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Meldor the Heartless


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The greatest elven kingdom, The Atherdaine, fell to the Hombard Empire at the beginning of the year 3207 AoE. The elven king Meldor the Just, thought to be the world's mightiest, was slain defending it to the last. But the Age of Elves would not come to an end. Meldor the Third, had escaped with his retainers and had fled to the Crimson Woods. As he rises from the fall, he would do anything so satisfy his anger and return the elves to their former glory. Enraged by the betrayal of the human rulers, the prince would treat mankind differently. Follow Meldor as he acquires the epithet, The Heartless… and along the way discover more of Berdiggog, the world of elves, magic, and dragons. +++ The novel has LOTR's fantasy elements but the grittiness of GoT. But don't expect this to be as good as the two mentioned masterpieces. This is my first novel, so don't expect much… +++