82 Chapter 82: Cat's Ears, That's Justice (Edited)

"Then, Hagrid, I'll take Fish first."

Professor McGonagall didn't see Fish's small movements, stood up and walked towards the Hogwarts castle holding Fish's little hand.

"Bye, big guy~ I'll play with you again tomorrow~" (●ΦωΦ●)?

"See you tomorrow, Fish."

Relieved that Professor McGonagall didn't scold him, Hagrid said a cheerful goodbye to Fish.

"By the way, Fish, you still haven't told me how you got that way."

On the way back, Professor McGonagall had time to ask Fish more about his condition.

But Fish was too ignorant about druidic spells to tell the truth, and merely described the situation to Professor McGonagall.

"... Then I tried it a few times, and I was able to turn into a cat-man, like a centaur!" ?(●ΦωΦ●)?

Fish raised his hands in triumph, tail held high behind him.

"Is that so? Fish is really good."

After hearing Fish's description, Professor McGonagall smiled and stroked his head, squeezing Fish's cat ears again.

Like Hagrid, she thought it was probably a natural animagus ability, after all, Fish had already shown many special characteristics, so one more wouldn't hurt.

"Minerva, Minerva," Fish looked at Professor McGonagall, "You must be able to turn into a cat-man too, right?" (●?ω?●)

Noting Fish's expectant look, Professor McGonagall felt slightly distressed.

A normal animagus could not transform into a half-human, half-animal form like Fish, and since the animagus spell was inherently dangerous, no wizard would attempt such a transformation just to grow cat ears.

In Professor McGonagall's opinion, Fish's success could only be attributed to the young man's extraordinary talent and ignorance.

But that didn't mean Professor McGonagall didn't have other options.

Who is she? Minerva McGonagall, professor of Transfiguration at Hogwarts, who had won the award for most promising novice in Contemporary Transfiguration when she was still a student at Hogwarts, and for whom simple cat ears were no problem.

"Of course."

Professor McGonagall smiled and nodded to Fish, then removed the pointy hat from her head, pulled out her wand, and tapped each side of her head gently.

A pair of cat ears, much like Fish's, appeared on Professor McGonagall's head and twitched from time to time.

"Oh! Minerva has turned into a cat man too!"ヾ(●^ω^●)ノ

Fish was overjoyed, not noticing the difference.

In fact, Professor McGonagall had only turned two small tufts of his hair into a pair of cat ears.

"And the tail?"

Fish looked behind Professor McGonagall.

"The tail is unnecessary..." Professor McGonagall's mouth twitched slightly and she said casually, "I don't much like the feeling of my tail being pressed against my robe."

"Meow? really?"

Fish's tail wagged nonchalantly, unaffected by the robe he was wearing.

But it didn't bother Professor McGonagall, it was enough for her to know that Minerva was also a cat-man, anyway, and....

His attention now turned to his own tail.

"Meow (●ΦωΦ●)?"

Fish reached out to grab the tip of the tail in front of him as he unconsciously controlled it to avoid his hand, and after avoiding it, the tail swung and appeared in front of Fish.

"Meow?" (●?ω?●).

Having failed several times in a row to catch its tail, Fish's hunting instincts kicked in again.

"Meow! Hahahahahahaha!" ? (●>ω<●)?

Fish chased its tail, circling around on the spot.

"Stop playing," said Professor McGonagall, stopping Fish, "it's almost time for dinner, aren't you hungry?"

"Yes, I am!"

At the mention of dinner, Fish stopped immediately, when he was hungry, food was more important.

Then Fish grabbed Professor McGonagall's hand and pulled her towards the castle.

"There's no need to rush, there's plenty of food at school..."

Professor McGonagall was dragged by Fish, quickening her pace.

After picking up the pace, Professor McGonagall and Fish were soon back in the castle, and the eager kitten continued to drag Professor McGonagall all the way to the Great Hall.

Dinner had already begun at Hogwarts. The long tables of the four houses and the professors' table had been filled, and house elves were bringing a plethora of fragrant foods to the tables.

When both Wizards entered the Great Hall with cat ears, they caught everyone's attention.

To be precise, it was Fish who caught everyone's attention.

"Yes! It's Fish!"

After a brief moment of silence, the shout of a Ravenclaw witch brought the entire hall to a boil.

"Are those cat ears? How cute."

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh - I can't do it!"

"Heh heh heh heh.... FISH ... heh heh ... sucky-"

The bonus of cat ears with animal affinity was terrifying, and there were several little witches who simply couldn't contain their inner urges at that moment and screamed as they rushed towards Fish.

"Meow!" ∑(●ΦДΦ●)

A breath of fresh air rushed down Fish's spine, causing the hairs on his tail to bristle, making his tail look like a big brush.

Startled, Fish ducked behind Professor McGonagall, cautiously poking half his head out and nervously watching the little witches who had suddenly gone crazy.


"What are you guys doing? Get back to your seats."

Professor McGonagall could understand their emotions, but as Fish's tutor, she couldn't watch her little kitten be overwhelmed by a group of frantic witches.

As Vice Principal of Hogwarts, Dean of Gryffindor, and Professor of Transfiguration, Professor McGonagall had a formidable presence, and under her stern gaze and scolding, the little witches who had been overwhelmed by Fish's cat ears calmed down and returned to their seats.

After a quick glance around the room, Professor McGonagall noticed that the witches had been turned back, but were still staring dangerously at Fish, so she thought for a moment and dragged him toward the teachers' table.

That way, the students couldn't bother Fish.

Well, it's definitely not like Professor McGonagall wants to pet Fish.

"Nice ears, Minerva."

When Professor McGonagall sat down with Fish at the teachers' table, Dumbledore smiled and lifted the pumpkin juice in his hand.

"And of course, Fish has lovely ears, too."

"And a tail!"

Sprout saw the long tail wagging behind Fish and couldn't resist giving it a flick.

"It's a cat-man shape, I learned it from the centaurs!" (●Φ~Φ●)

As he ate the food on the table, Fish was cheerfully showing off to the teachers around him, and then took a piece of sausage and held it up in front of Professor McGonagall.

"Minerva, this is good."

"That's a good boy."

Professor McGonagall smiled and removed the sausage, then stroked Fish's head...and gave his ears a little squeeze.


Fish wiggled his ear, looked at Professor McGonagall suspiciously, and went back to eating with his head down.

Shortly thereafter, he felt Minerva's hand on her head again....

"Meow, why are you pinching my ears?" ?ω?

Fish turned to the side, covering his ears with his hands and scrunching up his face.

"I'm sorry," Professor McGonagall explained, slightly embarrassed, "it's just that your ears are so cute."

"Actually, Aunt Fatty would love to pinch your ears."

Professor Sprout interjected.

"No way!" Fish continued, covering his ears with his hands, frowning and shouting, "Minerva, you have ears too, don't pinch me again!"

"Fine, fine, I won't pinch them, you can keep eating."

Professor McGonagall had to stop playing with Fish's cat ears when she saw Fish's resistance.

"Oooooooooh ... Professor McGonagall is so mean! She won't let us near Fish, but she's having fun!"

Mother and son McGonagall played with each other upstairs, while the young witches downstairs shed tears of envy, and even Hermione Granger, Professor McGonagall's biggest fan, felt a little resentful of her idol.

George's eyes suddenly lit up, however, and he reached out and poked his twin brother, whispering, "Redhead No. 2, I've found a money-making idea."

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