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Mated at First Sight

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Making poison, studying poison, and playing with poison is her hobby and fascination. Saving people, killing people, and torturing people - those are considered her virtues and ethics. Indeed, she is a doctor - a term that might be more appropriately shortened to... physician! She has the medical code of ethics, yet lacks the empathy. Her patient care is purely dependent on her mood. An injury led to a fortuitous encounter, making two individuals completely unrelated to each other cross paths. Later on, as the woman became a military doctor... In their first meeting, she saved him from the brink of death. The location of his wound was "a wake-up call". And in their next meeting, when she offered - to devote herself to him! His response was: "I... am willing." She said: "I was actually just joking." For Mu Lin, there are only two types of people in the world: the sick, and the deceased. For Jing Chen, the world also only consists of two types of people: family, and soldiers. However, when he met her; when she met him, everything was bound to undergo chemical changes. Mini Theater One day, a dandy with an enchanting posture and seductive eyes said: "From now on, all of me belongs to you." This Poison Doctor, leaning forward revealing a slight smile, "Are you serious about what you said?" in a place he couldn't see, the silver needle in her hand flashed with a cold glint. Snapshot Theater In the future, the child asks: "Mommy, why was your taste so bad back then, choosing this daddy to be my daddy?" How contemptuous. Mu Lin: "This is a serious question, I need to think it over carefully." She definitely needed to think it over thoroughly. The child, full of high spirits: "Certainly this daddy is not your true love." The next second, an aria flies past, "Wife," came a voice filled with aggrievement. "Good." People only know that women are oblivious to Master Jing's eyes, but they don't realize that from their first encounter, her figure has already silently approached him. Some say that Mu Lin was taken down off her lofty pedestal by Master Jing, but Mu Lin wants to say, she did it willingly. [I'm incapable of writing a good summary, please refer to the main text for the story! Come and take the plunge!] Moreover: For recommendations check out my older works: [Overbearing Marriage: Cold wife of a wealthy family after rebirth] [Master Jing's colorful life: Doting on a spoiled wife] My new book [Art of Seduction: Master, hurry up and wear a condom] is looking for favorites.