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Master Of The Universe


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Master of the Universe was in his last breath. Because he was an 'outsider' in this world, he was helpless against countless enemies during The Universe War. His only hope was to reincarnate again but without his memories this time, so the World's Will may accept him. * * * * * * * Rong Yuan, the reincarnation of the Master of the Universe became the Sect Master of the Hundred Swords Sect after countless hardships. He reached the legendary Cultivation Stage, The Spirit Emperor Stage. But without his previous memories, he was still an 'outsider'. Maybe so, he was tricked and ambushed by his disciples, and betrayed by his friends, and his fiance. All of them betrayed him with an exiled traitor. He was unable to fight countless opponents, and even after his victory against them he was poisoned and was pushed off from The Yin Bridge to the Yang River. He died between the boundaries of the two Seven World Mysteries. Miraculously, he actually came back to the time when he became an elder of his sect. He needs to become the "Best Master" according to the system, which saved his life. Until... His erased memories come to the surface... Till he realizes who he actually is... Let's follow Rong Yuan on his journey! Till he becomes the "Master of the Universe" one more time... Hope he will break free from the boundaries of 'fate', maybe then The Universe War will end in his victory. ********* Reincarnation; Action; Romance; Adventure; Comedy; Unique System; Overpowered though it takes some time; Slow-Paced Story in the First Volume; Epic Story that comes once in a thousand years; *********** 100 Power Stones - 1 bonus chapter; 250 Power Stones - 2 bonus chapters; 500 Power Stones - 3 bonus chapters; Magic Castle or any super gift! - 3 bonus chapters; Support the story! *********** Check out my new novel for the WSA 2023 -> "The Strongest Monarch in the Apocalypse Academy". Link -> https://www.webnovel.com/book/the-strongest-monarch-in-the-apocalypse-academy_25823435005033805 _ _ _ _ _ _ The character on the cover is Huan. Notice: The first volume will be a little slow paced but it gets better from the 35th chapter.