143 139 - You're my son?

Adrian spent an hour healing old Logan, he was silent and his attention was focused on Logan, at least that was the impression Adrian wanted to make.

But he was not doing any of that.

What happens is, with the symbiotes' senses spread throughout his body, Adrian manages to have a 360-degree view, he ended up discovering this new ability while trying to spy on what others were doing.

At first, the skill caused a little disorientation in Adrian, but over time, he started to get used to it.

He was using this ability to observe what everyone else was doing while he was healing Logan.

Jean was silent as usual.

Scott was watching Jean as if he were a stalker.

Anna and Kurt were talking.

Emma Frost and Ororo were watching Adrian with curious eyes.

The same was true for Charles, he was just watching Adrian with a kind smile.

Adrian didn't know what he was thinking, but from Charles's expression. Adrian deduced that Charles was moved by the attitude he was taking.

When an hour passed, Adrian moved away from Logan, who was slightly younger compared to before. "I finished."

When Adrian spoke those words, the X-Men approached Logan and started to check his condition.

"He looks younger ..." Anna commented with a sigh.

Ororo looked at Logan for a moment. "Tsk, get up, Logan."

Upset that Logan didn't get up, Ororo punched him in the face.

Since her strength was that of a normal human, this punch hurt her more than Logan.

"Aiii." She moaned as she held her hands.

"Ororo ..." Charles sighed seeing Ororo's attitude.

Charles remembers very well that this was Ororo's personality when he first met her, she was a naughty and smart teenager, to be honest, Charles liked Ororo calm and cool.

But he knows that she was holding onto her feelings because of her powers that were growing at an amazing rate.

The more Ororo's powers evolved, the more problems she had with emotions, she couldn't be irritated or she could create hurricanes, she couldn't be sad or a snowstorm would happen.

Because of these problems, Ororo decided to close herself off from everyone.

"Thanks for the help, Adrian". Anna spoke.

Anna nods with a smile on her face.

"Don't worry, I was a little guilty about what happened too. That was the least I could do. "

Adrian slowly moves away from the group of X-Men and approached Sharon Carter.

He was silent the whole time, he was absorbing the new memories he just gained.

'It looks like the facility is somewhere near Canada, but Logan has no memories of the exact location ... At least, I have a starting point.' Adrian thought.

Sharon Carter was shocked, she didn't show it earlier because of her training, but this is the first time she has seen a 'human' using powers, she didn't know how to react, because of that, she used her training in an attempt to stay calm.

"Did you put cameras here?" Adrian asked in a low voice while looking at the group of X-Men.

"Huh?" Sharon Carter did not know how to react.

"..." Adrian just looked at her with a face that said what are you doing?

"Hmmm ... Cough ... Yes, I put cameras here." She replied a little uncomfortably.

"Good. I want you to send a copy of these recordings to Leona. "

Adrian knew that Sharon Carter would send a copy of the recordings to Nick Fury, but he doesn't care, after all, the old man is under his control.

The only problem was if that copy fell into the wrong hands, after all, HYDRA is infiltrated by SHIELD.

"Okay." Sharon Carter agreed, she had no reason to deny it, after all, Adrian and Leona were part of SHIELD.

"Grr ..." Logan gets up a little stunned.

"Logan! Are you alright?" Anna asked.

"Huh ...? Hmm, I feel like a truck hit me. "

Hearing a familiar growl Adrian nodded, 'He woke up.'

Taking the chance that Sharon Carter had his attention on Logan. Adrian put his hand on Sharon Carter's back.

"Huh?" Feeling Adrian's touch. Sharon Carter looked at Adrian.

"When you send the copy of the security cameras to Nick Fury, don't trust anyone." He spoke seriously



"Huh?" Sharon Carter did not understand.

But that was what Adrian wanted, he wanted to divert attention from Sharon Carter.

A part of Venom leaves Adrian's body and enters Sharon Carter's body, this was a quick and silent process. Sharon Carter cannot feel anything.

Adrian takes his hands off Sharon Carter who was looking at Adrian confused. 'Part of the problem has been solved, what should I do now?'

"Keep my words in mind, don't trust anyone at SHIELD, just trust me and Leona." Adrian warned her seriously.

Sharon Carter was smart, you can't be a SHIELD agent if you're stupid, she understood what Adrian meant when he repeated the words a second time, but she didn't want to believe Adrian.

Sharon Carter was smart, but she is naive.

Seeing Sharon Carter's expression, Adrian understood that she was having a hard time believing him. 'It doesn't matter, I already took precautions in case she entrusted the security footage to someone unknown.'

"Boy, what are you?" Logan asked after remembering what happened.

Adrian smiled and decided to play with Logan.

* Shink! *

Bone claws come out of Adrian's fist.

Adrian shows Logan these claws while smiling. "I'm like you, haven't I said it before?"

Everyone shook their heads when they saw Adrian's attitude, with the previous fight and the explanation of Adrian's powers, they managed to understand that Adrian likes to play with other people.

Unfortunately, Logan was not awake when the explanation occurred.

Logan looked shocked at Adrian's claws.

* Shink! *

Logan looks at his claws and then at Adrian's claws with a shocked face.

"... You're my son?"


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