1 Ambrose

Ambrose knew that life was hard and he has long accepted this when he was only fifteen years old. He knew that not everything will go his way, however, he never thought that his life will come to an end this early on.

He was only twenty years old when all of this happened.

After finishing his college project he was ready to play his favourite Mecha Game on his PC when suddenly an ad popped up in front of him.

There was a beautiful lady on the front of the ad and as a responsible twenty years old it was his duty to click on such ads. And that is what he did, however, the site he landed on had no lady on it, only a word 'BANG!' Written on it.

Ambrose narrowed his eyes and read the word aloud "BANG?" And just as he did so a loud bang resounded in his room, blasting both his computer and his head.

His small eighty square feet room got completely painted with sanguine gooey liquid. Even his bones got embedded in the walls like they were some swords.

Smoke raised out of the broken glass window from his balcony, making everyone present outside panic. Many of them ran towards the room to save him and some even called emergency numbers on their phones.

Most of the people in his hostel were at the same age as him and all of them were male. Meaning they rushed towards the burning room without giving any thoughts.

However, when they reached his room, only the pieces of his body were left there. One of the boys even puked out everything that he ate when he saw the horrible scene in front of him.

The fat warden also ran towards the room pushing everyone aside by his sticky fat hands, he got in front and when he saw the condition of the room, he got on his knees and started preaching the lord loudly.

Tears started to fall from his small eyes. "May the Lord Extinguish all the Devil From My small residence!" The fat man yelled.

However, Ambrose has nothing to do with all of this, he knew that his parents would be sad if they come to knew about it, however, he couldn't do anything about it so he decided to just look forward.

He was currently in a dark place where he could see and feel nothing, the only thing he could do is think. He thought of everything that has happened in his life till now.

All the games he has played, all the Animes he has watched. And the time spent with his childhood friends when they used to play video games from the first hour in the morning till their parents plugged out the monitor.

There was a sweet smile on his face while he was thinking about all this. His life was an average one with average parents and average friends. He never strived to be someone great as he was satisfied with how his life was going.

Although for the last few years from the time he left the school and entered the pharmacy college. He was more stressed and depressed than before, he still wanted to live more. To experience more.

He let out a sigh and then tried to move. However, quickly found out that he has no control over his body. There was only darkness around him, and he couldn't even see his hands.

There was no voice here just an eerie cold silence that covered the whole space. This was the first time in his life that he could hear the voice of his thoughts. And that was the only clear thing that he was conscious of.

After God knows how many days, even his consciousness started to burn away, he was not even able to sleep for what felt like an entire week. Just when his consciousness was fading away, he heard a voice that he knew is not from his thoughts.

"Ambrose! Ambrose!" He suddenly felt a jerking force on his shoulders and then his eyes suddenly opened, bringing forth a bright white light in them.

He instinctively placed his right hand over his eyes to prevent too much light from entering them. Soon enough the cloud of light cleared away and then came in the view of a mature lady in front of him.

She had a haggard face, her eyes heavy and deep dark circles under them. There was a worried expression on her face as she looked at Ambrose with warmth in her eyes.

"Thank God, I thought you were seriously injured. I told you not to go hunting. Look what have you done to yourself. I was so scared. Rest for now and from now on you are not allowed to hunt, you will help in the farms with me." She said as she caressed his head gently.

Ambrose looked at her with a confused expression, he didn't know who this lady is. He looked around and saw that he was in some kind of medieval hut, with a thatched roof and wooden walls.

The ground was made up of slightly reddish coloured hardened soil, there were some cracks on it. The hut was only a hundred square feet, just a little larger than his hostel room.

There was a clay pot placed on the side of the door with a metallic plate-like lid on it. There was also a steel glass on the lid, placed upside down. Ambrose has seen such clay pots before he has learned about them in his history lessons.

These type of pots were used to store drinking water and the water inside them generally stayed lower than room temperature.

'Where am I?" He felt that he was laying on a straw mat without any pillows and has rough brown colour clothes in his body. The middle-aged lady in front of him also had a ragged white skirt with a linen brown t-shirt.

Her hairs were completely black and although she looked tired she could be termed as a beauty with some makeup.

Suddenly it struck him, all the different kind of memories started flooding in his brain. And only then he realised that he was not on earth anymore and it was not even his body that he is currently in.

This body's owner is only seventeen years old and coincidently had the same name as him. Ambrose. The women in front of him is his mom, her name, Thalia Carpenter.

Both of them are from a poor family living in this small village.

Suddenly a rush of adrenaline flushed through his whole body, making his heartbeat raise few octanes. His face turned red and sweat formed on his body. He was very excited by the fact that he has transmigrated, just like some protagonists of Games.

He raised his upper body and leaned his back against the wooden wall.

When Thalia looked at his red face and sweat on his forehead she got even more worried. Quickly placing the backside of her hand on his forehead to check if he has a fever.

"How are you feeling? I told you to not go to hunting till you get your pet beast, however, you never listen to me, now look what happened. If something serious would have happened to you where would I get money to treat you?" She spoke in a single breath like a worried mother.

"Don't worry Mom, I will not cause any trouble from now on," Ambrose said with a smile on his face.

"Hmph... You always say that and then do whatever you want. I will not believe you this time. From now on you are prohibited to exit our property without my permission."

She stood up and moved towards the clay pot, she mugged out a glass of water and gave it to Ambrose. "Today we will have chicken meat soup after so many months. So if you want to eat it again you have to follow all my rules."

Ambrose took the steel glass from her hand and gently drank the water from it. "Ok now I am going to tend the farm, you rest here, I will cook the chicken when I am back." She said and then took a cloth bag hanging from the wooden wall.

Placed the heavy cloth bag over her shoulder and then moved out of the small hut, closing the wooden gate behind her.

Ambrose could see her relieved expression after she found that he was ok. A warm smile formed on his face, she truly cared about him.

He then started arranging his memory. In his family, there were only two people. He himself and his Mom. He can't recall any memories of his dad. However, his mom told him that he died in an accident while he was hunting in the jungle.

He then recollected his memory about this world, he only knew that he lived in ShadeGreen village, in Golden Falcon kingdom. This was a very small village with only a thousand houses in it.

Many of the people here were very poor like him, they lived in thatched huts, and farming and hunting was the only way of livelihood.

This is also a world, where cultivation existed. One can harvest mana from the space and use it as his own in many different ways. With enough mana, one can achieve many impossible magical feet.

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