81 Jason’s Tomb

"Mr. Wayne, I'm sorry for not being early here."

Raphael said to Bruce sincerely.

"You know, Jason and I got along very well. Although we haven't been together for a long time, and I don't know if he has forgotten me, I actually always regarded him as my friend."

"Although my family is rich in Sokovia, it is also because of this that it is difficult for me to make friends of the same age. I cherish my friendship with Jason very much."

Speaking of which, Raphael's face showed a sad look.

"I was so busy in Sokovia that I didn't have much time to communicate with Jason, so much so that I didn't learn about Jason's death until recently."

"It makes me very sad because I didn't get to be real friends with Jason."

"So I came here today, at least to mourn this friend, and hope that Jason can also feel our friendship in heaven."

There is nothing suspicious about this statement. Bruce knows that Jason and Raphael have a good first impression of each other. They are similar in age and background.

Its not strange that Raphael learned about Jason's death so late. After all, "Jason Todd" is not the same as "Robin". The adopted son of Bruce Wayne died in an accident, which is obviously not enough in the eyes of the media. Qualified for international news.

At least in this era, what the media seeks to expose is often the black material of some important government officials. As for those irrelevant lace news and celebrity scandals, they are just news that the paparazzi use for profit.

Serious media people don't look down on this.

All in all, if no one specifically notified Raphael, he might never know that Jason was dead, unless he personally went to Gotham.

Now Bruce is still in the throes of bereavement, and he is very sympathetic to Raphael's eloquent remarks.

At least Jason still has a friend in this world.

And it's also a friend of "Jason Todd", not Robin.

Bruce still thought Raphael's sudden visit was a bit strange, but he agreed without much thought to Raphael's request to mourn Jason.

When Jason was alive, he often complained that Bruce's desire for control and suspicion was getting worse and worse. On the surface, Bruce didn't take it seriously, but he actually remembered it in his heart.

Now that Jason is dead, Bruce wonders if he should be more forgiving to others.

Bruce and Alfred led Raphael into Wayne's cemetery and came to Jason's tombstone.

Of course, Raphael didn't come to Wayne Manor alone, and he was accompanied by several subordinates of the Dark Silk Force.

As for the other members of the Vongola family, of course they have their own affairs to be busy with...

Raphael silently put the bouquet in his hand in front of the tombstone, lowered his head slightly, put his fists against his forehead, and made a prayer.

After a long time, Raphael put his hand down, turned around and said to Bruce, "Please forgive my untimely interruption today."

Alfred shook his head calmly.

"You are too polite, Mr. Vongola, Master Jason has often mentioned you in the past two years. He actually cherishes the friendship between you as much as you do. If he knew that when you learned that he had an accident, he would He'll be relieved to be in Gotham for the first time."

"How can this be considered an untimely interruption?"

Raphael pondered for a while, then said, "Actually, I still have an immature idea..."

In an instant, Bruce, who had not spoken for a long time, became more alert.

Raphael, who has hyper-intuitiveness, knows that Batman is not a person who can easily let go of his doubts.

"As far as I know, Jason lived in a slum in the past and had a very difficult life before he was adopted by the Wayne family."

"Although we can't hear his thoughts from Jason's mouth now, I think he must not want others to experience the same past as him."

Raphael said seriously.

"I want to set up the Vongola Charity Fund in Gotham and build more orphanages to take in the homeless children who are wandering in the slums."

"But just relying on the Vongola family alone is not enough to ensure the stability of Sokovia and also take into account Gotham, so we need partners."

Raphael looked at Bruce's eyes with hopeful eyes, "Mr. Wayne, I believe you also have a kind heart, otherwise you wouldn't adopt Jason. Would you agree with my plan?"

In fact, this is what Raphael came here for today.

The city of Gotham is a relatively exclusive city. It is not difficult for foreign forces or companies to take root here.

People have only seen the scenery of the Romans ruling Gotham's underground forces, but they don't know that the Falcone family's accumulation of nearly a hundred years is behind it.

When the ancestors of the Falcone family landed in Gotham Harbor, what they achieved was a Vito Corleone-esque rise that, through long time and great strength, won Gotham's acceptance and eventually ruled the the power of the city.

It even has a huge influence in the entire United States, and can be called the largest gangster in the United States in the last century.

Until the advent of Batman The Falcone family has been the ruler of Gotham.

However, with the fall of Carmine Falcone, the criminal king who has ruled Gotham for half a century, the Falcone family's power has collapsed, and new gang forces have emerged one after another.

Including but not limited to Penguin, Two-Face, Black Mask... and other countless characters, all began to emerge a few years after Falcone's death.

To sum up, if you want to seek development in Gotham, you must either proceed step by step like the Falcone family, or cooperate with local forces in Gotham.

At present, the actual rulers of Gotham are the four families of Wayne, Elliott, Cobot and Kane.

Among them, the Cobblepot family is the Penguin family, which has been reduced from a noble to a criminal family. The Elliott family is not too much, it is a silent family, but it is not yet time for the silent activity.

On the surface, the Elliott family controls Gotham's largest medical industry, the Cobblepot family controls Gotham's largest catering industry and entertainment industry, and the Kane family is a military family.

As for the Wayne family, as long as the industries related to people's livelihood have his presence, whether it is technology, food, industry, charity, real estate, real estate, finance...

To put it bluntly, if the Vongola family headed by Raphael wants to take root in Gotham, it is inevitable to deal with the four major families.

Instead of secretly starting from subduing those unknown gangs, it is better to go directly to the Wayne family.

Anyway, Raphael doesn't have any bad intentions, and he doesn't plan to make black money at this stage, so what's the point of avoiding Bruce?

Everything is in memory of Jason, and this may not be enough reason, but it must be a valid reason.

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