Mated To The Cruel Prince Book

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Mated To The Cruel Prince


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[Matured Content] Saving an injured Fae in the forest had not been Islinda's plan, and worse, he turns out to be royalty, Prince Valerie of the summer court, heir and crown prince to the throne of Astaria. But then, humans were wary of those otherworldly creatures while the Fae looked down on the humans, thinking of them as lesser creatures. Islinda and the prince were worlds apart but that didn't stop them from falling in love.  Unfortunately, Prince Valerie couldn't stay in the human realm forever and had to return to his kingdom with a promise to come back for her. And she believed him.  But then, the other one comes instead.  Dark, broody, ruthless yet dangerously handsome, everyone feared Prince Aldric. Even as a fierce warrior and son to the king of Astaria, Aldric is denied his right to the throne and cursed never to take his place because of his dark heritage.  Twisted from the inside and starved of affection, Prince Aldric does what he is best at, causing misery. He captured  Islinda - the woman who has drawn his brother's attention. He stole her from her home for his cruel purpose. If he couldn't have the throne, he could at least play around with his brother's love interest. His new prize.  Islinda hated him. Loathed him for taking away everything that she could have had with the summer prince. He's the villain. Now she has been dragged into the middle of the dirty politics played in the courts of Astaria, not to mention surviving the cold games played by the prince.  But all hope wasn't lost because the cruel prince could tempt her all he wants but he was never going to get the one thing he wants the most. To be loved. He would never have her heart!  Or could he?  ________ "What can you offer me, little human," He grinned, slow and cruel. She would make such a wonderful plaything.  "Please," She begged him, tears now gathering in her eyes, "Just let me go."  "Fine," He shrugged as if it was an easy request, "You can go."  "W-what?" She croaked, finding it hard to believe.  "Little human, you would find out my mind changes very easily." Those words sounded merciful yet she could sense the threat beneath.  But did he really mean?  Islinda didn't sit around to find out as she broke into a sprint. If there was even the slightest chance of him changing his mind, then she would take it. She would not give up hope yet.  She didn't know why but Islinda spared a look over her shoulder after a while and the blood drained from her face at what she saw coming.  Oh no, she just made a terrible mistake.  This was never freedom.  It was a hunt.  And she just became the prey.  _________ Note: This is a dark fantasy book and the male lead is a villain, so don't expect fluffy romance. What to expect? Death, gore, thick sexual tension, and explicit scenes. Also, it is not reverse harem. Gift magic castle = 5 bonus chapters! Come, let us have a wild hunt! 


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