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Breaking Endeavors Spirit and Ainz Vs Allmight

Hawks is completely devastated, Which is Normal Sukuna showed him mercy but not without Hurting him first.

[Foul Mouthed Black egg]: Damn, Now that's what I call an overpowering defeat.

[Paranoid Bat]: hmm the people of this worlds abilities are powerful bu…They seem to have huge Weaknesses.

I also opened a stream before this happened too so yeah batman and nickfury were watching.

[Paranoid Bat]: Are you gonna kill them?

"No atleast they could be considered real heroes and don't just do it for the fame…but some of them do take it a bit extreme" I said while looking at the now bleeding hawks and Endeavor who seemed to have recovered a bit but there were several Imjuries on his body.

While Ainz and AllMight are still fighting I might as well go deal with the burning corpses Father. So I jumped of the building and Waited on the streets for him to come here instead.

As he stood up he used his flames trying to punch me in the face but..

"Ah-ah Endeavor are you gonna really sacrifice the lives of a dozen citizens" I said as I pointed at the red Cage entrapping the Citizens floating in the sky.

"What do you want" He said gritting his teeth.

"I don't want to seperate a father from his children but I have a question, Do you want to see your long lost son" I said with a sinister smile on my face.

"W-what do you mean" he said im a slightly weak voice.

"Of course I'm talking about the son you failed to raise, Toya Todoroki" I said while he looked at me his legs getting weak.

"Where is he, TELL ME" he said In an outraged voice.

"Ah I can't tell you but I could give you a hint, he is somewhere inside in the league of Villains" I said looking at his desperate figure.

"Now endeavor you have two choices, Join us and we will get your son back or the second optio save these citizens But lose a chance to Get your son back…But you haven't repented for all your sins, Enji todoroki Your Determination impresses me but Your Ways disgust Me" I said while he looked at me with evident rage in his eyes.

"Ah and also how is your wife does she still love you after all you've done" I said with no hint of remorse in my voice.

"H-how do you know that" he asked his voice getting hoarse and dry.

*Cough* *Cough*.

He coughed a bit of blood the earlier attack doing much more damage to him than he shows.

"Why are you doing this, WHO ARE YOU" He said his body getting weaker by the second.

"Who am I you ask" I said tilting my head to the side.

"I am the Demon that comes when people call its Name, I am The Very Embodiment and symbol of hate, I am the one which chains the souls of any who oppose me, I am the Scourge which Embodies the Raw unrelenting Anarchy that envelopes this world, I Am Chaos" I said while looking at his eyes his face reflecting in my crimson red glowing eyes As he faints and falls to the ground.

"Heh he didn't choose oh well I'll take that he wants to save the citizens" I said as I let the citizens out of the battlefield, some ran and I saw some people were just livestreaming the whole thing since the beginning. Well atleast we'll be taken more seriously now.

"Oh right let's check the damage done on hawks" I looked at where Sukuna was and went there.

"Hmm you really showed no mercy…Well I'm not angry but you could have beaten him less" I said while stnading near him.

"Heh You said I should hold back, So that's exactly what I did" Sukuna said.

"Anywas I'm going to check if he's still breathing." I said while moving the rubble and then I saw hawks condition, half of his skin was torn off and his wings literally Cleaved off clean, I turned to look at Sukuna but he looked at the ongoing battle between Ainz and Allmight.

"Reset" I said as Hawks was brought back to his peak condition but I left a few injuries on him, I didn't want to cripple him just hurt him.

"Now then is Ainz still not done" I asked While moving toward a building.

"Tsk he seems to be having fun how envious" Sukuna said.

He said as I silently watched, Allmight was Getting flinged building from building by Ainz, but All might used deteroi Smash and pushed him a few meters back.

"Nebraska SMASH" He said and rotated his arm and threw a punch at Ainz creating a tornado around him, Ainz swinged his sword dispelling the tornado then, used the side of his great sword almost hitting Allmight in the head. Allmight blocked the attack but was constantly being pushed down into the ground by the weight of the sword.

"I..Will…Not..Fall?!" Allmight said punching the sword with his other arm flinging out of Ainzs Arm.

"Villain No matter where no matter who you are Justice will always Prevail. TEXAS SMASH" Allmight said punching Ainz and sending him flying into a few buildings.

"You seek justice but do remember there is always a price for everything, Even your so called justice. But this is were our battle stops you are strong but in the end You are Human fragile and reckless" Ainz said with a domineering Aura Around him, his energy rising which each second.

"But You are one of the few good people in this world, So you will live, Despair Aura İİ" Ainz said his aura becoming terrifying, in that moment even Sukuna had an urge to flee. But that doesn't affect me much and Homura seemed fine in the distance.

Allmight looked at Ainz his legs shaking, Telling him to run to save himself and get out of there.

But he didn't listen he wouldn't let these villains escape, He won't just be scared because he his opponent is strong No he won't give up even if that means costing his life.

"I see you won't get out of here you want to take us down even if it cost you your life, That's commendable But foolish You cannot save people if you don't save yourself first, Allmight just give up and let this be the end until we meet once more" Ainz said while his sword flew into his hands.

"There is no such thing as being evil, No the thing that should be said is evil is just a byproduct of being good, A way for humans to express their hate, Evil wasn't created, No it has always been there and will always be there as long good exists" Ainz said while raising his sword at the sky.

"So think carefully, Do you think the people you trust are good or is that what they just show you, The Words heroe and Villain are nothing but a game in this world, A harsh and secretive dark game" Ainz said hitting Allmight with his sword while he stood there dazed as the sword hit him and sending him into the buildings finally making him go unconscious.

"Well now that's done Ainz teleport us back to the base" I said as we all gathered in one place and of course I didn't forget our little lightning breather here, Ainz used Greater teleportation on us and we are back to our base away from the empty and destroyed streets.

"Now that what I call a successful mission" I said with a smile.

"I felt useless" Homura said with a gloomy expression on her face.

"Don't worry We will let you shine next time" I said cheerfully.

"Sure I'm going to my room" She walked while lazily waving her arms.

"Oh hey guys what happened" Itadori said suddenly.

I ignored him because on the couch I could see Nero's egg was Surrounded by pink colored and purple webs…..


Should I let Sukuna join the group Itadori still stays, but we get Sukuna a new body.