1 Tenfold Increase in Points, All Points on Passive Skills

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"'Game of Gods' is an online game launched by the Studio of Gods. The game features Elves, Magical Beasts, and Gods as its background and is 100% realistic."

"Its appearance means that the history of games will change drastically. The era of Virtual Reality is arriving…"

"The 'Game of Gods' will begin the Open Beta on August 1st at 12pm sharp. Currently, the sets of VR Game sold has reached 3 billion… Many high-end game guilds and players have also announced that they will be entering this game."

"In the foreseeable future, the 'World of Gods' might very well become the second world of humans!"

In a gorgeous villa, Occam sat at the computer table, scrolling through the web pages with his mouse.

"Open Beta on August 1st, 12pm?"

"It's just today, isn't it? It's about an hour away."

He looked at the clock and thought for a moment. Then, he got up and went to a corner of the bedroom.

There was a strange bed there. It was the Virtual Gaming Capsule exclusive to the 'Game of Gods'.

However, it had not been assembled.

It was not hard to assemble, but Occam did not bother to make a move.

Sighing, Occam made a call.

"Hello, Studio of Gods?"

"Can you send someone to help me assemble the gaming capsule?"

"I'm too lazy to assemble it myself."

There was silence on the other end of the line.

After asking for the address, the other party hung up.

Occam did not care.

He was really too lazy to do it himself.

Yes, Occam was lazy.

He was so lazy that he would never stand if he could sit. He would never sit if he could lie down. He was a professional homebody.

In an environment where his family was well-to-do and he did not have to worry about living, Occam stayed at home every day to read novels and play games.

Not long after, the staff of the Studio of Gods arrived and easily assembled the gaming capsule.

After sending off the staff, Occam took a bottle of cola and returned to his computer desk to continue browsing the information regarding the Game of Gods.

At first, Occam did not pay attention to the game.

Although it was 100% realistic, he did not believe it.

Previously, many gaming studios used the excuse of 100% simulation to trick countless players.

For "Game of Gods", Occam had initially thought that it was like the games developed by those studios that cheated money until one of his classmates sent him a video.

It was a game video from the "World of Gods".

His classmate was lucky enough to qualify for the game's internal testing. After entering the game, he specially recorded this video.

He sent it to him and asked if he wanted to play with him.

Occam was drawn to the sight.

It was comparable to a scene in the real world, with excellent resolutions…

As a homebody who loved games, Occam agreed to his classmate's request.

After reading the relevant information about the game for a while, Occam realized that it was almost time for the Open Beta.

Occam opened the virtual gaming capsule and lay down to wait for the Open Beta.

The countdown for the Open Beta appeared before his eyes.

"There is still one minute and 38 seconds until the game begins. Please wait patiently…"

"There are 57 seconds until the game starts. Please wait patiently…"

Soon, it was 12 o'clock.

The Open Beta of "Game of Gods" officially started!

"Ding… authenticating user's iris…"

"Game loading…"

A white light flashed in front of him.

Occam saw a cg1 about the game.


"Skipping it!"

For a proper person playing a game, one would not watch the CG!

In the next moment, Occam appeared in a magnificent hall.

In front of him stood five enormous statues.

Occam knew that these were the six major professions in the Game of Gods.

Warriors, Mages, Priests, Archers, Assassins, Summoners.

"Honorable God's Chosen One, please choose your profession."

An ethereal voice sounded in the hall.

Occam chose the Warrior profession.

There were both defence and attack.

It was a very popular profession.

Occam thought it was good that he could change his occupation to Dragon Knight in the future.

"Please enter your character name!"


After a moment of silence, Occam spoke.

"Ding… character creation successful, entering game. "


A white light flashed.

Occam opened his eyes to find himself lying on a slab of stone, dressed in plain clothes.

Beside him was a statue of a god.

"Honorable God's Chosen One, welcome to the World of Gods."

At this moment, an old man with white hair and a white beard appeared. He bowed to Occam and spoke kindly.

Occam understood that this was the NPC [2. nonplaying character] of the World of Gods.

According to the information he had found online, every player would be randomly sent to a small town in the game.

This was the so-called Beginner's Village.

He was currently at the Temple of Life in the town.

This was equivalent to a player's resurrection point.

Occam exclaimed as he felt the real touch around him.

As expected of a Virtual Reality game that was 100% realistic, even NPCs looked extremely realistic.

After exchanging greetings with the old man, Occam walked out of the Temple of Life.

He opened his backpack.

There was a Newbie Gift Package inside.

[Newbie Gift Package]

Level: Lv 1

Introduction: Upon activation, you can randomly obtain various items as rewards. There is a certain chance of obtaining rare items.

Note: A small gift from the Studio of Gods

This was something every character had.

Initial equipment and skill books could usually be found inside.

If they were lucky, they could randomly pick some rare items.

"I wonder what I'll get?"

Occam clicked it open directly.

The moment the gift bag was opened, a blinding light flashed, followed by a system prompt.

"Congratulations on obtaining "White Plate Armor"."

"Congratulations on obtaining "White Metal Sword"."

"Congratulations on obtaining the "Circle Swing" Skill Book."

"Congratulations on obtaining the "Defensive Counterattack" Skill Book."

"Congratulations on obtaining the talent "10x Points"."

They were out?

After Occam put on the two beginner equipment and learned the two exclusive skills of Warrior, he opened his characteristic panel.

Character: Linley

Level: Lv 1

Job: Trainee Warrior

Health Points: 150

Stamina: 100

Damage: 15-20

Defense: 20

Attributes: Strength: 5, Constitution: 5, Spirit: 1, Agility: 3

Skills: "Arc Slash" (0 / 10+), "Defensive Counterattack" (0 / 10+)

Skill Points: 1

Talent: "10x Points" (10 times the effect of the skill after the effect is increased)

Occam was surprised to see the last line of talent on his characteristic panel.

He did not expect the talent he obtained to be so powerful.

Then Occam turned his attention to his only two skills.

"Arc Slash" (0 / 10+): Active skill

[Current Level]

Cast distance: 1m

Cooldown time: 8 seconds

Skill effect: A powerful sweep that deals 100% damage and +10 physical damage to a maximum of two enemies nearby.

[Next Level]

Cast Distance: 1.5 meters

Cooldown: 7 seconds

Skill Effect: A powerful sweep, dealing 110% damage and +20 physical damage to a maximum of two enemies nearby.

"Defensive Counterattack" (0 / 10+): Passive skill

[Current Level]

Cast Distance: None

Cooldown Time: None

Skill Effect: Increases the user's Defense by 5 points. When the user is attacked, the user will be able to reflect 10% of the damage dealt to the enemy.

[Next Level]

Cast Distance: None

Cooldown Time: None

Skill Effect: Increases the user's Defense by 10 points. When attacked, the user will reflect 11% of the damage dealt to the enemy.

Looking at the introduction of the two skills, Occam did not even think about it.

He placed his only skill on the passive skill "Defensive Counterattack".

At the same time, the talent "10x Points" began to work.

"Defensive Counterattack" (1 / 10): Passive skill

[Current Level]

Cast Distance: None

Cooldown Time: None

Skill Effect: Increases the user's Defense by 100 points. When attacked, the user will reflect 110% of the damage to the enemy.

[Next Level]

Cast Distance: None

Cooldown Time: None

Skill Effect: Increases one's Defense by 150 points. When attacked, it will reflect 120% of the enemy's attack damage.

Seeing the skill effect after the addition of points, Occam nodded in satisfaction.

"Circle Swing" still needed him to engage in close combat with others.

In addition, there was a cooldown time and attack range limitation.

But there was no need for that with the passive skill, "Defensive Counterattack"!

Wasn't that just right for him?

It was Occam's purpose in life to not do anything if that was possible.

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