1 End Of My Horror

The inability to do something has always been a talk amongst the people right after the world has been submitted to 'Horror'

No, it isn't like a movie that people used to watch nor is it a sentience that most felt once faced a dreadful situation. 

Horror is just… horror.


Pale robust and refined arms with ghost-face-like features, and lips that appeared dry which could be mistaken by someone that I'm dying through a drought. 

'Very well, Gin. This is the end of the journey.'

Right, what was I narrating in the first place?

First of all, I'm not dying because I'm facing an unimaginable situation that might be mistaken for why I'm having this monologue in my head.

It's different.

I'm actually a graduating student from the Academy of the Privileged.

In this academy, I've been trained, taught, and given a set of skills, and learned numerous lessons regarding 'Horrors'

Sounds fun doesn't?

Well, it should be if we weren't just thrown through a base once we graduated. It's not mandatory but a must.


Letting a soft sigh, I looked myself in the mirror.

The inability to do anything…

What I was trying to point out is being enlisted in the army since fresh students like us who have been trained are needed at those places.

Like I said, thrown around.

And I... no, we graduated students have no choice but to do it.

The moment you set foot in the academy, you're destined to serve in the army and have no choice but to face these 'Horrors'

Boring, isn't it?

More specifically…

Enlisting in the army is like being marked by death.

Your days are counted.

Dangers are looming in your shadows.

That is also why I'm tapping myself in the back.

'I'm going to die.'

This is the end for me.

The end of my horror.

Walking in the fortified walls of the academy's hallways along with the other students would put an image to someone that these people are saying their farewells and goodbyes to their classmates where camaraderie was formed.

As if!

If only this was a normal school!

The atmosphere is filled with strange melancholy. The students were all wearing somber expressions, making people who watched it put on a disheartening face.

For obvious reasons, I'm not the only student in the academy.

In this well-established compound, at least a million students are attending this place. That doesn't even include the other academy's branch. If estimated, at least ten million are using this school to 'nurture' themselves.

How established is this? Well, everything was provided for the students right when they entered this academy until the end, of a three-year course training.

You'll gain a lot and lose something but most of it was the former.

That's how important this school is, at least, for the people who have lower statuses such as mine, who had a poor position. 

Background check, I came from the slums with poor parents who insisted me to admit in this place to pave the way for my sister once she came of age.

Well, I could understand their reasoning.

They want me to get at least a status here, gain popularity, and let my sister do her best once she attends this place and make a name for herself.

In that way, she wouldn't get sent to army bases that are outside of humanity's borders.

My parents are easy to read, and a very loving one at that. They didn't neglect me at all even though they were focused on my sister.

And I understand why they were very greedy about this.

I mean, whose parents wouldn't?

Even though everyone could get admitted to this facility, not everyone has the capacity to pull it.

As for me, well, I'm smart.

I didn't have the manpower or strength that my sister or almost everyone had but I had my brain that would be always on my side and something that wouldn't betray me.

Of course, strength is a necessity.

I also don't plan on staying like this even if I knew it would be a waste once I'm put in a situation where I'm surrounded by a bunch of Horrors, ready to tear my life apart.

Well, I guess intelligence is different from brawniness. I mean, it really is.

My thoughts took a pause right after I walked inside the academy's grand hall. 

A wide, spacious expanse that could take in countless people. Wooden chairs lined up accurately, as thousands of students' footsteps resonated on each phase.

I took an abrupt halt as three years of memories in this academy surged through me, mostly unpleasant.

There was nothing fun in the rigorous training I'd done nor the close comradeship that had happened in this harrowing place.

This place is meant to train soldiers.

And it would be my last day in this horror.

"Promising cadets, it was my honor, as the current headmaster of the academy, to guide you to this path. Today marks a momentous achievement in everyone's lives. As you step out of this academy, armed with knowledge and determination, you carry yourselves with the power to shape each of your destinies. 

"Remember, success is not measured solely by what you've learned here, but by how you apply it in the world. Embrace challenges, learn from failures, and continue to grow. With your dreams as your compass and the lessons you've acquired as your guide, the future is yours to conquer. 

"Congratulations, and may your journey be filled with purpose, passion, and endless possibilities. 

"Go forth and make us proud!

The current headmaster, who goes by the name Gilly, raised her left arm and formed a salute to the students as she made her final speech.

"Do not falter, do not fall, and do not give up!"

Her voice was the only thing that was reverberating through the dead silent grand hall.

"Cadets, until the end of our horrors, we persevere! Good luck."

'until the end of our horrors, huh.'

Instead of igniting the fuel of encouragement to the graduating students of the academy, it only brought despair and a sense of lamentation.

'What a load of bullshit.'

A small chuckle escaped my lips while watching the headmaster get down from the stage she was in.

Marking the end of her speech also depicts the end of my life in the academy.

Once the farewell speech was done, just like what was discussed and written in the pamphlets, we were tasked to fall in line at the designated route for each division.

I was on the sixteenth division hence I lined up in the sixteenth line.

Unlike others who have to say goodbye to their friends since the 'area' we were being deployed to was unknown, at least everything under division three, I was different.

I have no friends since it was needles. Well, there are a few companions I get along with but those people are merely there since we can both gain something.

Also, there aren't instructors that grew attached or piqued my interest. Lastly, there are no enjoyable memories to reminisce about this place.

Once the procession of time became absent for me, my time in front of the line came

"Cadet Gin Vence, correct?"


"Just a sec."

The supervisor on my front searched through the paper on his front before landing on my entire dossier that all pertains to my doings in the academy, and also, some of my personal life.

/Name: Gin Vence


Age: 21

Occupation: Cadet

Gender: Male

Division: Sixteenth

Division Ranking: 1203

Techniques: None

Short Description: According to the teachers, he's very subpar in terms of strength but his intelligence can rival everyone in division one and below. 

Designated Region: Dreaded Swamps

For more information, proceed to the next page…/

My eyes trembled once the region surfaced. It was the place where I would get deployed and enough to send a shiver down my spine.

I've never been to this place, honestly. In fact, I didn't have any prior knowledge of this swamp until today.

/Designated Region: Dreaded 'Swamps'/

There was a reason why my indifferent reaction was broken for a moment.

-Forest, desert, swamps, and cold regions are the dangerous areas to be deployed.

I've heard rumors about this information when it was my first year. I've searched around and gathered that this has been going on for almost a century.

Right after, the supervisor in front gave a brief explanation.

"Cadet Gin, this vita is the only solid and proof paper that you have. Hold this like you hold your life. Once you go to your designated area, hand this to the commander of that place. As for the whole lot, everything will be explained once you get there.

"That will be all."


Leaving the line with a sullen face, the only thing I did was close my eyes and take the longest breath I could muster inside me.


This will be very, very, and must be the easiest way to come knocking at death's doorsteps.

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