140 137 - Adrian's thoughts.

Why is Adrian bothered by his appearance? To be honest, Adrian is not bothered, he thinks his current image is too badass.

A man 1.90m tall, white hair like snow, with tanned skin and neon blue eyes. Adrian finds his look badass, he liked it very much.

But Adrian is still worried about Leona's reaction, after all, he left his house to live a 'normal' life.

[The very thought of living a normal life with an alien in your body is strange.] Death commented nonchalantly.

'.....' Adrian didn't know how to answer because he knows it's true. 'Now I really want to see Leona's reaction when I see my current appearance.' He thought as he smiled.

He also thinks that with his aggressive nature, it would be very difficult for him to live a normal life for a long time.

[Isn't that human your wife? Why don't you explain to her in bed what happened.] Scream spoke in a suggestive tone.


Adrian was speechless ... Was Scream perverted like that?

'Where did you learn about this?'

[Recently, I'm following a fanfic where the protagonist travels to another called 'One Piece' and makes a harem, he solves his problems with his dick]. Scream replied.


'I knew, the internet is not a good place.' Adrian shakes his head, but he can't help but be curious about this fanfic.

'... What is the name of this fanfic ...?' He asked as he swallowed.

[Sinful life with the strongest system, it is very good.]

'I'll read it later.' Adrian responds with a nod, maybe he can get some tips.

Adrian looks at Emma Frost and Charles who are still arguing.

Adrian ignores these two foxes and looks at a blue humanoid who appeared next to him.

"What's the problem, Kurt?"

"Can you heal him?" Kurt points to Logan who was aged.

Hearing Kurt's question, Charles and Emma Frost stop arguing and look at Adrian.

Jean, Ororo and Scott also look at Adrian.

'Oh?' Adrian found this situation interesting. 'Logan, you seem to be hated and loved at the same time.'

Adrian looks at Logan lying down. Adrian doesn't hate him, he just beat him up because he wanted to have fun, it's a shame that Logan wasn't strong enough, the only point that Adrian should praise is his claws, those claws are so strong that he managed to penetrate his skin.

'Logan's problem is simple to solve, I just have to reinforce the mutation in his body again.' Adrian thinks to himself.

Adrian looks at Kurt and then at Anna, then he looks at Ororo. Adrian soon realizes something. 'This is my chance to get on the bright side of these mutants.'

"Yes, I can help you."

Ororo and Anna sigh with relief, they don't have anything romantic with Logan, they just have a bad taste in their mouth when they look at a friend in such a deplorable state.

Adrian walks towards Logan.

[I don't understand, why are you taking such a problematic action? Couldn't you just absorb their powers and then kill them?] Venom asked.

Adrian shook his head internally. 'If I do that, I will lose my chance to get close to a large number of mutants. I know that with Leona's support, I can find mutants anytime I want, but then what? '


'After I find these mutants, what do I do? Do I absorb their powers and kill them? This is unreal, I am not a murderer who kills innocents, I am not going to do this, I just want your powers, I know I can absorb your powers and after support for your personal life, but this is very problematic. '

'I also plan to recruit some mutants if their skills are useful.' Adrian thought about contemplation.

Adrian knows that he will not use all the skills he steals, after all, he is only one person, a good example of this is the Leona mutation that he rarely uses, because of that, he plans to recruit mutants that have good mutations, of course that he will absorb some of the genes of the people he recruits.

Like Logan, he will leave enough genes for the victim to still have his mutation.

Logan just didn't die of old age because Adrian left 1% of Logan's mutation intact.

Adrian just wants the powers of powerful mutants and allies, he doesn't want to be responsible for the lives of mutants who are without powers, this is very problematic, because of that, he will put the responsibility on someone else.

'I'm becoming a skill collector ...' Adrian thought.

Adrian looks at Charles with an emotionless face. 'He's a good scapegoat.'

Adrian managed to understand Charles's personality more or less. 'He is a good person, but his goodness is distorted.'

This is Adrian's opinion of Charles.

With Adrian's new senses and the training he had with Natasha, Adrian manages to define someone's personality with just a few conversations.

Expressions, ways of acting, personality, attitudes. With his new senses, he can observe all of this as if in slow motion.

Through this observation, he can deduce a person's personality, Adrian recalls that Natasha is very good at this skill.

Speaking of skills. 'I feel my sense of smell has grown stronger.'

* Sniff Sniff *

Adrian can smell all the people present, he can even differentiate the type of smell, he has the feeling that he can sniff out people's emotions too. 'This is weird.' He comments internally.

Adrian doesn't understand what is going on. 'I will test this skill later.'

[I don't understand.] Venom said, for Venom they are all just-food.


[Are you planning something?] Scream asked.


Adrian stops in front of Logan and looks at Scott who was looking at Adrian with an angry expression.

[What are you planning?]

'If I were to put it into words would it be like, an army of people with superpowers?' Adrian said as he smiled predatorily.

Scott froze in fear when he saw Adrian's smile, he clearly remembers that feeling of death, in fact everyone does, they are just afraid to ask.

[Pfff, Hahahahaha. I understand! Now, I understand!] Venom laughed when he read Adrian's mind.

[This is interesting.] Scream commented when he read what Adrian was planning.

"Scott, move away." Charles spoke as he looked at Scott who was shaking.

Scott didn't move, but Adrian just ignores Scott and puts his hand on Logan's chest.



Venom leaves Adrian's body and enters Logan's body.


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