Marvel: The Gene Collector

Alex, a seemingly ordinary guy, woke up one fateful day to find himself in a perplexing situation. He had been inexplicably transmigrated into the body of a teenager who shared his own name, Alex, but with a heart-wrenching twist – this Alex had perished in the unforgiving confines of a Nazi concentration camp. As the bewildered Alex tried to make sense of his surreal circumstances, a chance encounter with a boy known as Eric, who also bore the alias of Magneto, thrust him into a world beyond his wildest imagination. To Alex's astonishment, dormant within him was a unique genetic collection system, a latent power that had awakened with his newfound identity. It allowed him to wield an unparalleled advantage in his new world. As long as Alex could obtain a strand of the target's hair or any sample of their DNA, he possessed the uncanny ability to replicate and even enhance their extraordinary talents. With every strand of DNA he collected, Alex's powers grew, and the stakes soared ever higher. In this intricate dance of powers and principles, Alex's journey promised to be an electrifying tale of transformation, redemption, and the relentless pursuit of power and justice in the marvel universe where the extraordinary was the norm. But one profound question always troubled in his mind. "What will happen if I tie up Sebastian Shaw and throw him into an aquarium."

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Alex's expression turned ice-cold. Hodge was asking for trouble.

"What did you say?" Alex's tone remained frosty as he locked eyes with Hodge.

He had killed many soldiers in the Nazi concentration camp, and he had no qualms about dealing with anyone now.

"You heard me, you little brat. Get lost!" Hodge spat out the words and kicked Alex roughly.

Peggy Carter's expression soured, but she knew that this little guy was Howard Stark's adopted son. Any harm that came to him would likely lead to a military court case.

But Alex's face remained impassive. He couldn't use his magnetic control abilities here, but he could still absorb and release energy.

He didn't dodge Hodge's kick, allowing it to land squarely on his chest. He absorbed all the kinetic energy, feeling no pain whatsoever.

With the absorbed energy now condensed in his fist, Alex swung a punch directly at Hodge's groin. Although he was shorter in stature, targeting this area proved to be highly effective.

A loud, sickening crack echoed through the air, signaling that Alex's punch had hit its mark. Hodge was sent flying, his body colliding with an empty oil tank, and his fate hung in the balance.

Peggy Carter's mouth gaped open in astonishment. She couldn't believe that a young child had just sent a tall, robust soldier hurtling through the air and causing him such serious harm.

Even Steve Rogers stared at Alex in disbelief. Was this really the same kid he had met on that fateful night?

As for the other recruits, they stared at Alex in a mixture of horror and awe. They couldn't help but instinctively cover their groins, fearful that Alex might target them next. Alex's actions had been undeniably brutal, even by a soldier's standards.

"Attention!" Philip barked, giving the order for the recruits to fall in line. They quickly formed a formation in front of General Philip.

General Philip, who had once held high hopes for Hodge due to his ferocity, was now frustrated and perplexed. A ten-year-old child had severely injured a grown soldier. It was beyond comprehension.

"This boy has no valid reason for his actions. Get out of the barracks; this isn't a playground for you," General Philip shouted at Alex, his frustration evident.

Alex, however, had other plans. He studied Philip's body from head to toe, as if contemplating the best angle to address him.

Philip couldn't help but recall the bloody scene that had unfolded earlier, and a nervous shiver ran down his spine.

"Sir, I was just thinking... which position might suit you best," Alex mused with a sly grin, making sure to emphasize the word "position."

Philip couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat, his eyes flicking to the ground. The atmosphere had changed from heated anger to an uneasy hush.

"Boy, you have no grounds here. Leave now!"

Philip finally managed to speak, though his voice had lost its earlier forcefulness.

Alex, however, had a response ready. "Furthermore, Hodge destroyed military property, injured his fellow soldiers, and even attempted to harm a ten-year-old child. I'll be contacting my lawyer to file charges against him."

Philip's face twisted in frustration. "Who do you think you are, wanting to sue one of my soldiers?"

Alex remained unfazed. "I believe the legal team behind me would be more than happy to handle this case. And while we're at it, we might just decide to sue General Philip for concealing criminal behavior, creating an unfair environment for soldiers in the barracks, causing injuries to soldiers, and even endangering the life of a taxpayer. While it might not lead to much, a bit of money should suffice to degrade you by a few ranks."

Unscrupulous didn't even begin to describe it. Alex had a knack for playing hardball.

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