while fighting the Elderwood guardian to buy time for himself so he runs from here, if you didn't come in time we probably would've died all." Eljiah explained

"Okay, so this explains everthing, just like I thought..." I said placing my fingers on my chin. "So Note, what are you going to do with him?" I asked.

"As much as I want to kill him right here, I cannot risk it. He has a strong noble family backing him, and I dont want our family to get dragged into this." He clenched his fists tightly to the point where blood dripped from the nails going into the flesh.

He felt weak and forced and I understand him. Placing my hand on his shoulder I consoled him. "It's okay man, you will get plenty of opportunities in the future, just keep growing and getting stronger." I smiled at him.

"Yeah, I'll wait for the perfect opportunity to get my revenge." He coldly said looking at his unconsious body laying there.

"Excuse me Note, c-can I talk to you alone for a moment?" A blonde girl with beautiful blue eyes and a slim figure, about the same age as us spoke.

"Sure Samantha, let's go there." He told her, both going towards the entrance of the dungeon to get privacy.

"This girl is still unconscious but she is breathing, do you think she will be okay?" Ash asked me pointing at Jasmine.

"Yeah don't worry she will be fine, she probably is just exhausted." I reassured him.

"From where do you know Note?" Eljiah asked.

"W-well... Uuhhh... He-he is someone is used to clear dungeons with, yeah! We used to be a party before but each one of us took his own path." I tried to create a backstory for our realtion.

"I see..." The expression that was on his face indicates that he didn't buy my story at all.

"Well guys we have to go report all of this to the guild..." I turned my back to get going as Lucy lifted the blonde boy on her shoulder and Ash followed behind. "This matter isn't something I can turn a blind eye on, take care everyone!" I wavedy hand with my back facing them.

Walking in the hallway leading to the entrance, Samantha ran past us with her palms on her eyes failing to hide the tears running down her cheeks, I just ingnored her and continued my walk.

Going out of the place I found Arthur resting his back on the wall of the cave. "Breaking hearts huh?" I teased him.

"I can't let her know who I am, she isn't made for this kind of things. The experience she had today proved it." He replied.

"Welp you know better, anyways take this." I handed him the green mana core I got.

"What? No! Your the one who did the most effort and your guys used a lot of healing potions and crystals on my party members, just take it you deserve it." He refused taking it.

"Note this core have a beast will in it, with wood and plant affinity. Next time you see Tessia give it to her, she will make the best use of it." I insisted.

"Are you sure Mel?" He asked.

"Come on~ Dont make me repeat myself!" A big smile formed on my face.

"Alright then, thank you." Even under the mask, I knew that he smiled too.

"That was all, we will meet again soon!" I said going back to Xyrus.

As we walked, all the three of us towards the city going through the dense forest of beast glades, Lucy broke the silence. "Its weird how no one from them recognised you Meliodas."

"Yeah haha, usually when people see you they gather in swarms around you to get autographs or just talk to you, and your 'Body Guard' have to push them away each time." Ash joked, meaning Lucy by bodyguard.

Lucy just ignored what Ash said, she seemed to like what he called her. "Its normal, they just had a life or dead experience so everyone has a lot going on inside of their heads." I explained.

"Yeah that's probably the reason." Ash placed his hands behind his head.

"You did great job supporting me Amaya, when we go back I will buy the best meat and eggs out there for you!" I patted her head.

"Yaay, thank you papa, I can't wait and im very hungry now that you mentionned it." She appreciate the head pats I gave her with a smile.




After this we went to the adventurer's guild to report today's incident, they tried to use their connections in order to make Lucas slip away from his crimes, but after pressing them he ended up receiving punishements.

If it was anyone else they would've let Lucas get away with his crimes, but having probably the strongest adventurer with great influence in the kingdom, as a Noble, as a AA rank adventurer, as someone who made the king himself, and the ex-strongest adventurer Kaspian shred and tremble in fear.

The last thing they want is for me to turn my back on them so they ended up swallowing their pride and giving Lucas punishements, such as revoquing his adventurer license, his family got a very big bill to pay, and he is not allowed to leave his home for one month.

Also the the Wykes family had to pay all the victims 500 golden coins each, and for the dead party memebers they gave their families 1000 golden coins.

My party received from the country 1000 golden coins for defeating the Elderwood guardian, and 500 golden coins from the incident from Lucas in the dungeon.

Now I became so rich that I probably can buy a mansion next to the king's castle, but that money is not only mine, its for all the party members. At the end Kaspian also gave me 1000 golden coins but I only took half of it and told him to pass the other half to Note.



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