33 Learning Chakra and Ninjutsu

Cain had everything arranged within his business, including the transfer of medicine and other matters. This time, Konoha may have received a grant from the Daimyo, so they only gave a small amount of gold, and the rest was settled in the currency of the ninja world.

There were as many as seventy million Ryo, and he couldn't spend so much money. He left some money for Mei Kawakami to prepare for opening a store and two months of orphanage funding. Then Cain took the remaining cash with him.

This kind of thing couldn't be kept in his hands for a long time. In Cain's view, these banknotes were useless waste paper if not spent.

On the way out of the village, Cain thought about how to spend the money.

Twenty million Ryo was left for Natsukawa to continue expanding her business in the Fire Country, ten million Ryo was used to invite Kakuzu over and teach him ninjutsu, and the rest was used to purchase gold and jewelry. If he came across rare and ancient artifacts, he would buy them all and sell them to foolish people in Japan.

During Cain's stay in Konoha, Natsukawa also made rapid progress. She found two suitable people to manage the casino and brought them directly to Kawaki Town. She also recruited some wandering samurai and thugs, a total of 23 people. Still, only four of them knew chakra, and none of them were ninjas.

Recruiting ninjas who knew ninjutsu outside was difficult; only rogue ninjas would comply with this requirement. Otherwise, given the degree of control, each ninja village had over ninjutsu, even if they joined a small ninja village, it would not be easy to learn ninjutsu.

Konoha was the most open ninja village to civilians. After six years of study, one could only learn some basic jutsu, which showed the preciousness of ninjutsu. Otherwise, Kakuzu would not have become the underground exchange's signboard. Hunters with his level of strength were too rare.

"You did a good job, Natsukawa. I can really trust you with handling things outside."

Cain smiled and said. During this time, he saw Natsukawa's ability improve as she dealt with business management. At first, Natsukawa even had to ask him where to place the goods, but now Cain could entrust many things to her.

Natsukawa was a talented person. Although not strong, she was useful to Cain.

"Natsukawa, your salary will triple from now on, and the year-end bonus is separate."

After saying this, Cain saw Natsukawa's face light up with joy. Her original salary was already enough to provide a comfortable life for her child. Now that it had tripled, Natsukawa could consider preparing medicinal baths for her child after he enrolled in the ninja academy.

This was basically a treatment that only talented people in the ninja clan could enjoy. With her current salary, she could afford it.

As for the profit sharing, Cain had considered it, but he wouldn't say it now, nor would he say it so early. At least he would have to work for him for ten years before Cain spoke, and the rewards would gradually increase. To make a sudden leap was to deceive oneself and others.

The next thing was easy. With personnel, machines, a place, and protection, the casino soon opened. It was normal for there to be few guests at the beginning, but after a few days of publicity, there were also guests coming in. When they saw the novel gambling methods, they would slowly fall in love with this place.

As for the security team, they still needed to recruit more people. Kawaki Town not only had a casino, but also a dessert factory, cocoa tree planting supply, and other shops. According to the ideal number, thirty to forty people would be enough to deter all the people in Kawaki Town and prevent them from causing trouble.

Later, Cain had someone contact Kakuzu, but before Kakuzu came, Cain asked Natsukawa about chakra and ninjutsu.

"Boss, are you going to learn ninjutsu?"

Natsukawa looked at Cain with confusion. With his wealth, he could always hire a ninja to protect him, and learning ninjutsu at his age was not worth the effort. Although she thought so, Natsukawa still told Cain everything she knew.

"To learn ninjutsu, you must first learn to manifest chakra, then use seals to move chakra along the meridians, and then complete the seal to perform ninjutsu. As for chakra, it is the combination of physical energy and spiritual energy."

After explaining this to Cain, Natsukawa demonstrated the Shadow Clone Jutsu and told Cain the key points of chakra extraction, allowing him to try it himself.

How could Cain try it out? Natsukawa told him to concentrate his mind to combine physical and spiritual energy, then control and maintain it, even if he succeeded in extracting the chakra.

It sounded simple, but Cain was not a person of the ninja world!

After trying for a while, Cain still didn't understand physical and spiritual energies. So he smiled awkwardly and said to Natsukawa, "Natsukawa, can you let me feel your chakra? For example, let your chakra wander inside my body."

"Like this? Should be no problem."

After hearing this, Natsukawa put her hand on Cain's back, then extracted the chakra and transferred it into Cain's body.

In an instant, Cain felt the energy surging from the hand behind him and into his body, which was quite magical and made him feel much lighter.

"This is the feeling."

Cain suddenly felt stronger and immediately formed hand seals to refine chakra with this feeling.

In this state, Cain felt very active and much stronger than before. If he slowly sensed it, he seemed to feel the physical and spiritual energy that Natsukawa had mentioned.

"Well, Natsukawa, why did you stop?"

Just as Cain felt something, the hand transmitting the chakra behind him stopped. When he turned around, he saw Natsukawa's face covered with fine beads of sweat, looking exhausted.

"I need to rest, boss."

Cain nodded slightly embarrassedly, "Then take a break first. Let me know if you need anything."

It was a pity that he felt he was about to refine the chakra, but he couldn't force it with Natsukawa in this state anymore. After all, excessive use of chakra could be fatal.

A day later, after Natsukawa rested, Cain made the same request again. However, Natsukawa was too tired and couldn't help him transmit the chakra, and Cain still couldn't refine the chakra.

The same thing happened twice, so Cain no longer asked Natsukawa to help him transmit the chakra. It might be related to the fact that Natsukawa had too little chakra, or it might be related to his body.

"But Natsukawa needs to rest for a day after each Chakra transmission. If we continue to experiment like this, we won't be able to handle the affairs of Kawaki Town."

A few days later, after completing his bounty mission, Kakuzu hurried to Kawaki Town. However, when he heard Natsukawa's request, his face immediately darkened. "Just this matter alone is enough to.." After a moment, he continued, "I don't have much to do recently, so I'll start trying to transmit Chakra later."

The change in his tone was like a roller coaster ride, surely related to the box Cain pulled out.

After speaking, Kakuzu opened the box that Cain had pushed in front of him, and his green eyes rolled around a few times.

At least nine million or more, most likely ten million; what a generous client!

Kakuzu felt much better and counted the money while thinking it was just a ninjutsu teacher, which was too simple for him.

He was a top ninja in Takigakure who had fought against the First Hokage!

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