Chapter 21: Back into the Abyss, This Place is the Endless_1

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After becoming a 1st Rank mecha pilot, two new difficulty levels for the abyss carbon copy unlocked?

Among them, the Abyss difficulty level, to this day, no one has been able to clear it?

Jiang Chen was stunned as he looked at the screen.

Through the accounts of others, he had come to fully understand the experiences of the "Symbol of the Alliance."

The "Symbol of the Alliance" had awakened more than a decade ago.

During that era, abyssal monsters frequently appeared, and nations were at their wits' end, struggling to cope— a certain island nation had seen the emergence of a powerful supernatural monster that destroyed half a city before a mecha pilot took action and dealt with it.

In addition, some mecha pilots, taking advantage of the power of their mechas, committed wrongdoing and acted recklessly.

Nations establish the Mecha Pilots Alliance in hopes to regulate mecha pilots and change this chaotic situation, but the results were minimal.

Only a few mecha pilots chose to join the alliance.

The majority of the mecha pilots did not wish to be constrained and instead gathered privately to establish various private organizations.

It was at this time that the Symbol of the Alliance made a striking entrance.

As the "fallen SSS-class rookie," he advanced bravely, breaking through barriers until reaching the realm of an 8th Rank mecha pilot.

Controlling the Divine Lord Mecha, he destroyed several private mecha pilot organizations and killed five 8th Rank mecha pilots, intimidating the whole world.

Then, representing Xia Kingdom, he forcefully joined the alliance and visited each private mecha pilot organization in turn.

What specifically happened was unknown to the common folk.

All that was known was that from then on, the alliance became the most powerful force of mecha pilots, and the order on Planet Blue Star was restored.

Even when abyssal monsters descended on Planet Blue Star, they would be swiftly dealt with by the alliance's mecha pilots.

Because of this, in addition to the title "strongest mecha pilot," many also revered him as the "Symbol of the Alliance."

Jiang Chen held the same respect for this Symbol of the Alliance.

After all, if not for him, the people of Planet Blue Star, both ordinary citizens and mecha pilots, would still be living in dire straits.

Under the law of the jungle, rookie mecha pilots could forget about benefits, and there was a high probability they would have their trial gains taken away by stronger opponents.

Then, they would become the livestock raised by powerful mecha pilots, solely to provide various materials.

One could say that the Symbol of the Alliance changed the survival rules of Planet Blue Star with his own strength.


Such a classic hero template mecha pilot, yet even he couldn't clear the Abyss difficulty of the Age-Old shadow?

How terrifying must that difficulty level be!

After the initial shock, a sense of excitement and anticipation began to rise deep within Jiang Chen's heart.

According to speculation, the Symbol of the Alliance's mecha pilot talent might be "Mecha Supercharge."

For him, all modules loaded on the mecha, even the weakest garbage module, could achieve supercharged effects!

When added together, these effects could reach a shockingly exaggerated level.

He might seem like an 8th Rank mecha pilot, but his attributes had already reached the 9th Rank!

That's why he could easily obtain an SSS-class evaluation in the basic trials and effortlessly crush other 8th Rank mecha pilots.

The power of this talent was undeniable.

If every module was supercharged, even a 0th Rank mecha could reach a terrifying level of nearly a hundred in all attributes.

Jiang Chen simply could not compare.

However, the number of modules a mecha can carry is limited.

Even with supercharging, the enhancement only occurs on a limited number of modules.

In other words, the Symbol of the Alliance's power had a limit!

His limit had not met the requirements of the Abyss difficulty level, which is why he could not clear it.

But Jiang Chen—

Seemed to have no limits.

Provided he had enough time to draw out the power within the mecha.

Forget about nearly a hundred in all attributes; he could even push his all-around attributes to over a thousand while still in 0th Rank!

Perhaps the initial strength didn't compare to the SSS-class talent of the Symbol of the Alliance.

But in terms of growth potential and upper limits of strength, he absolutely surpassed it!

Given these circumstances...

"Perhaps, I might be able to clear an Abyss difficulty carbon copy?"

Jiang Chen couldn't help but feel his heartbeat quicken at the thought.

According to the information from the person who posted, the Hell difficulty carbon copy could produce a Supercharge Module, although the chances were extremely slim.

The Abyss difficulty carbon copy would certainly have a better chance, wouldn't it?

And besides, there could be materials and items that had never appeared before, waiting for Jiang Chen to reap!

Under the snowball effect...

A Supercharge talent?

Seems a bit useless.

As long as the mecha is fitted with all supercharge modules, doesn't this talent become obsolete?

Now it's time to fantasize!

"Cough cough."

Jiang Chen controlled his train of thought, otherwise, the next moment he would have started throwing punches at the abyss Demon Kings and kicking creation gods...

However, he had made a decision.

0th Rank didn't matter, the highest difficulty of the abyss carbon copy was just Nightmare, and it had already been farmed to death by others.

Once he had accumulated enough, he could breakthrough directly to 1st Rank.

When he became a 1st Rank mecha pilot, he would slow down the pace of his rank ascension.

First, he would accumulate attributes to a higher level, try to clear abyss difficulty carbon copies, obtain more powerful materials, enhance his foundation, and keep the snowball rolling...

Set a small goal.

To become an invincible mecha pilot at every rank!

"Sir, it's time to eat."

"Okay... hmm, Bai Ying, your cooking skills are not bad, worthy of a 7th Rank mecha."

"Culinary Power, 7th Rank!"


Jiang Chen felt full and was still somewhat excited.

He didn't continue browsing the forum but put away his personal terminal, clenched his right fist, touched the Abyss Rune with his fingertips, and thought silently.


Countless pale purple vines burst out from his palm, wrapping around his body.

At the same time, abyss atmosphere gathered, forming chunks of white crystalline rock shells covering the pale purple vines.

In a flash, a mecha warrior with a white shell and purple patterns stood in the living room.

This was the new look of the model Zero Mecha.

Bai Ying, who was cleaning up plates and utensils, stopped what she was doing.

"Sir, what is this...?"

"Just testing the simple difficulty of the abyss, you keep cleaning up, no need to mind me."

As Jiang Chen responded, he opened the interface for Age-Old Shadow.

After reading posts on the forum, he was itching to explore the abyss a bit, burst some armor, and try to improve his attributes.

The repair time for low-level items was ten hours.

If he burst his armor now, it would be repaired after a good night's sleep.

The simple difficulty abyss carbon copy was similar to the basic trials, there was no need to worry about danger.

He could also take the opportunity to get familiar with the environment and rhythm, preparing to clear the Nightmare difficulty level and obtain the Weapons Master trait.

He selected the abyss carbon copy and clicked start.

Lines of text appeared before his eyes.

[10, 9, 8...]

[Age-Old Shadow construct completed.]

[Welcome to the abyss.]

The pitch-black rift opened silently.


[Current location: Endless Demons Realm]

[Level: Zero]

[Difficulty: Simple]

[Mission: Within five hours, kill the boss: Six-armed Rakshasa.]

[Description: During the era of illusive life, celestial dogs devour the sun, and stars and moons lose their luster.

The gates to Purgatory are wide open, and an endless stream of demons rushes into the land, engulfing everything.

The living perish and are reborn as the undead, trapped in an eternal and boundless struggle.

Both humans and ghosts tread the same path, the cycle of reincarnation is shattered, and civilization is lost.

This place is the realm of Endless Demons.]

[Friendly reminder: Explore freely, and you may leave the abyss at any time (requires one minute of preparation time).]