1 Xia Feng? I fucken accept this name!


The baby's cries rang out in the small wooden house hidden in the midst of the mountains. Inside, one could see both parents looking at newborn baby that was crying rather happily, throwing his arms and legs around likewise happily.

"Look, husband! He looks so healthy!"

The mother who just had given the birth wasn't exhausted at all. She, sharing the happiness coming from her newborn son, hugged him tightly after her husband wrapped him in white as snow blanket. The family, now, of three were all blooming with joy and cheerfulness, but if they knew the exact reason for their newborn baby happiness, would they still be laughing as happily as they are now?

No... would they even laugh?


'I am fucken reincarnated!'

The newborn baby thought! Although he couldn't open his eyes, his body already was exuding happiness of this fact!

'I am free! I am finally fucken free!'

If he could laugh loudly, then he would laugh all the way to the heavens!

"His name is Feng! Xia Feng!"

"Yes! I like this name!"

'Xia Feng? I fucken accept this name!'

He is going to accept everything those two will give him! Thanks to them, he could reborn and be free from all those problems he had suffered above! Thinking about his past self problems, Xia Feng trembled and pissed straight at his father who held him in his arms...



The beautiful voice of his mother rang out and just like that, the new life began! The worst thing was that she herself wasn't aware that the child that came out from her was not hers child at all. The same went for the reincarnated man. He was totally unaware of the fate of his that cruelly used this woman to give birth to him.

They weren't related at all, but it was better for some things to stay undiscovered.


Atop the mountain, the youthful figure stood up. He was wearing simple clothes that were made by his mother. One look was enough to realize that those clothes were made by rather inexperienced person.

Still, he wore them proudly as the love he has gotten from his parents was immense and beautiful!

"So free! This is how one should live. Fuck cultivation!"

Although his parents introduced him to the world of cultivation, Xia Feng cleverly made them give up on him being cultivator and continue the life of freedom! Remembering how easily his parents agreed to his words, Xia Feng exploded with laughs, throwing his body on the lawn!

"Ahahah! I love this!"

What could happen above to make the powerful man to reincarnate? What kind of life he had above? What kind of power could make him to give up everything he had, along with his cultivation to reincarnate into lower realm?!

It was species called.... women!

At this moment, Xia Feng couldn't help, but reminisce about his past life! Just like right now, he was close to 18 years old! Only few hours were left!

For 18 years straight, the only thing he was doing was... cultivating! He barely could remember the faces of his relatives, including his father and mother! Xia Feng past self, back then thought that's how it is...

Cultivating is hard and lonely...

Back then, he also didn't know that him reaching the stage just below his father at the age of 18 is actually huge event! This very event shook the whole kingdom, but this very event was the beginning of his life full of misfortunes!

'Son, this is the daughter of my best friend. From now on, you are engaged.'


'Son, we are going to the marriage meeting. The daugher of Royal Red Lions has taken interest in you.'

'Even though I haven't met her once?!'

'Son, your brilliant talent has reached the ears of Western Kingdom's royalties, thus, you are going to join their royal academy and learn there for few years. Ah, along the way, marry one of their princesses. It will make our ties stronger.'


The relatives he didn't know popped out from nowhere and showered him with praises and gifts. Then, his father who was like any random person on the street welcomed him with warm hug and began making ties with other sects, kingdoms and so on, using him!

"I didn't know world back then! I knew nothing! Only how to circulate fucking Qi inside my body and dantian! Barely any life experience!"

It was definitely because he was reaching the age of 18... Xia Feng nodded inwardly as the sealed memories unsealed by themselves...

'Husband, I have taken liking to this necklace. It might also help me in reaching next stage in my cultivation, so please buy it for me. Ah! Don't drop my bags, please. It's your and daddy's money after all!'


'Darling, this treasure... don't you think it would look good on my flawless finger?'


'My love, I need this drop of blood. Such bloodline will definitely help me reach the new heights! Fight and win this for me, please? Please~~~?'


No one could stop the roars of this poor man! He was so innocent and unknowledgable that he fulfilled every wish of his women... Wasn't marriage beautiful and sacred thing? Contract that seals both souls for eternity in love and happiness?!


'Love? Happinnes?!'

They were clearly using him yet he thought it was his job as husband! The marriage that is sacred was actually his curse!


Xia Feng for the first time in his new life roared and thrashed on the lawn, holding his head. The anger was causing his heart to beat as fast as lightning while veins crawled on his whole body! Enveloped by rage, the man couldn't realize that he has problems with breathing!

"Ah! Ah! Haaaaaa!"

He had so many women he already forgot the exact number! If not them coming to him with their rings that had a bit of his soul, then he wouldn't even recognize most of them! Xia Feng memories slowly reached the conclusion!

The main reason he decided to give up and fall into circle of reincarnation!

'One hour only? Are you serious?! Why is your little brother fucking limp already?!'

'Before... you... I already had fucking ten women, you fucking bitch!'

'W-what did you call me?'

"BITCH! You and everyone else, you are fucking bitches. Get the fuck out from my bed, shitty whore.'

'I will tell daddy!'

'Go and fucking tell him! And tell your 'sisters' to do the same. I will fucking kill every daddy of yours if they dare to touch me! I will slaughter your whole sects, kingdoms and empires if they dare to move their troops against me!'

'You! You lunatic!'

SLAP! He slapped her so hard she flew all the way to the other side of the room. As his disgusting wife left the room, the tears flowed down from the man who stood at the top... It was fine to cry in loneliness...

In order to keep up with the wishes of his women and satisfy their needs, Xia Feng's past self had to take a lot of pills to boost his little brother causing him to get a lot of impurities. The amount was so huge that he could no longer cultivate and progress!

It's not like he was some kind of Sex God!

He also occasionaly had several pain attacks, but he keep it up... After all this time, he had developed few feelings for his several women, so he had to keep it up... Even though he knew he is being used by most of them...


In the end, he couldn't take it anymore! The enormous battle erupted and he alone went forward to smash a lot of 'daddies' and their armies! At first, they demanded explanation, but enraged Xia Feng just unleashed his techniques to strike their cursed mouths!

And before he let out his last breath, Xia Feng past self inwardly recited paragraphs he had found in unknown tomb! He knew that it's related to reincarnation, and only had few glyphs, but it was better than nothing!

"I have succeed! Ahahahh!"

"I don't know what have you done, but good job I guess. How about we talk now, boy?"

Boom! While laughing happily, Xia Feng heard someone's voice! It was unknown, not familiar at all so he got slightly scared. After all, he was normal human right now, not cultivator, so he had to be vigilant!

Turning around, the source of voice greeted him with its appearance.

It was old man!


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*MOEB's MC STEPS ON BOTH GOOD AND BAD PATH WHEN IT COMES TO HIS EROSSU PATH, R-18(sex). It's rare but such R-18 content sometimes happen throughout the story. You will be able to tell I believe. If you are against it, then please leave. Author writes this when necessary to portray the evil character. Many readers took it as bad move, so you can skip it. It's mostly around in the middle of the story.(Yes, I could've written it in the way 'He did XXX' then go over it, but I wanted word count. You know, blank mind, writer's block etc).*

*MOEB has plot with borderline INCEST(MC is actually not related, but you know how it is.)! It's one of many R-18 elements that hadn't been developed much(It's just a few chaps of incest relationship, less than 20 I believe), but if you are sensitive then stop reading. Author just fulfilled the wishes of his dear readers.*

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