1 1:Birth of a System

Springfield, CA

Springfield University.

"Me and my girl have been together since Highschool. So one would think that I'm just acting a little paranoid following her around campus without her noticing." Leon said looking at the invisible camera.

"Oh yea I'm talking to you the reader don't freak out I'm just breaking the 4th wall to lay out the scene for you. Anyways."

" "My girl" Karlee has been acting really suspicious lately. Are physical interactions have been really low has of late plus she hasn't been giving me any Pussy lately. It's been way to long sense the last time we did anything." Leon says hiding behind fellow students walking around the campus.

"That could be the reason why I'm on edge but fuck that I need to know if she seeing someone else." Leon says looking at Karlee's back.

Karlee was a 5'3 brunette with blue eyes. Her tits where B-cups. She's works out so they look fair big on her Leon admitted.

Today she wore a dark grey leggings and sports bra.

Leon makes a annoyed face.

"I know damn well she ain't going to the gym right now. She don't go at this time." He said looking at his watch.

"Springfield University has a huge campus besides the normal dorms they have three or four apartments complexes that anyone can rent out even if your not a student. I have one on the South side while Karlee stays on the one in the actual school."

Karlee starts heading to the Western apartments on campus.

"Where the f*** are you going b***? Leon thinks walking behind her far enough to where she couldn't see him.

Karlee finally makes her way to a current building. The building are pretty open they have balconies and you can see the some apartments doors from the parking lot and stress. Luckily the one she went into I can see Leon thought.

As Karlee is waiting on for the door to open. Leon's heart rate is going up by the double digits.

"Who is the man that stole you me! I must know!" Leon screams in his head.

"Oh course I know this dirty hoe is about to meet up with a dude only a dumbass would think otherwise. All of the signs are their don't let these Hoes fool you" Leon says looking into the invisible camera

As soon as the door opens it's reveled to see a middle aged Hispanic man with a beaded and dress shirt on.

"Who the fuck(tf) is that guy? Wait . . . Isn't that her accounts professors?" Leon says with his jaw dropped.

"This motherfucker just came up to the school with his family yesterday. I know damn well he doesn't have a apartment up here either."

"What kind of game is he spiting at her? Leon thought has he observed the two interact.

As soon as the door was fully opened Karlee pounced and hugged on Mr.Lopez. Kissing him in the process. They made-out for 3 min still they pulled away. Saliva was connecting their mouths.

Karlee face was flush red she was biting her lip like she was trying to hold her self back.

Mr.Lopez grasp Karlee's mouth making them puked out. Making her look like a cute blowfish.

He whispers something in her ear that Leon couldn't make out.

Karlee turn round and with her face turning even reader and her face looks like she's almost in Ecstasy.

Mr.Lopez starts groping Karlee's tits over her sports bra. His movements made him look like a master. He uses his middle fingers to lightly rub her nipples. Making them hard and poking out of her sports bra. The where clearly now more noticeable.

Leon hated this situation to the very core of his being but he couldn't help but praise the man technique.

"Fuck I'm a straight cuck for even thinking that shit." Leon cursed as he continued to watch.

At this point Karlee is doweling at one corner of her mouth and breathing a lot heavier.

Suddenly Mr.Lopez stops rubbing Karlee's nipples. Which almost snaps her out of her spell like state.


Mr. Lopez cuts Carly off by grabbing her by the through in a way that seemed to turn Karlee on even more.

"Who said you could talk? You only respond with yes sir and no sir." Mr. Lopez said has he licked the side of Karlees neck that sent tactic down her spin.

"Fuck what are they saying!" Leon though.

The next thing that Mr.Lopez does shocks both Karlee and Leon. He revels Karlee's perfect breast by flipping her sports bra upward.

They where on the 3rd floor but anyone could walk by and seen them outside of their door.

Currently Leon was behind a tree out of sight.

Karlee had amazing tits. She has tan lines and her nipples poked out often no matter what she wore.

Before Karlee could protest Mr. Lopez was already going to work on her nipples. Playing her like a instrument.

Karlee faces was flush red with her tongue out panting.

One Leon Saw that face he knew his women was officially not his anymore.

"They both die today" he thought not able to look away from the scene.

Just when Karlee's was about to reach her limit. Mr . Lopez Stop. He forced her on her knees and puts his dick in her mouth. Without her protesting a single time.

Karlee's starts sucking and choking on his dick so loud even Leon could hear it from where he was.

"Fuck this ima kill them both right now" Leon says pulling out his knife.

When suddenly he gets a phone call.

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