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This does deserve the ratings which I'm giving cause this author shows or makes us realize bitter truths of humanity. Every bit of chapters are meaningful in their own manner may it be this novel or the previous once. Besides knocking harsh realities the novel is equally funny or may be funnier. The fl in here is unique in her own way. The ml is a man full of emotions. Until now what i can say is that they are opposite in this aspect (emotions). This is again a peculiar novel which is worthy of investing time into. "in love with the author"

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okay.. I'm giving a review for this novel ,and I read 10 chapters till now cuz only they are published but I can say for sure that I'll follow this novel until the author finishes writing it ,the only novels I like to read are abt qt and fluff but I can read anything as long as it is written by this author.You know every sentence hits your heart in the deepest part and after reading it you'll feel like .. yeah what she said is true ,like the way she integrates everything together is just so memorable .If you are new I recommend you to start reading I can guarantee that you'll never leave and be begging for more chapters.Okay I said so much .,, you'll know when you start and by the way Author by far and in the future you'll always be the best in my heart sarangheo ✨❣️❣️🌹


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After reading 5 chapters, so far, I like the pace and the introduction of the characters. I fancy how the FL is someone who isn't capable of feeling emotions as well as the ML who is, well let's just say he's been there and felt all those emotions. Does that make sense? 😂🤣 Anyway, I would love to keep reading it. Update regularly author-nim 🤗 Also, I've already added it to my library.


First my Review is for our dear Author, This is my 4th book reading of lovely Meehee, and I'm fan of her the very first Mey and Ah Jie's chemistry and from it I followed author to the journey of RuRu and then sailed Xiu-Darren ship in Imperfect desires and as soon as Author announced about her fourth book, without any hesitation I added this very book to my library!❣️ Now about this book it's all that you want comedy, innocent yet Bold FL, cold yet Warm ML (off course only for our ML), supporting characters, no evil step-in or evil character, pure in all sense! Stars Writing Quality : 5( would give even 110/100) 😉 Author so beautifully brings out the emotion that it makes you believe in them! Especially the FL portrayed is so Innocent and trusts the values like morality and honesty! Story Development : 5 Very smooth and and every day is like a new day to see what more FL got to surprise ML and us! Hoping for more fluffy and action in incoming chapters. Character Design: 5 No doubt in them, FL AND ML both are love💕! Not just them but supporting ones are too lovable ❤️ Update : 5 No questions at all! That's author's right to decide upon! World Background : 5 Precise, well described in the starting and as and when necessary! I wish you good luck dear Author with this another masterpiece of yours! Yours FamJam from Book 1 to till every book of yours 💋❤️


RECOMMENDED!! XiaoMeeHee is one of my favorite Author here in Webnovel. Her writing skill is undoubtedly good. I love all her novels a lot. Why?? Because - Good grammar with less mistakes, beautiful chosen words - Interesting plot, story, and characters - Suitable pace, not too fast nor too slow - The characters in the novel are so loveable, likeable, interesting, relateable (well, you name it) - I can feel the bonds between the characters which can evoke my emotion. - Her way of making the words play is so clever, it's always amazed me. - Her way of making or connecting the plots or characters is so mind blowing that sometimes I can't guess it. Well, all in all, her novels are so enjoyable, interesting, intriguing, and amazing. And all those points above applies for this new novel too. 😊 "Master's Untamed Wife" is the fourth and her new novel. And as ususal, as soon as I read it, I'm hooked with it! 😆🥰❤ I love the Female Lead's character a lot. Raelle is one of a kind woman who is often called as robotic due to her inability to comprehend feelings, empathy, etc. Yet, she's able to show her care to certain people in her life with her own way. Her innocent yet logical remarks often get me laughing. That makes her so cute and I love it! All her antics amused me a lot. She's my new dose of happiness now. 😆 Xian, I can't say much about him, but he's an interesting Male Lead. I like seeing his interaction with Raelle. He's often (unintentionally) get pricked with her remarks and get dumbfounded when facing Raelle's certain reaction. 🤣🤣🤣 As of chapter 37 (the latest chapter currently), the romance between them haven't develop yet, but I feel that they're a perfect match for each other. Though they had different personality, they had similarity too in other aspects. I'm looking forward to their married life and how these two would affect each other's life and maybe,,,,feelings too. 🤭 Oh, and I'm curious with Xian's first failed marriage too. 🤔


literally guys I am telling you for how much time I have been waiting for this novel🙃.Also author of this novel is very amazing writer you can't help loving the each and every character in her novel😍😍.Not only her novels are very good for entertaining you will also learn so much from her novels.And about this single sentence is enough so much fun.🤩🤩🤩🤩LOVE YOUR WRITING AUTHOR 😘😘


Loving FL already...it will be a journey for her to learn all the emotions but i'm curious too what makes her decide not having all emotions? it doesnt seem genetic, she just decided not to feel anything. For the ML, he seems to have quite a lot of emotional baggage. Maybe it will be fun to see how he can 'moderate' his emotions 😂😂😂 in front of FL. All in all will continue to read it!!!


Don't even think for a second before you start this. This has all the humour and unique lead characters. You will love it moving forward. I don't think any reviews will do proper justice to describe the amazing content. Better you experience yourself. Blindly you can trust our beloved author after her fabulous novel imperfect desires which is the best novel I have read so far.


Author's name should be enough for readers to give her novel a try.... but just in case you aren't familiar with her writing ~ you are missing out something real good!! Read this novel Not just this one but all of her novels I'm currently reading 3 of her novels...and 2 out of 3 are in my favourites ❤️ As for this novel So as the synopsis said The ML is divorced he had a heartbreak And the FL somehow don't have feelings Or you can say that she doesn't wants to invest in useless feelings which won't bring her any profit Or in things she can't calculate All she cares about is money!! (and I very much agree with her....if you don't agree, don't worry our FL will convince you🤭😉) ----So just add this book to your library and read it----


I wish authorsan updates regularly cuz its been weeks this novel have been updated seriously authorsan should tell us if this novel is on haitus or does not want to continue Please tell us our wait is over cuz curiosity and mystery in story is so interesting sigh wen the author will update ????? All i want to ask


First of all I would say that Mehee is one of the best authors in webnovel, all her stories are unique mainly because of her amazing characters. She is best at portraying different shades of one's personality. And it is not only the FL and ML but also the side characters that have amazing and intriguing personalities. The chemistry between the MCs are amazing. From Mei-Jie to Darren-Xiu and Raelle-Xian all have their own relationship equations with each other. Other than the main love story the relationship between family and friends are the best parts of her novels. Every relationship is unique and I specifically love the friendships in her books. All her FLs are strong and have their own views of the world. The MLs are never overbearing and cold. All in all her books have the perfect balance of every emotion you can experience. Now coming to the review of this book - This is the 4th book I am reading of this author. The FL and ML have completely opposite personalities. I personally love the FL Raelle. She is unable to feel any emotions like a normal person would. She is very innocent and always curious to know about the different emotions of humans that she cannot explain in words. But she is also very logical and can render one speechless with her twisted logical views of the world. She is honest, loyal and hardworking. On the other hand our ML Xian is a very emotional person. He was madly in love with his ex wife and still finds it hard to move on. The interactions between them are very engaging. I love the slow development of their relationship. Xian is always patient with Raelle. Another of my favourite character in this novel is Raelle's best friend Hyson. The interaction between Raelle and Hyson always makes me smile. This book totally deserves the 5 star rating I am giving it. Thank you so much author for bringing us such amazing stories.


I really liked this book its amazing [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


this book is so damn amazing , especially the fl , they way she is characterized is just amazing , i especially love the defination of love given by her, her every answer make sense , the most funny part about her was when she was writing her conclusion upon kiss 😝😝😝😂😂😂, it's been a longtime i have met such fl . author i would love it , if u don't drop this novel in between .😊😊😊😊. i love this novel.


What happened? Author are you well? Why are you not posting new chapters. Hope everythin going well with you. Please post new chapter soon.


I honestly loved the story for the first 300 chapters but it got very repetitive with all the conversations being philosophical when there was no need for it and all of it being about being respectful to elder. All of the talk around Husto was just people calling him innocent looking but smart on the inside which got really annoying after 500 chapters. Great story but I got bored and annoyed


please update the story .please please please I request you .I have been waiting since 25 days .please don't stop the progress. please update the story soon. you know we love the story


The story is interesting in the beginning and started run in circle with super slow development of the characters, no issues that pick the curiosity and becomes predictable. You can skip 20-30 or more and it still in circle. Too many characters being introduced without giving significance to the plot. If there is good point in the story is the writing quality.


Author MeeHee's every work has been wonderful. Every chapter is meaningful, carrying messages and lessons for us to learn. Also, the character development is a thing! The Female Lead, Raelle, is such an emotionless person yet she is a ball of surprises and cuteness! The main couple, both have faced difficulties in life, and the way they are exact opposite to each other yet similar in.many ways is beautiful!! Haven't read the complete story! I found out about it yesterday and am already hooked! try it, the spicy yet fluffy romance won't disappoint you❤ love~


Well after reading the chapters I found that the FL was quite cute😄.Though she finds that emotions are troublesome to her, she has her values which she holds well. ML's tries to solve the puzzle, that is our FL:) And the author as usual narrated good enough and we readers wait for the chapter eagerly. Lets see how these two lead their journey together:)