Master Rubeus

Author: fairytail72
Fantasy Romance
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What is Master Rubeus

Read ‘Master Rubeus’ Online for Free, written by the author fairytail72, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, R18 Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Prologue to Rubeus X Cici ( Master Rubeus )  " Strip "   A cold and cruel voice ordered her from behind , she couldn't s...


Prologue to Rubeus X Cici ( Master Rubeus )     " Strip "      A cold and cruel voice ordered her from behind , she couldn't see a thing with the black blindfold on her eyes . But she knew where she was , she could almost imagine the his face , half hidden in the shadows of his four poster bed .      " Didn't you hear me ? Strip!" said the voice with a touch of impatience in it .     " El- eldest young master , please let me -" however before she could complete her plea , her wrist was caught and she was slammed right upon those soft bedding that smelled of mint and tobacco .      A hard body pressed against her's and she felt a cold hand skim upto her thighs . Her skirt went higher and higher , leaving the cold air to slap against her flesh.       " Eldest young master , please don't -"     " how dare you look at that lanky servant ? Don't I satisfy you enough ?" whispered her master , however Cici was deprived of her speaking ability when a cold , long finger pushed right in her folds , where no one touched her ever before .     " Eldest-"   " Master Rubeus " corrected her master as he pumped into her folds , making sloppy wet sounds to resound in the room " You are mine , Cecilia. Don't forget , your body belong to me "      She shook her head in refusal but the broken moans that escaped her lips , told another story .     * This book will be complete 18 + *             

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