39 Verdant Emperor Saber

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The Verdant Emperor Saber was the pinnacle of equipment made out of beast-king tier materials. Wasting no time, Qin Feng took off his jacket and put on his new shirt. It was a tight fit, but he was comfortable enough. It even nullified the sweltering heat of the summer. As a bonus, this shirt was extremely durable as well, being able to withstand the rigors of a G-tier beast king.

"Not bad!"

Qin Feng nodded his head and put on his jacket to cover the shirt. As for the two wrist guards, he had decided not to put it on to avoid catching the unnecessary attention of the public.

"The saber is inspired by period designs from the Tang Dynasty. Every designer would name a weapon that had been made with beast-king tier materials. This saber is called Verdant Emperor Saber!"

"The sheath of this saber is made from the remaining leather that you passed to us. I believe this leather sheath will be able to preserve the saber well! It is 65 centimeters long in total, its hilt 20 centimeters, and its blade, 45 centimeters. As for its width, it is 3.2 centimeters. Its special blade is only is 0.7 centimeters thick."

"This saber is rated as a G5 silver-ray rune weapon, powerful enough to ignore the defense of any G-tier ultra beast's skin. It can even be used to hunt down F-tier ultra beasts! This weapon can also be equipped with F-tier rune."

When Qin Feng held the sheath with the saber in it, he could barely feel its contents. The sheath had been hardened. The sword was just the right size as well, considering the limited amount of materials that Qin Feng had given them. He then slowly drew the saber, and a sparkling silver ray shone right into his eyes. However, the blade itself was not silver in color.

In fact, the blade did not even reflect light, as it was made of an ultra beast's bones, teeth, and claws. That explained its bone-white hue. Usually, one could choose special dyes to paint the weapon into different shades, but Qin Feng did not place any special requests. After close examination, the blade turned out to be green in color. Its name, the Verdant Emperor Blade made perfect sense now. From the outside, it may look extremely fragile. When one wielded it, however, the person would instantly know that the blade was practically indestructible.

"Very good. I'm happy with it!"

Qin Feng nodded his head and let out a contented sigh.

"Our customer's satisfaction is of utmost importance to us!" said Little Sun while bowing.

Next, he passed Qin Feng a cylindrical container that was one meter long and ten centimeters wide. It seemed big enough to fit his newly minted saber. A strap had also been conveniently attached, enabling it to be slung over his shoulder. It was essential that Qin Feng concealed his new equipment since he was in the colony. The place was known to fester with people of ill intentions, and he would be their prime target.

As he finished up with the shop, Qin Feng then drove to Zhou Hao's place to pick him up. The moment he arrived, Zhou Hao, who had put on a combat suit, ran to Qin Feng in excitement. In this era, one's status was determined by combat suits, not the conventional suit and tie. A set of golden combat suit would literally set the hearts of everyone in the colony on fire and jealousy to soar.

"What do you think? Am I handsome? My dad bought this for me to celebrate my awakening into an Ancient Warrior's disposition! Haha!"

He had already obtained this suit for almost a week, but there was no place for him to wear it. And today, an opportunity had presented itself. He finally found the right occasion to put the set on.

"Super handsome!"

"Qin Feng, I don't wish to criticize your attire, but you have just bought yourself a car that cost you eight million! How could you not buy yourself a new battle suit? If I remember correctly, you are still wearing the same set as the last time I saw you!"

"It doesn't really matter. It's just a reunion party between classmates. It's not like we are going to compete against each other!"

"Well... others might look down on you if you dress like that!"

"Since when have they looked down on me?" asked Qin Feng while twisting his wrists.

If it was not for the experiment that he had gone through before, he was not to be messed with. Qin Feng had spent his entire childhood at the orphanage, and so was forced to mature faster than ordinary kids. Being forced into adulthood before his time, he would never allow others to take advantage of him.

In the intermediate academy, his results were the best amongst his peers, where he would place first in combat class every year. This was mostly because his physique was better than most of the students who were scrawny and malnourished. As a result, he was feared by many. His potential was limitless and stood to have the brightest of futures, although he came from a poor background.

"You are right. The battle suit you're wearing today doesn't live up to this hovercar. Quick! Quick! Quick! Allow me to drive!"

Zhou Hao could not wait for Qin Feng to move to the passenger seat. He could finally fulfill his long-awaited dream of driving this revered hovercar.

Surprisingly, Qin Feng was not annoyed by his friend's irritating antics. Instead, he quickly moved to the next seat and placed his backpack on his thighs.



Xiaobai squirmed around in the backpack until it found a comfortable spot to stay still. Qin Feng tapped his backpack lightly, reminding Xiaobai not to reveal itself to others. The car was then switched to hover mode. There was still some time left before the reunion, so the overjoyed Zhou Hao flew the hovercar across two streets before finally landing the car on the road.

"I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when they see me driving in!" said Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao was really worried about the car's energy consumption. He had heard horror stories that a single drive would typically cost hundreds of thousands of yuan. It was true that the car was perfect, but it simply required too much money to keep it running. So after having great fun with the car, he proudly flew it in the direction of the Zhungyuan Hotel.

In actual fact, the hotel was not that big. It was just perfect for a reunion party like that. At most, everyone would only need to pay 100 yuan. Back when he was still living in the orphanage, it took three days of back-breaking labor to earn 100 yuan. That explained why Chen Ming had mocked Qin Feng while they were talking on the phone.

The moment Qin Feng and Zhou Hao got down from the car, a girl called out for them.

"Did I see that right? Zhou Hao, is that your car?"

The girl was reasonably pretty; she looked somewhat familiar, but Qin Feng had forgotten her name. After all, he had left Chengyang colony for many years now. Surely, he would not remember any of them unless they kept in touch with him.

"Of course not. It's…"

Zhou Hao wanted to tell her that the hovercar belonged to Qin Feng, but instead, Qin Feng signaled him with his eyes to stop him from telling the truth. Immediately, he changed his story.

"It belongs to my friend! Good, right?"

"Your friend must be really powerful and rich! You must both share a strong relationship since he is willing to lend you such an expensive car!" said the girl who was visibly shocked.

Knowing a friend of such stature usually provided useful aid when in hard times. The girl would surely faint if she knew the friend Zhou Hao mentioned was actually Qin Feng. After exiting the car, the three of them walked into the hotel. Most of their old classmates were present.

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