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Marvel: The Perfect Run [HIATUS]


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Warren Dyson had led a normal life filled with ups and downs, but he would complain that the downs were way more than the ups. That's why he'd committed suicide. So, he was more than just flabbergasted and confused when he found himself back in 2016. When bad things, for him anyway, had started happening. Starting with his girlfriend's death. Along with the impending arrival of a purple alien who was the cause behind his grandpa and grandma's death. Now, this begged the question, what should he do? He had powers. Too OP for him. He could go back in time, to a specific point, and repeat his life from there, over and over again. This was a gift and a curse at the same time, but... Would Warren Dyson ever find his Perfect Run? — UNFORTUNATELY, NO HAREM! DON'T EVEN ASK!!! — This is a story of an OC character of mine that was living in the Marvel world as nothing more than a civilian. The so-called mob character. He doesn't have our knowledge. Just what he knows from his runs, this knowledge will start from low and go on to high, and probably something more. The MC has powers of "Quicksave" from The Perfect Run on Royal Road. Now, I don't have the permission of the author of The Perfect Run, but as this is a fanfic, I hope it will be fine. Please tell me your thoughts on this story :) — Update Schedule? Honestly, no Idea. I'm focused [Marvel: The Beast System] and will only upload this occasionally if at all. This will be my main project after beast system is finished tho


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