102 99 - Dream.

"Who is this man?" Adrian asked as he looked at the body of a red-haired man who had a satisfied smile on his face. The man's entire body was covered in blood, and his belly was cut with organs coming out. 'For some reason, it looks like he died happily.'

"Cletus Kasady, a serial killer who has already killed more than 100 people," Natasha replied while reading Cletus' criminal record.

"Cletus is a psychopath who killed all his family when asked why he killed his family, Cletus did not answer, he just smiled. He was an extremely disturbed and dangerous individual when he was going to death row tILL SHIELD appeared and took him to experiment on ... "Natasha continued.

Jessica looked at Cletus's face with a frown. "Why does he look so happy? That's nasty."

Adrian undid his mask and entered Cletus's cell, the cell is full of drawings similar to what he used as a symbol on his chest.

"These symbols are very similar to the symbol that you use Adrian," Jessica commented.

"Yes ..." Adrian did not deny it.

Adrian was looking closely at the symbols on the wall, for some reason, he feels that this is something important, but he cannot say what this 'important' thing is.

Adrian looked at the symbols and recorded it in his memory. His memory is almost perfect, and he will never forget what he saw today.

But just in case, Adrian decided to come back here and take pictures of the place.

Phage: [This is problematic ...]

Scream: [Yes, the first host defines the Symbiote's personality, if Carnage did symbiosis with this human ...]

Agony: [He turned into a butchery weapon, huh?]

Lasher: [I think the name Carnage matches that Symbiote.]

Venom: [Who cares about that worm? We just didn't kill him because he was holding a hostage in his hands.]


The Symbiotes were silent, but they all agreed with Venom's word. Carnage was very weak. He didn't die because he was taking Natasha's sister hostage.

Jessica looked at Adrian. 'Those tentacles on his back are moving on their own, somehow this is disgusting. Is this actually a thorn or something? Previously, I saw him using these tentacles to fight. He looks like a monster with six spines, and several tentacles on his back, my boss's power is strange ... '

Jessica concluded that Adrian was weird ...

"Natasha, is your sister the same as you?" Adrian asked as he touched the symbols on the wall, his eyes never left the wall, it was like he was looking for something invisible that not even he knows what it is.

Natasha, who was reading Cletus's file, stopped and looked at Adrian. "Yes, she is a killer trained since she was a little girl by the Red Room."

Adrian nodded. "Venom."

A black slime came out of Adrian's costume, and soon Venom's head was formed.

Jessica looks with shocked eyes at Venom. "What is it...?" She asked, but everyone ignored her.

"As Symbiote, what do you think of Carnage's behavior?" Adrian asked Venom without looking up from the wall.

"Your first host was a serial killer who had a broken psychological status, but this man was not just crazy, right?" Venom looked at Natasha.

"Yes, he was very smart. If he wasn't smart, he wouldn't be able to get away from the police so often." Natasha replied.

"The first host for a Symbiote is much more important than you think." Venom looked at Adrian. "The first host is the one who will define the characteristics, personality, and thoughts of Symbiote."

Natasha widely opens her eyes, indicating that she understood what Venom means: "It means that Carnage inherited Cletus's madness and intelligence."

"Not only that," Adrian replies, he turns and looks at Natasha. "He inherited his sister's skills and thinking too."

Venom returned to Adrian's body.

Adrian walked out of Cletus's cell. "Carnage is a combination of an intelligent psychopath and a trained ex-agent ..."


Jessica and Natasha were unable to say anything, they were reevaluating Carnage's level of dangerousness.

Jessica was confused by this whole situation, but she was not stupid, she just lacked information. Still, with all the conversations she has heard so far, she has managed to conclude what Adrian really is. Still, the conclusion that she arrived is so absurd that she just shook her head in denial.

Natasha had a frown on her face. She was worried about her sister. She saw very well that Symbiote did symbiosis with her sister. Consequently, Symbiote won a hostage, if it was anyone else, she would not hesitate to kill Symbiote and the host. But with her sister, she can't do that.

Natasha remembered very well that the only girl close in that hell called 'Red Room' was her sister named Yelena Belova.

She was a 10-year-old abandoned child when she arrived at the Red Room. Yelena was the only family she had when she heard about Yelena's death. Natasha was extremely sad, but suddenly her sister appeared again after several years of being declared dead.

Natasha doesn't know why the stepfather who took care of her for 10 years suddenly abandoned her. Even today, she doesn't understand why she was left for the 'Black Widow' project by her stepfather, who loved her.

With her sister reappearing, Natasha wants to understand what happened in her past. While Natasha was thinking several things with a frown on her face, she suddenly felt someone touching her shoulder.

"Do not worry." Adrian smiled gently. "I will save her."

Seeing Adrian's warm, confident smile, she managed to calm down.

Natasha shook her head with a smile on her face as she asked herself; When did I get so emotional?

"Natasha, do you have a dream?" Adrian asked a random question out of curiosity.

"Huh?" Natasha is surprised by this sudden question. "When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a dancer." She answered, honestly.

Natasha made a shocked face. She doesn't know why she answered so easily. Usually, she would ignore the topic about her past. 'is it because I'm dealing with something from my past? Because of that, am I more open about my past? ' she wondered.

Adrian smiled. "I'm going to buy you a studio, in that studio, you will be able to fulfill your dream, you will be able to do whatever you want."

Natasha looked surprised at Adrian. "Huh ...? Why ...?" she asked.

"What a pointless question." Adrian snorted, smiling. "You are my wife, all I really want in this life is to see my wife happy and smiling. I love Natasha the Badass, but I also love Natasha the loving and smiling when she is happy." He stroked her face.

Natasha felt a warm emotion running through her heart. It was an emotion she had already felt before. Now it was much stronger, she did not dislike that emotion, looked fondly at Adrian, and approached him. "... Thank you for coming into my life, Adrian." She kissed him softly.

Adrian held her waist gently and returned Natasha's kiss. He doesn't need to say anything else. He knows that she understood what he was trying to convey.

The message was simple. 'I love you, and I will always be with you.' It was simple, but it was enough. Black Widow needs a family, and she found one.

After a few minutes of kissing lovingly, Adrian separates from Natasha's kiss. "We will save your sister."

Natasha smiled, but this time it was an evil smile. "Yes."


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