Mated to the Cursed Werepire Book

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Mated to the Cursed Werepire


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Warning: Mature Content. No Rape. The truth will make her free, but could she handle this particular truth? Would she accept the freedom it brings? Excerpt. "What am I doing in your room?" Karina narrowed her eyes, waiting for the answer to that one question she just couldn't figure out the answer. "I should be asking you that. What are you doing in my room?" Veron decided to play with her mind a little. But seeing how her jaw was working, and the pressure she was applying on her head, he decided to tell her what happened, saving her the stress of trying to remember. "What's wrong with your head?" "I have a headache." She answered with gritted teeth. "Skye, get me that medicine for headache." He instructed via mind-link, then moved his feet again. "HEY! I SAID DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!" Karina yelled, glaring at him as if she would attack him if he takes one more step. "Get that dirty thought out of your head. I don't do shit with anyone without their consent." Veron remarked, annoyed at her thoughts and reactions toward him. "Also, I don't find men attractive." "Who are you calling a… Wait…" Karina paused, realizing this may be a good opportunity to keep him away from her. "Yes… I am a man and you definitely shouldn't find men attractive." She accepted and Veron's expression died. However, Gerrard burst out laughing. "Oh, this is perfect," Gerrard commented, enjoying himself. "You are a man," Veron repeated. "Yes, I am." Karina nodded her head. "Take off your shirt." "WHAT!" Karina exclaimed in shock and unconsciously clutched the front of her shirt. What has come over him? Didn't he just say he doesn't find men attractive? Why the hell was he saying she should take off her shirt? "If you are a man as you claim, you shouldn't have a problem standing before me without a shirt on." Veron pointed out, standing in that same spot and keeping his eyes on her. As much as he found this funny, he refused to join Gerrard in laughing to his heart's content. Hearing what he just said, Karina realized he was right. Men had no problem undressing before their fellow men, just as she had no problem undressing before Nori. Karina frowned and quickly thought of a way out, seeing he was indeed waiting for her to undress. "I am a different kind of man." She blurted, and Gerrard laughed even harder than he did the first time, rolling his body on the floor. "Oh, goddess… This is classic." Gerrard said amidst his laughter. He couldn't remember when last he heard anything as funny as what he just heard. "A different kind of man?" Veron asked and when she nodded, he added another question. "When did that specie come into existence?" "Today?" Karina answered, sounding unsure. *** Karina Harper is the sheltered first daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harper, whose childhood experiences forced her and her parents to put certain restrictions on her life. Following the set down rules religiously, she encountered no problems in her life until the first day she spoke with Veron Silver, the most feared and most wanted student on campus.  She soon realized that everything she had believed to be true, was a lie, forcing her to question her very existence.  But who knew that the person who opened her eyes to the truth was keeping his identity a secret from her? How would she react when she finds out he was not what she thought he was?


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