37 Ch. 35 - Natalya Maximoff





On the training grounds, a crowd has formed as in the middle of the crowd, a teen and a woman were fighting with each other using Bo Staff.

"Hold on, I don't know how to use these." Doflamingo inquired as he just used his fast reflexes and senses to parry against the fancy and awesome moves that the woman in front of him are showing.

From the looks of it, she seems to have an experience in fighting using a Bo Staff, while Doflamingo doesn't.

"Can we stop?" Doflamingo asked as he could sense the Ancient One watching upon them. He feared that he might get a poor reputation for picking a fight at his second day of training and might be expelled or something.

"Raaahhh!" Suddenly, the woman encircled the Bo Staff around her shoulder and slamming it strongly on the floor.


The ground cracked as a huge shockwave has spread, pushing Doflamingo and the crowd back.

"Alright, I gotta admit, that move is cool." Doflamingo wiped the sweat on his forehead as the woman was breathing heavily before falling on her knees.

Doflamingo didn't even do anything to defeat her, he's just parrying all of her blows.

"Are you okay?" Doflamingo walked towards her and asked worriedly.

"Why won't you fight back? Are you gay?" She fiercely said to Doflamingo who frowned at her words.

It's not that he is against gays, but they have to learn to respect straight people who are uncomfortable with them showing their affection with their partners in public.

Doflamingo was also part of this. Whenever he saw a fellow guy kissing another man in public, he always looked away from them as he can't handle to watch it.

In short, if the LGBTQ wanted others to respect them, then they must also respect those who are uncomfortable with them.

You can call him a homophobic but you can't blame him as he grew up used to seeing men and women meant for each other.

"I'm not gay. I respect women." Doflamingo proudly said as if he didn't smashed the hell out of her face yesterday.

The woman made a furious expression as she wanted to get back at Doflamingo, unfortunately, Mordo has finally decided to put a stop into this.

"That's enough. You two can continue that later, let's proceed with the training session. Go get your sling rings." Mordo said before pointing his finger at a nearby table where rows of sling rings can be seen.

'This is it. I need to master this as soon as possible!' Doflamingo got first in the line to get his own sling ring as he immediately put it on the moment he got one in his hand.

After everyone got their own sling rings, and stepped back to their former positions.

As always, the woman earlier was on Doflamingo's side.

"What's your name?" Doflamingo asked her while listening to Mordo's lesson.

The woman stopped what she was doing and stared at Doflamingo before answering after a bit of hesitation.

".....Natalya Maximoff."

Doflamingo, who was calming his mind according to Mordo's instructions so that they could imagine the place where they want to open a portal was disrupted when he heard Natalya's name.

'Am I hearing right or did I just heard Maximoff?' Doflamingo stopped what he was doing and turned to stare at Natalya who was doing her own thing.

"....What?" Noticing Doflamingo's state, she asked.

"What was your surname again?" Doflamingo wanted to confirm if what he heard earlier was right.

"Maximoff. Is there something wrong?" This time, Natalya was confused on Doflamingo's change of behavior when he heard her name, it's like he knows her or something.

"Nothing. I just thought the surname Maximoff is familiar to me. By the way, my name is Donquixote Doflamingo, you can call me Doffy for short." Doflamingo introduced himself then offered to shake her hand.

"....Ok." After staring at his hand for a few seconds, she nodded and shook his hand before Mordo interrupted them.

"Are you two listening to me?" He raised his voice as he asked, putting the attention of the trainees to them.

'This fucker.' Doflamingo's mouth twitched as he cursed Mordo inside his heart. He was trying to 'betwitch' Natalya by making friends with her and if things escalate according to his plans, she might become the 2nd member of the Donquixote family.

"Yes." Doflamingo answered as Mordo stared at him before replying to his answer.

"Alright, since you are listening to what I said, then can you please demonstrate how the Inter-Dimensional Portal works?" Mordo stepped aside as the trainees also stepped aside, giving Doflamingo an open space where he can demonstrate the portal spell.

Doflamingo turned to look on his side, to see if he could ask Natalya for some help but when he notices that she was gone from his side and has mixed in along with the other trainees to who stepped aside, Doflamingo felt like a blade was stabbed in his heart.

'Did I just experienced another set of 'betrayal'?' Doflamingo thought to himself as he breathed in and out and stepped forward in the open space

'I don't remember much but I think I just need to focus on the destination in my mind and wave my hands like this. If Ned can do it for the first time then why can't I?' Doflamingo commented inside his mind as he closed his eyes to focus on the destination in his mind and the first thing that came up is his room in the Orphanage.

'This should work.' Doflamingo started making a circular waves on his hands as he kept wishing for it to work.



Slowly, a spark started appearing in front of him that started blooming into something akin to a circle.

In the middle, a dark room full of cobwebs and broken furnitures can be seen around.

When Doflamingo heard the first spark, he still didn't open his eyes, afraid that he would lose focus if he did.

"Great job. Go back to your line, all of you." It wasn't until Mordo's voice woke him up that he decided to open his eyes and saw the portal in front of him.

"I did it." Doflamingo whispered to himself as he can't believed that he learned the portal spell in just two days of staying here.

"Go back to your lines." Mordo repeated what he said, specifically for Doflamingo who was in a trance of success.

"Alright." Doflamingo looked at Mordo and he could tell from his expression that he was annoyed and displeased.

'What's with this guy? He's giving of the vibe as if I killed his dog or something.' Doflamingo thought to himself as he went back to his position, beside Natalya.

"That was good. It took the others an hour to make a spark, but you did it under two minutes." Natalya complimented him as Doflamingo thanked her.

"Thanks. How about you! I'm sure it took you under an hour to make a spark right?" He asked.

"Nope, I already mastered the portal thing in just an hour." Natalya shrugged her shoulders. Doflamingo can't tell whether she's showing off or not.

"That's good." Doflamingo smiled at her. Thankfully, she's already opening up to him. Now, it's just a matter of time before he could take her in as his family member.

'I'm sure the Ancient One won't mind right? After all, Jonathan Pangborn was also a sorcerer here and she didn't stop him from leaving, so the same can be said to Natalya.' Doflamingo thought to himself as the training session continued for an hour before dismissing them for a small break.

"Where are you off to?" Doflamingo catched up to her and asked.

"To the library. You?" She answered then returned a question of hers.

"Me too." Doflamingo wasn't lying, he was indeed on his way to library, but first, he's gonna take the books on his room to hand the books over back to the library.

"You know, if you didn't punch me in the face yesterday, I would've thought you had a thing on me. Too bad for, I already have children, two to be exact." She chuckled as she said that.

"Well, sorry for the punch yesterday, I just didn't know how to put you down. As for having a thing on you? No offence, but you're not my type. I'm invested into black-haired tall woman." Doflamingo said to her as he remembered all the black-haired women in MCU that can definitely be called a beauty.

'Sersi, Valkyrie, Shuri, who else? Kate Bishop, I think?' Doflamingo started naming all the black-haired beauties in MCU, but none of them has really caught his eyes.

He feels like there is something missing from them.

'There's also Hela?' When Doflamingo thought of her, he could tell that she's a bit of a sadistic woman. Whoever became her husband must've been crying to tears every night in bed. Suddenly, Doflamingo shuddered which is a bit weird as his body's resistance against illness is pretty high, but he ignored this after a few seconds.

'However, she's indeed a bit beauty, she's one of those women that men will want to be stomped on. Tsk Tsk, those guys are simps.' Doflamingo chuckled to himself as he remembered Hela's first appearance in the movie, Thor: Ragnarok.

He would be lying if he said that he didn't fall for her when he saw her for the first time. After all, he was a virgin in his previous life and he hasn't made that much contact with women except for his mother.

"Why am I even thinking about her? I have problems of my own, I should worry about girls later." Doflamingo whispered to himself as both he and Natalya has finally arrived in the library.

Meanwhile, a certain organization has been going restless after Doflamingo started training on Kamar-Taj.


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