1 The Girl Who Was Two-Timed

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At the top-notch restaurant overlooking the city—within the large, opulent hall—there were men and women wearing Western-style formal attire everywhere. The scene was a prime example of a business setting.

High-end dining tables were set up on opposite sides, while a small elevated platform nestled in the center. A band that had been invited from abroad were playing melodious tunes that only the rich could understand.

In such an environment, Ye Mu looked the most conspicuous. She was wearing simple and noticeably cheap casual clothing, without any accessories whatsoever.

When she entered the restaurant in this attire, the service staff suspected that she could not afford to pay for even the cheapest meal in the restaurant.

However, as soon as Ye Mu entered, she ordered the most expensive meal and wine. She generously hurled a thick pile of cash onto the table, "Is this sufficient for the meal?"

"Enough, it's enough." When the attendant saw the thick stack of notes, he hurriedly put away the contempt on his face and replaced it with an eagerly attentive expression.

He quickly served Ye Mu her meal and wine.

Ye Mu lowered her head to look at that pile of notes, smiling bitterly, "So, having a lot of money is that great… It can easily change a person's perspective and they will look at you in a new light…"

Today, she had finally recognized this reality.

However, if she was given the chance to choose, she would rather not have such an opportunity.

While drinking the so-called superior liquor, Ye Mu's smile grew more bitter. The buzzing noise from that man named Gu Yiming rang in her ears.

Just a few hours ago, that man told her, "Sorry, Ye Mu. I'm getting married."

"Didn't you come back to marry me?" Ye Mu was slightly stunned. She waited several years for him, just for this day, so that he could return and take her hand in marriage.

Gu Yiming raised his head slightly, his face held his usual indifferent expression, "The person I love had never been you."

His particular sentence hit Ye Mu like a bolt of lightning from the sky.

Ye Mu's entire body was so stiff that she appeared somewhat stupefied. "It's not me? Then… W-why did you agree with my father to get engaged to me? Yiming, today isn't April Fool's Day. Don't play this kind of joke, okay?"

But Gu Yiming's eyes remained cold as he stared straight at Ye Mu and replied mercilessly, "That original promise was to simply allow your father to pass away in peace. You should know this better than anyone else."

For her father to leave in peace? Heh heh… When he appeared as her fiancé to serve as the director of her father's company, was that to help her father pass away in peace too?

"This is the last compensation that I can give you. In the future, we will have nothing to do with each other." As Ye Mu panicked, Gu Yiming had already raised his hand and pushed a card over to her.

At this moment, remembering each and every word Gu Yiming had told her made her feel so miserable that she could only rely on alcohol to numb her pained heart.

She hadn't eaten anything yet, but the bottle of wine was already emptied.

"Compensation? Gu Yiming, did you think that giving me some money is considered compensation? Do you know how long I waited for you? Do you know what I sacrificed for you? You fool, you don't know anything!" Ye Mu shouted hoarsely, holding completely no resemblance to her usual appearance of a girl-next-door.

A melodious melody covered half of her shouting. As she listened to that familiar rhythm, her eyes were already clouded over and she staggered towards the musical band's direction.

"CEO Mo, our Li Da is willing to reduce our profits by 20 percent. Since your father and I are on friendly terms, please grant me the honor by handing this small business over to us Li Da." In the restaurant's best seating area, a man spoke carefully to another man sitting on the opposite.

However, the man opposite of him had no intention of looking at him. Instead, his pair of calm eyes stared at the violin player in the performing band, his slender fingertips stroked his chin lightly as if he was in deep thought.

His side profile alone was enough to attract plenty of attention from women. This kind of man who possessed an air of nobility from head to toe—once he revealed a serious expression, the aftermath would surely be fatal and unimaginable.

The man who had just spoken opened his mouth wordlessly. Who in here wasn't aware that the man sitting opposite of him was this city's wealthiest person, the business world's elite—Mo Shen.

The band was currently performing when Ye Mu suddenly burst in, swaying from side to side.

The smell of alcohol lingered around her as she pointed at the violinist, "You… Do you know how to play 'Song of the Wanderers'? I want to listen to it."

The music came to a halt while the audience turned to look at her.

Shocked, the general manager pulled at Ye Mu's sleeves, preventing her from moving as she said, "Miss, please return to your seat. Do not disturb the band and other customers from dining."

Ye Mu stood there stubbornly, her eyes focused on the violin.

"Song of the Wanderers?" Mo Shen's slender fingertips stroked his thin lips as he repeated the phrase in a low, mesmerizing voice. Someone had once sent this melody to him before.

"CEO Mo, what did you say?" The man sitting across Mo Shen hastily asked, looking delighted when he heard him speak.

Mo Shen's eyes shifted from Ye Mu's person to that man, his lips moving coldly, "Sorry, the suggestion that you spoke of, the Mo family has no interest in considering. Please leave."

"CEO Mo, please reconsider. No matter what, I've been a long-time friend of your father…"

Mo Shen's gaze changed suddenly as he got up and fastened his coat buttons.

Throwing a single, cold glance at the man, he instructed the assistant beside him, "I'll leave CEO Liu to you."

"Yes, Boss." Special Assistant Hong Li responded.

Mo Shen lengthened his strides, walking towards the restaurant's entrance. Ye Mu also headed for the entrance, moving unsteadily. She did not see Mo Shen walking over and she knocked sideways into him.

"Sorry, ah!" Ye Mu lowered her head and apologized straight away.

Mo Shen's large hand pressed onto her shoulder and helped her balance herself before he asked in a gentle voice, "Are you all right?"

Ye Mu lifted her head slowly and saw the dazzling man in front of her. She couldn't help but look at him twice before shaking her head after a moment of clarity, "I'm fine."

The smile on Mo Shen's face grew warmer, "We haven't met in a few years. Do you still recognize me?"

"Who are you? Ye Mu was taken aback. She couldn't recall such a man in her memories.

"Song of the Wanderers." Mo Shen uttered a few words. Seeing that Ye Mu's expression was still dazed, he reminded her, "Young photography uncle."

Ye Mu's raised her eyes upwards, trying her best to remember.

Alas, her mind could not find the person he was talking about. In the end, she could only open her mouth in confusion, "Did you perhaps recognize the wrong person?"

"Ye Mu." Mo Shen revealed her name, "You are called Ye Mu, aren't you?"

Mo Shen wasn't expecting her to remember him since they only saw each other once and that was six years ago. However, Ye Mu was unaware that her previous unintentional actions had brought Mo Shen out of an emotional swamp.

Ye Mu stared at Mo Shen with widened eyes, he knew her name!

Mo Shen raised a brow and glanced at her for a moment before he took a pen from the side of the piano and wrote a string of numbers on a handkerchief. He then handed it to Ye Mu, "If you encounter problems in the future, you can look for me."

"Heh heh…" Ye Mu dryly laughed twice. She thought that the man in front of her must be drunk too.

She stuffed the handkerchief into her pocket and waved at Mo Shen before walking out.

Mo Shen lifted and looked at his hand that had prevented her fall earlier.

After which, he leisurely tucked it into his pocket. His smile grew heavy with warmth, "I haven't seen you in a few years but you've grown up quite a lot."

As he sat on his seat, Hong Li was shocked to see the smile on Mo Shen's face.

He had never seen the boss show such an expression before.

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