Marvel: The Gene Collector

Alex, a seemingly ordinary guy, woke up one fateful day to find himself in a perplexing situation. He had been inexplicably transmigrated into the body of a teenager who shared his own name, Alex, but with a heart-wrenching twist – this Alex had perished in the unforgiving confines of a Nazi concentration camp. As the bewildered Alex tried to make sense of his surreal circumstances, a chance encounter with a boy known as Eric, who also bore the alias of Magneto, thrust him into a world beyond his wildest imagination. To Alex's astonishment, dormant within him was a unique genetic collection system, a latent power that had awakened with his newfound identity. It allowed him to wield an unparalleled advantage in his new world. As long as Alex could obtain a strand of the target's hair or any sample of their DNA, he possessed the uncanny ability to replicate and even enhance their extraordinary talents. With every strand of DNA he collected, Alex's powers grew, and the stakes soared ever higher. In this intricate dance of powers and principles, Alex's journey promised to be an electrifying tale of transformation, redemption, and the relentless pursuit of power and justice in the marvel universe where the extraordinary was the norm. But one profound question always troubled in his mind. "What will happen if I tie up Sebastian Shaw and throw him into an aquarium."

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Back to America

The next morning, Steve reported to Howard's office as required, but Howard was not there yet.

A young blonde woman sat at the desk and informed him that Howard would be arriving shortly. She introduced herself as Lorraine, a first-class soldier with a thripple D assets.

"All the women in the United States owe you a debt of gratitude," she remarked, standing up and approaching Steve seductively.

"Since they're not here..." Before Steve could react, Lorraine moved closer and kissed him.

Steve initially resisted but eventually gave in to those assets and kissed her back. However, it wasn't Lorraine he wanted to kiss; it was Peggy, who happened to be standing in the room at that very moment.

Peggy had entered the office and witnessed Steve kissing another woman. The cold expression on her face could have frozen the room. She turned and stormed out in anger, with Steve in pursuit.

"Peggy!" Steve called out, "Please, wait!"

But it was in vain; Peggy had no intention of stopping for him.

"She's jealous, which means you have a shot," Alex remarked jokingly, watching Steve's flustered state.

Steve sighed and returned to Howard's office to wait, muttering, "This isn't a good start."

"If Peggy isn't interested in you, she wouldn't care who you kissed," Alex chuckled.

"You're right. I'll make amends with Peggy," Steve replied.

"Chasing after her like a puppy won't help," Alex teased in a hushed tone.

"What did you say?"

"Oh, you must have misheard me."

After a few minutes, Howard Stark finally arrived. He led Steve into his laboratory, where technicians were unpacking various weapons. Futuristic machines were being installed, reminiscent of what Steve had seen at the Tomorrow's Fair.

Howard paid no attention to the others and went to a less crowded corner of the laboratory, where something that resembled a suit lay on a table. Steve tilted his head, intrigued.

"Sleeves with micro wire mesh," Howard explained, pointing to the arm portion of the uniform.

"The chest contains a titanium alloy plate, and... wait..."

Steve's eyes widened as he observed Howard picking up a gray material from the other side of the table. It was his specially designed combat uniform.

Following Steve's gaze, Howard explained, "Carbon polymer, flexible, fire-resistant, and heat-insulated. It can withstand ordinary sabers, but it won't stop bullets or HYDRA's weapons."

Howard then approached a cart filled with semi-finished shields. Some of the shields were equipped with various gadgets, one had a light, and another appeared to have camouflage capabilities.

"I considered several improvements, but in the end..." Howard pulled back the tarp covering the cart, revealing a very powerful shield. It was light, well-balanced, and virtually indestructible.

This shield could be considered the perfect symbol of offense and defense for the United States and was the most iconic and trusted weapon of Captain America.

Steve cautiously reached out to touch the smooth surface of the shield and then tapped it, producing a crisp sound.

"It's made of Vibranium," Howard informed Steve. "It's a hundred times harder than steel but only a third of the weight."

Steve lifted the shield and attached it to his arm, listening as Stark continued to explain its properties.

"It can absorb all vibrations. Bullets feel like cotton balls hitting it."

A smile spread across Steve's face; this was the weapon he needed.

As he turned around, he spotted Peggy walking toward him. Steve was about to offer an explanation when Peggy picked up a gun and pointed it directly at him. She fired without saying a word, seemingly wanting to release all her pent-up anger.

Bang, bang, bang!

Three shots in quick succession, but all the bullets that hit the shield fell to the ground harmlessly.

Steve hid behind the shield, staring at Peggy with a bewildered expression. Howard also retreated, looking frightened.

"It seems like it's the real deal," Peggy remarked before putting down the gun and walking away with a smile.

"It looks like you're in for a tough time," Alex teased.

Howard still had lingering fear in his eyes. He was relieved that he hadn't provoked Peggy further; otherwise, his future attempts at romantic pursuits might be painful. Messing around behind her back? She'd shoot at him.

The two men watched as Peggy walked away with shocked expressions.

"I have a design drawing for a combat uniform," Steve said, handing Howard the drawing.

"Consider it done, buddy," Howard replied, taking the drawing and promising to have it ready in just three hours.

Steve donned the combat uniform he had designed and led his roaring commando team to begin dismantling HYDRA's base.

Meanwhile, a plane from the United States had also landed at London Airport.

Howard escorted Alex onto the plane, and they began their journey to the United States.

(End of this chapter)


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