1 Power Manifestation

"Holy Fucking Shit!"

My mouth gape like a fish. My eyes widen at the brightening mid-day sky, which shrouded by buildings taller than I could ever thought possible.

No, buildings like these shouldn't be possible with the technology of the 21st century.

And just a minute ago, confusion wrecks my brain. I didn't know where I was and how I had managed to get here. Everything around me screams that I am no longer in my native time anymore.

No. I am in the future. Far into the future.

This is the 31st century!

Flying cars are everything, weaving through impossible tall buildings. Billboards dot the sky.

And most importantly, everyone is so fucking hot!

No, seriously. There is not a single ugly person in sight.

This would have been an incredible experience if it wasn't for the impending doom that is heading my way.

Many people are already fleeing, but their efforts are pointless, since the devastation that is about to be unleashed upon the city is impossible to flee from.

They can't outrun a thermal nuclear blast, could they?

"This can't be happening. This can't be happening. I just got here!"

Words come out of my mouth, ye my legs refuse to move. They are glued to the ground, refusing the desperate flight command.

I am frozen in fear.

And if it wasn't for the people rushing my way and bumping into me, I would have just stood there to cast a long-lasting shadow against the wall and ground, telling those in the future that I was here.

People from the future when I am in the future. How ironic!

The burning shockwave washes over the crowded city, sending me along with hundreds of people against the wall, all screaming in fear and anguish.

"Ugh… ugh… ugh…"

My vision swirls due to the heavy impact. Blood runs down my face as I struggle to pull myself up. The sharp pain in my left arm tells me that is broken.

I look towards the beautiful city, finding a rising mushroom blocking out the skyline.

Not just one mushroom, but a dozen of them. One missile. Many warheads.

The heat those nuclear blast generated must be insane, twisting the sky-high building and melting the super metallic alloys like they are made of butter.

Another missile pierces the dense cloud and explodes into dozens of fragments in mid-air.

Those fragments are only visible due to the amount of dust being driven up into the atmosphere, and they scatter across the city.

One slams into the building at the end of the road.

In an instant, blinding flash burns into my vision. My eyeballs immediately vaporize alongside with my body right down to the atoms.

This is what happen when one gets hits by a fusion nuclear blast, capable to flatten a metropolis.

However, the instant darkness attempts to take me and my soul, everything slows down to a crawl and comes to a standstill.

And like someone rewinding a video, time reverses.

Nuclear fires are being forced to condense back into a singularity.

Debris come together and assemble into the warhead itself once more.

The warhead slingshot off the ground, through the building that it had come from, joining dozens of other warheads, right back into the missile.

The missile then disappears back into the diminishing mushroom cloud. Buildings twist right back into their original shape, towering over the city once more.

People are running backwards strangely, returning to what they were doing a few minutes ago. They have absolutely no memory of what happened.

And I watch all of that happen before patting myself. My left arm is no longer broken.

In fact, I am no longer injured.

"What the fuck!?"

I curse as a missile explodes over the city, shooting out dozens of warheads into all directions. Second later, nuclear blasts erupt throughout the city with the intention of destroying it and killing everyone within.

The scene plays out again and again until I realize that every time I get killed, time would reverse itself to the point where I am not.

I believe I must have died over a thousand of time to learn how to return to the 21st century, when I have come from.

I didn't know exactly what had happened, but apparently, I can travel freely through time and space.

This gives me a great idea for mischief, and it isn't the only thing that I could do!

Should I tell you about the time that I become the most powerful wizard in all Great Britain?

Or the time I pillage and rape my way through the Hundred Years' War between England and France?

Or how about that time I become the King of Hollywood?

Honestly, I am a little bit insane for having die so many times, but I can't be more insane than the next person who can travel through time, now can I?

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