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Max Stats in the Apocalypse


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Roger Wyles, in his third life in a post-apocalyptic world, faced different situations in which he was uninterested. Now that his stats were at their peak, how should he wield his power in a world where beasts known as "monsters" rampage and endangering humans? Roger awoke in a district of the country where gangsters "coexist" while extorting ordinary citizens. But as he swore to use his power for his family's safety, he created his own gang and took over the whole city. But then, he had his stats max. How would he face the world as he was also a fan of a peaceful and luxurious life? He swore to change, but circumstances didn't come to his side. The entire world had turned against him, and his original ferocious side was about to emerge. He had to handle each of the situations the world threw at him, as someone wanted to covet his method of awakening a person. [May contain spoiler] [a/n: Volume One was all about him reforming the city using his power, but to only a small extent, as for him, the Earth was "peaceful" for him. If you don't want gangs, organizations, and stuff, just skip it, but I strongly recommend you read those chapters to understand Roger. Paid chapters start at Chapter 41, where the main action starts.] --- Unstable updates but will try to update twice a week. Expect exciting action. Also, don't ever think of majestic word choice. img: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/1116048351379744356/


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