Master of Lust

Rick hardly had any hope to find a girlfriend. There were swarms of beautiful women around him, but no one was actually interested in a dull, boy like him. They didn't even pay attention to his existence. But everything changed when he was handed over a rod. Yes, a metal rod. Carrying that metal rod he had hardly taken a few steps when he was struck by lightening. As he lost consciousness, Rick wanted to beat the shit out of bloody bastard who gave him that rod, but when he woke up, he had a surprise waiting. He got a system which would help him get girls and make him stronger. Read my other story: The Devil's Harem (200+ chapters) [Discord: https://discord.gg/thWfhRdpqy]

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Rick and Evelina [3] (18+)

Chapter - 75

In his reclined position, Rick's face was tantalizingly close to Evelina's large, hanging boobs. Only one button of hers was holding her shirt together, serving as a barrier between her luscious boobs and Rick's eager lips. Evelina rested on her knees, straddling Rick's throbbing cock, leaning forward with her hands pressed against the mattress to maintain her balance.

Rick firmly grasped Evelina's round, curvaceous ass as he slowly began to slide his big cock inside Evelina's tight, eager pussy. 

"Mnhhmm..." Evelina attempted to stifle her voice, but the discomfort and pleasure that surged through her tearing pussy brought tears to her eyes.