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Marvel: The Social Link System


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A seemingly ordinary young man was summoned to a cold and damp chamber. Philemon, a mysterious figure in said chamber, then offered him a tarot card reading. his results? Death, the Fool, and the World. Then, without knowing what was going on, Philemon urged him to begin his journey by opening a blue door and walking towards a mystery light. The man had no choice but to open the door, only to be transported into a strange yet familiar reality. He first thought he didn't have any cards up his sleeve to survive in this world as an anomaly, but he quickly learned that this is not the case, for the answer resides within his own heart, within his own persona. -------------------------------------- Yes, it's a cringy description, who would've thought? anyway, it's MarvelxPersona, MC have a pseudo system that allowed him to discover confidants and made bonds with them, and get rewards if he deepen the bonds. basic stuff, just me playin around, don't take it too seriously. I don't own anything cept the OC. cover art link: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/R3nYlO


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