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Mated To The Ice Prince


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"A thief as a daughter-in-law?" queen Claudia asked her son in a sneer. The crown prince has somehow developed an intense liking towards the thief princess. ******** That rainy night, the golden haired woman ran out of her attacked kingdom with her unconscious sister who was shot by a poisonous arrow during the war. She was searching for the cure which happens to be very rare. Faraway in the kingdom of carish, the potion belonged to the ice prince who was rumored to be very cold and deadly, in exchange for the potion he asked her to marry him, but since she sworn not to, she stole the potion and ran away with it. Do you think the prince will marry the already stigmatized thief princess? Will the queen mother accept her as her daughter-in-law heartily. What will the council say? If interested read the book and find out. book cover from peakpx.com Check out my other ongoing books. A new marriage for young miss originally published on webnovel.com


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