Marvel: The Father of Superheroes (TL)

That night, when a Kryptonian ship with a baby crashed on Mike Kent’s family farm, and when he decided to adopt that child the cheat of every isekai'd dude was thus activated, he understood that his life was about to change. Superman Clark Kent, Professor X Charles Kent, Magneto, Eric Kent.. When he became the father of these men, the strongest family was born! Raw Link: https://sj.uukanshu.com/book.aspx?id=147010 ///***/// I don't own anything. I'm just translating because I'm bored.

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Chapter 2 Transaction

"Hee hee…"

   Along with the laughter, the appearance of the middle-aged woman in front of Mike changed instantly.

  her skin is rippled like layer of waves. In an instant, the middle-aged woman has turned into a weird person with blue skin.

   Although she has a curvy figure, her whole body is blue, and there are even dark blue scales on the key parts of her body, and her red hair makes her look a little more eccentric, and but still elegant.

Raven a.k.a Mystique.

   There are mutants in this world, but what makes Mike strange is that he still haven't heard anything related to the two pillars of Mutants, Professor X and Magneto.

  The devilish girl Raven looked at Mike with a slight smile at the corner of her mouth, and curiously said: "How did you recognize me?"

Mike said: "Your posture for holding the child is wrong."

A woman who has given birth to three children can never be wrong in the posture of holding the baby.

   Raven suddenly nodded, and saw that Mike had been looking at her coldly, suddenly smiled, and said: "What? not used to seeing me like this? How about this?"

she said, the blue skin on her rippled again and she bacame a blonde woman.

She's still hot, her the delicate features are pure and elegant

   Mike's was still expressionless,Raven sighed in her casual suit and hugged Clark and walked to Mike, and jokingly said: "So cold, I was in bed…"

   Mike's eyes twitched and said: "How did you find this place?"

   "It's not that easy for someone to hide from me you know that".

   Raven said lightly, stretched out her hand and gently stroked Mike's face, and said playfully: "You're still so shy, This is what I like from you"

 She paused and suddenly said: "For this kid, is it worth it?"

Mike did not hesitate, nodded affirmatively, and said: "It's worth it!"

   This is the decision he made two months ago.

   "Really?" Raven stuffed Clark into Mike's arms, and Mike hugged him in a hurry. He was relieved to see that the little guy was not scared.

   Upon seeing this, Raven's anger in her eyes became even more intense, and she said: "You said that you would quit yourself up with the organization, is it finished?".

Mike smiled slightly and said: "Let's talk about that later, so why are you here ?".

Raven said irritably: "If I said I was looking for you to give you a baby, would you believe it?"

   Seeing Clark, who was guarded by Mike, Riven was a little jealous.

   She wished her parents would protect her like this when she's a kid...

   Mike looked at Raven with a indifferent look in his eyes which made Raven upset.

   She walked to the nearby chair and sat down, Raven's slender legs were crossed together, and said: "Sloan asked me to come to you."

   "He knows I'm here? Does he knows about the child?".

   Mike frowned.

   Raven shook her head and said: "I don't know, but I didn't tell anyone."

Mike looked at Raven and said seriously: "Thank you."

   Raven waved her hand and said: "Now now I just paid the favor when you saved me."

   Mike hugged Clark, and gently laid him in the crib, and gently patted Clark on the back.

   The little guy yawned and slowly closed his eyes.

   Seeing Mike's movements, Raven looked speechless.

  Who can imagine that this man who kills without blinking his eyes, and is called the Assassin King, could gently coax a child to sleep?



   Mike made a gesture, and covered the little guyit with a quilt, and pointed outside, and walked out first.

   Raven got up, made a face at Clark suddenly, and walked out.

  She followed Mike downstairs. Raven sat on the sofa. After Mike got a glass of water, she held her chin and looked at Mike as if she had met Mike for the first time.

   "Why are you looking at me like that?"

   "I was thinking, which woman took your heart away and gave you a child."

   "I picked up the child."

   "Pick it up?" Raven exclaimed, then muttered: "You are crazy!"

   "Hmph!" he smiled indifferently, and Mike said: "What did Sloan ask you to do? Or…what does he want to do?"

   Stone, an ambitious guy.

   Raven's mouth curled up and said: "You're still very astute, well it's just for-"

   "Don't talk about the child, I have already decided." Mike held up the water glass, and slowly drank.

   Raven was silent, and said: "Sloan wants to make a deal with you."

  "Deal?" Mike put down the cup in his hand and said solemnly: "He wants me to kill Kutcher on the condition that I can leave the Organization safely?"

   Kutcher, is the leader of the Assassin Alliance now. As long as you kill him, Sloan will be able to take the position of leader.

   Raven nodded.

   Mike has a calm face: "Do you think I can trust him?"

  "Half half, at least he will not be like Kutcher that will never let you go."

   Mike closed his eyes and thought for a few seconds, then nodded, and said to Raven: "After killing Kutcher, I want you to do me a favor."

   Raven was startled, and smiled playfully: "Why should I help you?"

   "Count it as I owe you personal favor".


Raven agreed neatly.

   Mike's favor is still very useful.

   "Also, I want to see Sloan."

   "What time?"


   "I'll make the arrangements.

Afterwards, the two chatted for a while, and Raven turned and left.

   As for the nanny who takes care of Clark, Raven becomes Mike before he arrived and let her go home first tonight.

   In other words, Mike will take care of Clark tonight…

   "Waaah, Waahh!!"

  He heard Clark's crying from the stairs, and he immediately rushed upstairs at a very fast speed and came to Clark.

   There are usually only two reasons why babies cry at this time, one is hungry, and the other is to solve their is they are uncomfortable.

   Mike, who was a father in his previous life, still knows a little about these things.

   "Shhh, Don't cry"

   While comforting Clark, he prepared up the milk powder.

   he waited for a few minutes, after the milk powder was at a suitable temperature, while feeding Clark, his mind couldn't help but think of other things.

   Sloan wants to control the Assassin Alliance, Kutcher is the biggest obstacle, because Kutcher is not only the leader, but also the only Assassin King in the Assassin Alliance.

   The only one who can deal with the king of assassins is also a king of assassins.

   This is also the reason why he asked Raven to find Mike.

   Kutcher, as the leader of the Assassin Alliance, knows Mike very well , just as mike knows him.

   He's a kind of person who will never let people who can threaten the organization just leave the organization like that.

   The agreement is an agreement. Kutcher will not break his promise. He allows Mike to leave the organization safely, but after leaving, Mike is no longer the part of the organization and he does not violate the agreement when he deals with Mike.

   Mike's eyes were gloomy, but when he looked down at Clark who was was looking at him curiously while drinking milk, the gloom in his eyes disappeared instantly, and a gentle smile appeared on his face.