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Maria Lane, the only child of Dracula, heir to Transylvania never could have guessed how her happily ever after ended. Maria is an 18 year old vampire with a normal life. She's about to graduate high school. Just broke up with her boyfriend. Going to inherit the throne to Transylvania in a year. An average life right? Well she did have one at least. Hunter Malcomb is a soon-to-be Alpha in the strongest pack around. He's a rich, 23 year old with dumb friends. Everyone's scared of him except for his family of course. He's been searching for his mate since he was 17. He's slowly losing hope. But maybe, just maybe, fate is on his side. ~~~~~~~~~~ Maria and Hunter live in a world where Vampires and Werewolves must NEVER be allies. All towns are split in half by a border. In the middle of both towns is a park that connects them. Maria and Hunter live in the rich city of Transylvania! Vampire and Werewolf relationships are rare. They are rare for a reason.


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