54 Figure You Out

Although Shui Xian felt lazy after their tiring exercise, Raelle didn't seem to share his thoughts. Even the weather was making him want to laze around in this cozy space with her snuggled up against his body but soon, she squirmed her way out of his arms and got up.

Looking at the big clock in the room, she said, "It's already 11 o'clock in the morning." She pulled the wool blanket as she wrapped it around her body saying, "Let's have breakfast."

Shui Xian was left naked without the covers of the blanket. "It's almost time for lunch though."

"But I haven't had breakfast yet," she replied as she turned to look at him.

Without the obstruction of the blanket, she could appreciate his body. Broad shoulders, narrow buttocks, and thin waist. Those beautifully muscled lines were smooth and deep. She knew it, after all, she touched it all carefully earlier.

Noticing how her eyes were looking at him, Shui Xian held the cushion from the couch and covered his manhood.

"Tch." She tutted. "I have seen it all though."

"I know," he replied. "I'm doing it so that you pay attention to what I am saying."

"Did you say anything?" she questioned.

"See? You didn't even listen that's how engrossed you're in ogling."

"Anyone can get distracted," she said. "It's an honest mistake. Well, it's not really a mistake but never mind. So, what were you saying?"

Shui Xian sighed softly, "I said let's just skip the breakfast."

"No!" was her plain reply. "I have to have three meals a day. If it's not breakfast, we'd eat brunch."

Shui Xian didn't think there was a need to argue, "So, what do you want to eat? Pancakes or waffles?"

Raelle looked at his body saying, "I certainly like the one with the abs. Let's go with waffles."

Shui Xian frowned slightly, "What do waffles have to do with abs?"

"Waffles are pancakes with abs, you don't know?" she deadpanned.

Shui Xian's lips twitched and he shook his head, "Okay. We'll have waffles."

Raelle left him there as she went to the bathroom. Standing before the mirror, she looked at red marks littered all over her chest and said out, "Did I get a rash?" Something clicked in her mind as she pointed at her reflection, "No! This must be the famous mosquito bites." She touched the hickey right under her clavicle that seemed to be glaring at her and whispered, "My big mosquito is quite experienced." She was silent for a minute before she lifted her eyes to look right into her own eyes and said, "I like that."

Meanwhile, Shui Xian chose to go to the other bathroom to take a shower. So by the time Raelle came back, he was already waiting for her looking fresh and as handsome as always. As they sat down to eat, Shui Xian started, "I don't think we can do much in this weather."

Raelle also looked out at the constantly falling snow and nodded her head, "Don't we have to go back in the evening?"

"If the weather didn't get better, we won't be able to leave," he answered.

Raelle didn't reply as she continued to eat in silence. Shui Xian waited for a moment before asking, "Wanna go out for a walk?" Raelle eyed him as he went on, "We won't go far."

It took him over two hours to convince her for that walk. In her words, it was wise to stay inside the house in this weather. Of course, his enthusiastic self won't listen to her logical and wise words. How could he stay cooped up inside the room when the snow looked so beautiful?

Wrapped up in warm clothes, as they went out of the house, Raelle could finally catch the snowflakes but she couldn't feel the touch since she was wearing the wool gloves. Suddenly, something hit the side of her shoulder. She looked over and found Shui Xian with a snowball in his hand. He threw it again and it hit her arm. Since it was made from the freshly fallen flakes, it burst open on the impact, showering crystalline fragments.

"Freshly fallen snow is like an invitation." She heard him shouting from some distance. "For a snowball fight!"

He picked the snow with his glove clad hand, frozen crystals dangling from the wild loose fibers. The coldness of the snow had already deeply chilled his fingers where they no longer wished to bend. But cold or not, who cared? A snowball fight would look over such tedious things.

Raelle continued to blink at him as another icy ball was thrown at her. However, she turned to a side and easily dodged it. After thinking for a while, she bent over to pick some snow and made a ball. She threw it towards Shui Xian and the latter didn't even dodge. With a smile, he let the snowball hit his head.

She patted her hands saying, "This was... Not fun."

Shui Xian smiled as he heard her words and walked over to say, "Wanna build a snowman?"

"I never even liked it when Yanyan used to drag me to build one."

"What do you want to do then?" he asked.

She extended her hand towards him and he eyed her hand before putting his hand into hers. She took off his wet glove and held his hand before putting it into the pocket of her own coat saying, "Let's just continue with our walk."

Shui Xian was stunned for a moment before he nodded his head.

"You're a quiet person," she said out of nowhere. Shui Xian raised his brows at her in question and she elaborated, "I don't talk because people don't understand. But you seem to really like being silent." She took a pause and added, "I've read somewhere that quiet people are really interesting. You never know if they're dancing in their daydream or if they're carrying the weight of the world." She looked up at him, "Which one is it for you?"

Shui Xian tapped the tip of her nose saying, "I'm trying to figure you out."

"Best of luck for that," she said. "Even I haven't figured myself out yet."

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