106 103 - Strange device.

After Nick Fury talked to Leona about a man who was sleeping in the ice.

"Do you have any means of contacting this woman?" Adrian asked Nick Fury.

Adrian doesn't believe that Nick Fury doesn't have a way to contact someone who can help Earth in a time of crisis, the director of SHIELD is not that dumb.

Nick Fury nodded, and then he took a device out of his pant's pocket. "This is a device that can contact Carol Danvers."

'I knew he had the means to communicate with this woman ... So her name is Carol Danvers ... Nick Fury really has a lot of secrets. Well, he is the director of SHIELD, he is bound to have many secrets'.

Adrian took the device from Nick Fury's hand and analyzed it. He could immediately see that the device has a very old design.

"What is it?" As a child born in the modern age, Adrian didn't know what the device was.

"This is a beep, this device was used a lot in the 90s." Nick Fury explained. "Be careful, this is a one-way device, if you send a message, Carol Danvers will understand that the earth is in danger."

Adrian nodded and put the device in his pocket, he believed the device will be useful in the future.

"You must be careful when contacting the man who has slept for 70 years when he wakes up, he will be very ... confused." Adrian ordered.

"Don't worry, I know how to approach him."

"I know you know ..." Adrian smiled with satisfaction, if all goes well, he will have a powerful man as a subordinate.

"You can go back now."

Nick Fury nods and calls all the agents. "Agents, we are coming back."

"Yes, Sir."

Nick Fury stopped for a moment and said, "I left a truck behind that building." He threw a car key to Adrian, who caught it easily, he turned and got into a SHIELD car.

Understanding what Nick Fury was suggesting, Adrian smiled. 'Is that the effect of powers Kilgrave's? I will have to study these powers further. '

Adrian looked at Maria Hill for a moment, he understood that this woman is brilliant and insightful. Eventually, she will know that something is wrong with Nick Fury.

But when that day comes, all of SHIELD will be under Adrian's control, because of that, Adrian doesn't care if she knows something is wrong with the SHIELD director.

Adrian could easily solve this problem by controlling Maria Hill with powers Kilgrave's. But he was very reluctant to do so.

Controlling Maria Hill to say nothing about his powers is very different than making her a lifeless puppet.

If he controls Maria Hill like a puppet, he will not be much different from Kilgrave, although he knew that it is too hypocritical for him to say that. After all, he is controlling Nick Fury like a puppet. 'I think the question is about my feelings. Nick Fury was my enemy, so I didn't care about him, while Maria Hill is still not my enemy, so I'm reluctant to do her any harm.'

In just one day, Adrian knew how ugly humans are. He knew how humans can hurt their own species just for money. He saw humanity's ugliness. To be honest, he is very afraid of the actions he took that night. He can easily discern that his mind will not be the same; the feeling of sudden change was very irritating. He doesn't regret killing the bad guys and rapists, he just felt a little strange when he tortured a human and felt nothing.

He knew that he is no longer human. He acknowledged that he can commit atrocities against humans, and he will not feel a thing. That feeling of indifference scared him; after all, he does not want to lose control and go around killing innocents, he is not a bastard.

'I sigh, I'll think about it later, there's no point in debating it now, I'm tired, I want to go home.' Adrian just wanted to go home and rest.

Adrian walked towards Natasha, who was looking at her sister. "You really are sisters. You are very similar," he said when he got close to Natasha.

"We are not blood sisters ..." Natasha said with complicated eyes.

"Huh?" Adrian was surprised by this revelation. He looked at the blonde woman lying unconscious on a stretcher and then looked at Natasha. He repeated this movement a few times until he came to a conclusion.

'There are some differences, but this woman's face is very similar to Natasha's face. They are obviously sisters, that would be the appropriate conclusion, but Natasha would not lie to me.' Adrian kept thinking, but he couldn't deduce anything, he was out of information at the moment to say anything about this situation.

"I will tell you everything when we return," Natasha said when she saw that Adrian did not understand what was going on.

Adrian nodded his head.

"Let's go home." Adrian walked towards the truck that Nick Fury spoke about.

Natasha nodded in agreement, then she took her sister like a princess and followed Adrian.

Arriving behind a building, Adrian saw a black four-door truck, "Wait a minute." He ordered Natasha to stay back and approached the truck and investigated a little. He needed to check if there is anything suspicious in the truck.

After all, being cautious is never enough, especially when dealing with a large organization. Nick Fury is under his control, but what about the other agents? Adrian knows very well that there are many bad apples in SHIELD.

'Everything is normal outside.' Adrian got into the truck, checked everything carefully, opened the glove box, and found nothing. He looked under the seat and found nothing.

Adrian looked into the truck's rearview mirror, 'Stopping to think, about spy movies, they always put cameras behind mirrors.' With an absurd thought running through his mind, Adrian broke the mirror.

When he broke the mirror, he found a small hidden device. Surprisingly, his naive thought made sense in that situation.

Adrian picked up the device and investigated the truck again. After realizing that he only had one device, he got out of the truck. "Do you know what this is, Nat?"

Natasha glanced at the device in Adrian's hand. "This is a spy camera, I use it a lot at school."

Adrian pursed his lips when he heard what Natasha said, he threw the device on the floor and stepped on it, breaking the device.

"Do you think it was Nick Fury's order?" Natasha asked as she opened the back of the truck and put her sister behind the truck.

"No, Nick Fury is under my control, I think it was the HYDRA agents," Adrian said as he helped her.

"It is very difficult to know who the infiltrated agents are," Natasha said with an unpleasant expression,

"It would normally be difficult, but with my new powers, it is quite easy. I just have to bring all the SHIELD agents together in one location," Adrian replied. He positioned Natasha's sister in a comfortable position.

"We will solve this problem in the future," Natasha said.


Finishing placing Natasha's sister in a comfortable position, Natasha and Adrian got into the truck.


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