Meet straykids of the first time

Author: Ali_Yasmin
Ongoing · 12.6K Views
  • 6 Chs
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What is Meet straykids of the first time

Read ‘Meet straykids of the first time’ Online for Free, written by the author Ali_Yasmin, This book is a Teen Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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“Sean, shut up with the ‘I know’ statements. What of the things you don’t know? You know this, you know that. For God’s sake, you don’t fucking know anything!” By this time, I was hysterical “Audrey stop it. Your words hurt. You’re hurting me.” “ Good. Now you know how I’ve been feeling for the past two weeks. You never called, no text, no nothing. You could’ve at least asked if everything went well with my brothers and mom but no, you ignored me and now you want to undo? Pffft! How pathetic can human beings become?” I let out an airy chuckle. “ I’m sorry. I’ll call you another time but remember I’ll not give up on us. “Tiny problem. There’s no ‘us’.” “Good luck with the fight. Kick some butts cause that’s what you do.” “ I don’t need your motivation.” I said icily even though deep down, I was happy he knows me so well. I was happy he apologized and most of all, I was happy he called but I had to play hard to get. What’s the fun in giving on early anyway? Love? A deep or abiding liking for something. Motherly love deprived Audrey goes through life with her head high. Lonely and bullied, she finds joy in her friends...but most of all love. there's something about life... when things are great, they find a way to go downhill. And when it rains, it usually pours. Maybe... just maybe, life will give her a second chance at happiness.

Sharon_isSyrona_4090 · Urban
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