4 Ch. 4 - A friend

[Alright, someone just complained about how the title is a fake and this isn't an MCU fanfic because of adding Matilda, well, this is indeed an MCU fanfic, and like I said in the summary of the fanfic, I would be adding some random movies here that won't interfere too much on the MCU plot/timeline, just to make this story more interesting.

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"Doffy! Are you ready!" The Matron called out to him however, when she entered his room and saw that Doffy was still sleeping on the bed, she can't help but yell at him.

"DOFFYYYY! Today is your first day of school! Didn't I tell you to prepare early!"

Due to her yell, Doffy suddenly opened his reddened eyes and yelled back.

"I'm awake!"

"Good! Today's your first day of school, now get out of your bed and get ready." The Matron said as she started throwing him some clothes to wear.

"Take a shower first, you stank." The Matron pushed him to the bathroom before closing the door.

After 5 minutes if showering and preparing, it was finally time to go to school.

"Mary, if there's any problems, immediately call me, okay?" The Matron was instructing Mary, one of the Caregivers in the Orphanage.

"Yes, Ma'am Agnes." Mary, the Caregiver nodded her head in understanding.

"Good! Doffy, let's go!" The Matron, now known as Agnes, called out to Doffy once she saw him.

"Okay!" Doffy nodded and went outside of the Orphanage, in there, there is a rundown car that looks very old and almost broken.

"Are we safe?" Doffy took a deep breath and muttered.

"Let's go now. Doffy, get in." Agnes walked past him and opened the door to the passenger seat.

As Doflamingo got in and Agnes closed the door, Doflamingo could feel the clanking of the car, showing how old and almost broken it is.

Agnes also got in the driver's seat and pulled out her keys to start the car.

After a few tries, the car finally started, but when Doflamingo looked back at the car, he saw a very dark smoke coming out from behind.

As the car started driving, Doflamingo can't help but feel like he was a protagonist in a Finally Destination Movie.

Fortunately, they arrived safely at the school and Doflamingo hurriedly got out of the car.

"Make sure you listen to your teacher, okay? Don't make some troubles! I love you!" Agnes smiled, showing the wrinkles on her face.

"Don't worry, I love you too, mother." During these years, Doflamingo has already considered Agnes as his real mother and if there is a chance that someone would like to adopt him, he would flatly refuse.

His life is finally taking a good turn and he's gonna make it sure that no one takes it away from him.

"Alright then, your brothers and sisters might have been giving Mary a hard time, I gotta go, I'll come pick you up later." As soon as she said that, she finally drove off, leaving Doflamingo alone.

Doflamingo waved his hand at the leaving car before turning around and facing the school.

Just like he expected, the school gives out a gloomy aura that reeks of negative vibes.

However, Doflamingo also saw hundreds of kids playing and chatting around.

'Well, time to find that telekinetic girl.' Doflamingo set a goal in his mind as he also joined the fray of kids.

'She's not here?' After searching for a whole minute straight, Doflamingo frowned.

'Maybe I wa-.' When Doflamingo was just about to give up, he hears a car stopping in a distance, right exactly at the entrance of the school.

Since he's not normal, obviously, his sense of hearing is pretty far than normal people.

When he turned his head at the entrance, he finally saw his first family crewmate.

Well, technically, he won't be a pirate, so maybe his first member in his family, Donquixote Family.

He finally decided to take the same path as the original Doflamingo while at the same time, not.

Meaning, he would do the same as Doflamingo, but removing the bad parts like conquering a country or selling slaves and such.

Though that doesn't mean he's all good, he might get bad later on, especially if someone dares to mess with his family, although he's the only one yet, but he is sure that it will grow big in the future.

As for why he decides to make Matilda his first member?

Obviously, she's very smart, maybe as smart as Albert Einstein or something, or maybe as smart as Tony Stark from Marvel.


Seeing that Matilda was coming close, Doflamingo decides to take the initiative to introduce himself.

"Hey." Doflamingo greeted.

Matilda stopped from her tracks and saw a handsome blonde haired child greeting her.

"Hi." Matilda smiled brightly and greeted back.

"I'm Doflamingo, you can call me Doffy if you want. What's yours?" Doflamingo introduced himself and places his hand forward, offering a handshake.

"I'm Matilda, Matilda Wormwood. Nice to meet you, Dofy." Matilda shook his hand and introduced herself in return.

"Nice to meet you too, Matil-." Doflamingo didn't managed to finish his sentence when the entrance door of the school was blasted open, silencing the kids around.

Heavy footsteps rang from inside to outside.

'So that Psychopath is finally here.' Doflamingo, of course, knew who the person was coming out of that door.

'Miss Trunchbull, the reason why I was scared to go to school ever since I watched the movie.' Doflamingo started reminiscing on his past life.

"Who is she?" Matilda whispered from beside him.

"I have no idea." Doflamingo pretended not to know.

As Miss Trunchbull slowly came down from the small stairs, the children also gave way to her in fear.

As Miss Trunchbull started scolding every single kid in her way, Matilda started breathing heavily in fear.

Suddenly, a hand patted her shoulder and when she turned to look back, she saw Doflamingo smiling at her.

"Don't worry, I'm here. Don't be afraid." Doflamingo comforted her.

He wasn't even scared, if he wanted, he could beat the shit out of this psychopath, but why would he do that? If he did, not only it will get him in trouble, but it would also affect Agnes and the orphanage.

"She's scary." Matilda said, hiding behind Doflamingo.

"Damn right she is." Doflamingo replied in muttering.

"Did you just said a bad word?" Matilda raised her eyebrow at him.

"Don't blame me, sooner or later when we grow up, we'll learn how to swear, so what's wrong with learning it much earlier? 'Especialy when you live in America.'" Doflamingo shrugged his shoulder and said, but he finished the last sentence inside his mind.

Matilda chuckled at his reply, she found it funny that she already made a friend right the moment she entered the school, and a funny friend at that.

"Here she comes." Doflamingo said as he immediately dragged Matilda and gave way to Trunchbull, he knew that they weren't the target but the girl with pig tails behind him.

"Ahhhh, fresh meat!" Trunchbull smiled evily as she stepped forward and faced the girl with pigtails.

"Amanda Thripp!" Trunchbull said while popping the 'P'.

"Yes, Miss Trunchbull?" The girl, Amanda, asked while hiding her fear.

"What are those?" Trunchbull asked as she started circling Amanda.

"What's what, Miss Trunchbull?" She asked.

"Hanging down by your ears." Trunchbull answered.

"You mean my pigtails?" Amanda caressed her pigtails as she replied.

Trunchbull stopped in front of her and asked.

"Are you a pig, Amanda?"

"No, Miss Trunchbull."

"Do I allow pigs in my school?" Trunchbull started glaring at the little kid.

"My mommy thinks they're sweet." Amanda said in a sad tone.

"Your mommy is a twit!" Trunchbull spitted the words on Amanda's face.

'Wow, what a bitch.' Doflamingo rolled his eyes, and decided to give the poor girl some rest.

"Good morning, Miss Trunchbull. Don't you think that you're being too harsh to the girl?" Doflamingo patted Trunchbull's back as he said.

"And you are?" Trunchbull's eyes twitched in anger as she asked for Doflamingo's name.

"Doflamingo." Doflamingo introduced himself nicely.

"Who do you think you are to stop me from teaching an ignorant child a lesson." Trunchbull then turned her body to face him and bent down to glare at his face.

"Don't stare at me like that, you're making me blush." Doflamingo backed away and playfully said at Trunchbull.

"You! You Little Twat! Come here!" When Trunchbull was about to grab his hair, Doflamingo smirked that no one can see.

His fingers twitched a little and the strings that he attached on both of of Trunchbull's legs, tightened.

"What!?" Trunchbull only felt herself going off balance, and before she knew it, her face has already kissed the ground and there was some small laughter everywhere as if trying to hold it in.

"Woah!" Matilda's eyes gleamed in excitement, she feels like Doflamingo is similar to those knights in a shining armor that saves the beauty against the evil.

And in her eyes, Amanda is the beauty and Miss Trunchbull is the evil, while Doflamingo is the knight.

'That should give her a lesson.' Doflamingo smirked and can't help but feel like stepping on Trunchbull's head as if he just killed a mighty beast, but decided against that, lest he might get expelled.

A car stopped nearby and a beautiful lady came out of the car, and when she saw Trunchbull on the ground, her eyes widened and walked faster towards Miss Trunchbull.

"Good morning, Miss Honey." The kids nearby greeted her in excitement, from the looks of it, it seems like she is the favourite teacher of the kids.

Mis Trunchbull tried to get up and she succeded, fortunatelyfor her, Doflamingo has already removed the strings on her legs.

"I will remember this, Doflamingo!" Trunchbull yelled at him before standing up and fixing herself before giving Doflamingo one last glare and went back to inside.

Doflamingo smirked and felt excitement.

"Bring it on, bitch." Doflamingo muttered in a way that no one can hear.


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