1 A Decade Before Rebirth

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Doctors in spotless white garbs darted in and out of the wards of a steel building with floors as clean and shiny as mirrors. This facility was at the colony's research institutions in the new area outside of the Chengyang suburb.

Sitting anxiously outside the waiting room was a group of fresh-faced teenagers looking terrified and excited at the same time. 

Ding! Ding! Dong!

"Number 2318, Qin Feng. Please head to injection area 3!"

"It's my turn!" The young man got up quickly. He was so nervous that his legs were unsteady, and he tripped over himself, falling to the ground with a loud thud.

Anyone could tell just how bad that fall was.

"Ah! Qin Feng!" Zhou Hao shouted as he watched this horrifying spectacle unfold, hurrying over to help his friend.

To his surprise, Qin Feng was unconscious!

"What the hell. What kind of joke is this, Qin Feng? How can you pass out at such an important time? Wake up! It's your turn to get the awakening elixir injections!"

In the year 2200, the world had undergone a drastic change—mankind, after 2000 years of reign, had now fallen the bottom of the food chain.

But because sharp ability users and mighty ancient warriors as such existed among humankind, they were able to sustain lebensraum. It was also all about the premise of an awakened ability user or warrior getting the injection of awakening potion at the age of sixteen. 

This meant that, at the point in time where he was in the opportunity to experience a meteoric rise in his life, Qin Feng lost consciousness instead. Zhou Hao was in a flap.

Ding-Ding Dong!

The loudspeaker chimed again, and an echoey voice hollered, "Number 2318, Qin Feng. Please head to injection area 3!"

The reverberating noise would only add a splitting headache to Qin Feng's already chaotic mind.

'I'm not dead?' A thought flashed in his mind. How was he alive? When he defeated that unidentified beast king, he had died with it.

The voices in his ears were starting to sound more precise.

"Ah! You know what, Chen Ming, just come here and help me get Qin Feng there. He still has to get his injection even if he's unconscious!" Zhou Hao lamented to the person next to him.

This had Qin Feng taken aback.

Chen Ming?! How could it be? Why was Chen Ming here? Was he the one who had brought all these dangers here?

But who was this other person fussing over him then? Why did it sound so familiar, so distinct as if it was there in his mind and yet, so far away?

Next to Qin Feng and Zhou Hao, Chen Ming's eyes glinted.

Qin Feng, Chen Ming, and Zhou Hao were the top three students in mid-tier college.

The only thing was, Chen Ming knew that he was never going to be as good as Qin Feng or Zhou Hao.

His fists curled up momentarily. His palms were sweaty, and his eyes were gleaming.

"Zhou Hao, I don't think that's a good idea. The doctor will blame us. Also, we should get someone to take a look at Qin Feng, just in case he's really hurt." Those were all words of concern, but in reality, he wanted Qin Feng to miss his injection.

"But, this injection is a big thing…" Zhou Hao was starting to panic and was a little out of his wits.

"Let's bring him aside so he can rest!" Chen Ming walked over and knelt to pick Qin Feng up.

"No!" The young man said hoarsely, still a little hazy. No one knew what Qin Feng had experienced while he was unconscious.

Was it just a dream of grandeur, or was it reality?

All Qin Feng knew was that the emotions sustained from the additional past decade were all too clear in his memories.

He pushed himself off the ground. The innocence on his face had disappeared, becoming more profound. There was even a twinkle of sharpness in his gaze.

Chen Ming froze as a chill ran down his spine, making him feel as if he was standing naked before Qin Feng, all his secrets exposed, and Qin Feng seeing through all that grime in his heart.

But it was only a fleeting moment. Qin Feng looked away from Chen Ming and looked at Zhou Hao.

There was a speck of red in his eyes.

In his memories, Zhou Hao, this guy who was like his own brother, had died because of him when they were sixteen. But here he was, standing in front of him, perfectly fine and guileless, looking like he was indeed sixteen.

Then suddenly, Qin Feng understood it all.

He was reborn—back to the time when he was sixteen—the day of the awakening elixir injection.

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!

"Number 2318, Qin Feng. Please head to injection area 3!"

"I have to go!" Qin Feng nodded at Zhou Hao. This time, his footsteps were steady, not the hasty scuttle he had stumbled out earlier on, and there was even a domineering air about it.

Since the heavens had given him once more chance, he would not let the events in the previous life continue to happen.

Qin Feng curled his hands into a fist and walked to the injection area.

A tube of turquoise substance was injected into his veins.

"The awakening elixir will awaken your abilities and strengthen your talents. The stronger the talent, the sooner the awakening. In one month, your perceptions of the surroundings, strength, and speed, would grow exponentially. Even without the extra abilities, you will at least have the lowest-level of a good physique. I advise you to increase training during this period!"

"Mm. Thank you, doctor!" Qin Feng took in a deep breath of air. He could already sense an unusual aura emerging from the depths of his body.

But he made no mention of it, even doing his best to conceal his aura to keep it from spreading. A smile crept across his face.

The stronger the talent, the faster its awakening!

It was only one minute after the injection, and his abilities were already emerging. What kind of talent was this?

Unfortunately, in his previous life, before he could even begin to enjoy this talent, he was persecuted, then put through a painful experiment that stripped him of his abilities before getting thrown into the shark-infested waters. While he managed to survive, he was incapable of confronting the enemy.

He was practically useless then!

But now…

Perhaps he might not be able to go head to head against that organization for the time being, but their henchman, he would not let off the hook.

As he was pondering over that thought, Chen Ming appeared in front of him.

Qin Feng smiled knowingly at him, making him shudder!

What was it? Then why was Qin Feng so strange today? Why did it feel so dangerous? Chen Ming couldn't put the finger on those muddled feelings.

"So, how was it, Qin Feng? Were there any reactions?" Zhou Hao asked excitedly. 

"No!" Qin Feng shook his head.

Zhou Hao looked disappointed. His shoulders were sagging inches lower as he sighed. "Whatever. If the three of us show no response, then others probably won't either. Let's go back and continue training."

"Mm, let's go!"

The three left the building.

Qin Feng had not been back here for many years.

This was just one of the large colonies in the outskirts of Chengyang, a sprawling cesspool of reinforced concrete buildings, so suffocating that even breathing within its cramped confines deemed a challenge. Hovering a few hundred meters in the skies above was a giant floating machine that bore a resemblance to a satellite. 

The object in question turned out to be a space stabilization device—the only thing that guaranteed the safety of the colony.

'It should be happening soon,' Qin Feng thought.

And then, without warning, the piece of space equipment suddenly burst into flames!

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