Mated To An Enemy

“Duty before heart,” Ashleigh replied firmly. “What is that supposed to mean?” “It means I will do my job. But Caleb is just my duty, you are my heart.” *** Two men, two distinct feelings of attraction and trust. Ashleigh struggles to understand the feelings in her heart. Torn between the man she has loved for the past two years and the cold Alpha of an enemy pack, can Ashleigh figure out which of these men she truly wants to be mated to? Does she really have a choice? She is the daughter of Alpha Wyatt of Winter, the largest of the four Werewolf Packs. For two years she has eagerly awaited her eighteenth birthday so she can finally be married and mated to her love, Granger. But just before that magical day she runs into a significant problem: she finds herself bonded to another wolf. Her fated bond happens to be Alpha Caleb of Summer, the man whose father was supposedly murdered by one of her own. As if that wasn’t enough, every pack is suddenly reporting attacks from rogue wolves. Now Ashleigh is faced not only with a war in her heart, but one in real life. Will they be able to work together, putting aside all their heart ache and pain to keep their packs safe from the enemy that threatens them all? Or will this love eventually become their downfall? **Note from the author** 1. This is a slow burn for FL and ML 2. Trigger warnings all around. Abuse, trauma, gaslighting and manipulation. These themes are present all throughout the book in different ways. 3. This book is not just about the FL and ML, the cast of characters and side characters are full of rich backstories and their own chapters that play into the central plot of the story. 4. FL is young, she is flawed and she WILL piss you off. We all need time and experience to grow up. Join my discord server:

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A Misunderstanding

Ashleigh dropped the wet towel into the hamper, pulled the robe from behind the door, and put it on. Glancing at the mirror, she caught sight of the scar on her jaw. She reached up and touched it gently. Her eyes lowered to her stomach, seeing what lay beneath the robe in her mind.

“Maybe it would be best to start here,” she whispered with a sigh.

She took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door. As she stepped out into the room, she felt the shift in temperature. Her eyes widened as she turned to see the door open wide.


Caleb crept down the long hallway filled with doors. The numbers on the doors made it clear that they were in a hotel. He paused briefly between each set, checking for the tobacco and roasted barley scent. It lingered through the hallway and in some rooms, but Caleb knew the man was not behind any doors he passed.

He could hear voices and laughter. There was music playing on a lower floor.