13 Officially established the Vongola family!

"Hydra is not so easy to wipe out."

Raphael took the last bite of the pulp and tossed the core.

"You seem to know a lot about Hydra?"

Zemo asked strangely.

"I don't know that much, I just happen to know

some secrets."

Raphael wiped his mouth.

Zemo looked at Raphael for a long time, and finally sighed, "You are really mysterious. Sometimes I wonder if you are really only twelve years old."

"It's not important, is it?,Maybe I'm eleven?"

Zemo smiled .

"Boss, I heard that you killed more than a dozen agents by yourself last night, and your whole body was on fire. How did you do it?"

Johnny asked suddenly.

"When I was a child, I heard a legend that every night, a flaming skeleton would appear, riding a flaming skeleton horse, running around the continent in search of evildoers and punishing them."

Aren't you a little discipline knight?"

Raphael's scalp went numb when he heard it. The one story he said is called Ghost Rider, and he is not a skeletons.

The more serious problem is that this legend, it

is very likely not a legend...

Johnny got even more energetic, chasing after Raphael to ask questions.

"Hey, why doesn't this chameleon feel right?"

Suddenly, Johnny pointed at Raphael's shoulder

and called out.

Raphael looked sideways, and saw Leon lying softly on his shoulders, and a sleepy expression appeared on his round little face, like playing games for three days and three nights after the summer vacation.

he called him, but he didn't answer.

Poke with a finger, but no response.

Raphael knew in his heart that Leon was probably making a dying Wil bullet now, and he had to sleep for at least three days.

"Leon is also working hard."

Raphael sighed for no reason, leaving Johnny, who had no idea what to do, to stare at the spot.

It didn't take long for Wanda and Pietro to wake up one after another, and after they came down to eat some wild fruits to satisfy their hunger, they planned to set off for the Southeast Valley.

About a week later, Raphael and his party had gone far into the valley, and they were probably very close to the southeastern border of Sokovia.

Under the leadership of Zemo and Jonny, they found a hidden cave.

There are obvious traces of people living in the cave, pots and pans are readily available, and there are even a lot of beds, but no one has used it for a long time and has accumulated a thick layer of dust, which needs to be cleaned before using it again.

There is groundwater at the bottom of the cave, which can be directly drunk.

This used to be the secret stronghold of a small drug lord, which was destroyed by Zemo a few years ago.

At that time, there were not many people. After taking away the drug dealers, poisons, and a small amount of weapons, the rest of the bedding and the like could not be taken away.

So after confirming that there was no hidden poison in it, Zemo decided to keep these things here.

Zemo didn't expect that the decision he made at that time would help a lot until now.

This stronghold was deeply hidden. At that time, with the help of online people, it took many talents to lock it. Zemo did not leave any map route or anything. The possibility of Hydra finding it was very low.

And Raphael also felt that they were not worth so much effort by Hydra to search.

"Four beds, a few coats, an oil lamp, quite a few bowls and basins, but no plates..."

Raphael counted the materials in the cave, and finally found that there were no materials.

"Most of these bowls and basins have been used as tools for making poisons, and there may be poison residues on them. I suggest not to use these things."

Zemo collected all the bowls and pots and planned to destroy them all.

"you're right."

Raphael nodded in agreement.

On the other hand, Jonny took Wanda and Pietro to wash the bed together, and the two children did their best to help, so as not to let themselves become a drag bottle.

Although they didn't say it, Rafael knew that Wanda and Pietro were very worried that they would abandon them because they were


After all, anyone can see that compared with the two special forces Zemo and Jonny, two children who know nothing can only become a burden.

They are only ten years old, but their minds are sharper than many adults.

They know that in this small team, only Raphael is the real leader.

Maybe even Zemo and Jonny didn't realize that, they were becoming more and more obedient to Raphael.

It's incredible, but it's reasonable.

After a busy day, everyone finally cleaned up the inside of the cave, and it looked more like a place where people lived.

Raphael is very interested in this place, because it is basically the first residence of the Vongola family, although it is a bit simple.

Sokovia has a very low degree of industrialization, and it's still in the 1990s, so at night, the sky here is very beautiful.

The star is densely covered, it is no longer an ordinary idiom, but a true adjective for the sky.

In the past few days, everyone has been busy escaping for their lives and has been running around, and there is no time or leisure to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Now that it had stabilized, Raphael sat on the ground quietly looking at the sky.

In his past life, the city was heavily polluted by industry. After dark, I could see the moon as the air was fresh, and I couldn't see the stars at all.

"It's so beautiful."

Raphael let out a sigh.

"It's really beautiful."

Zemo's voice came from behind.

Raphael turned his head and saw that Jonny and his siblings were also there.

Five people sat together in a circle.

"We have to start discussing in detail what to do next."

Raphael opened the chat box and looked around with a serious look.

"Zemo, Jonny, although I don't know the specific reason, you are now on the HYDRA blacklist. It is very dangerous to go to any country."

"I'm sure that all Sokovia's original passports will be invalid, you will only be arrested as stowaways, and you can't guarantee that the person who arrests you is not an undercover Hydra."

In fact, it is impossible for Hydra to penetrate to this level, they only cover the elite, but for his own purposes, Raphael must deliberately exaggerate the horror of Hydra.

Fortunately, the legendary story of Captain America is very popular all over the world. Hydra is depicted as being quite evil and terrible. Zemo and Jonny, who knew nothing, believed Raphael's words without any doubt.

"Zemo, I believe you already know that I have some abilities that normal humans don't have, and I also know some secrets of Hydra."

Raphael looked at Zemo.

"I can protect you from the persecution of Hydra. Maybe my strength is not enough to fight against the huge Hydra, but believe me, we can easily destroy the entire Hydra within a few years!"

"Does it depend on the few of us?"

Zemo asked rationally.

Hearing this, Raphael showed a smile that was waiting for you.

"Of course not only!

"I want to set up an organization in the name of my family. All the core members are like family members. They are very close. No one can underestimate our family! The Vongola family!"

"Come and join my family! Zemo, Jonny!"

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