Marvel: The Father of Superheroes (TL)

That night, when a Kryptonian ship with a baby crashed on Mike Kent’s family farm, and when he decided to adopt that child the cheat of every isekai'd dude was thus activated, he understood that his life was about to change. Superman Clark Kent, Professor X Charles Kent, Magneto, Eric Kent.. When he became the father of these men, the strongest family was born! Raw Link: https://sj.uukanshu.com/book.aspx?id=147010 ///***/// I don't own anything. I'm just translating because I'm bored.

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Chapter 12: here comes trouble

The two people just met today, even if they think that the other person is nice some words still can't be said.

For a while, the place was awkwardly silent.

Clark looked at the two curiously, took a small sip of his juice and said, "Dad, which room is Uncle Logan sleeping in tonight?"

"He'll be leaving in a little while."

Mike turned his head to look at Logan and smiled, "Right, Logan?"

Logan's eyes dimmed, then he laughed straight up, scratched Clark's nose, and said, "Yeah, I've got things to do, lots of things!"

Looking at Logan, Mike sighed inwardly.

Through the incident of Logan's run, Mike guessed that Logan should have just been injected with Adamantium and escaped from Stryker's base and now was being hunted by Stryker's people.

Looking at Logan, Mike sighed inwardly.

Logan was a nice guy, and it was nice to be his friends, but he's in so much trouble right now.

If there was no Clark, he wouldn't mind being Logan's good friend and help him in solving his problem with Stryker.

But now, he is first and foremost a father and has to take responsibility for Clark.

An hour later, Logan stood outside the door and said goodbye to the both father and son.

Logan looked at the father and son in front of him, his once cold heart was now because of the two warmed a lot.

If it wasn't for Mike, he would still be hungry and bare running.

He understands that he's in trouble, and also understands that his stay here will just bring trouble to this two, .

Thinking of this, Logan could not help but say gratefully, "Man, thank you."

Mike nodded, patted Logan's shoulder, and said, "Take care, Logan! When you solve the trouble, you can come as a guest anytime!"

Logan grinned, nodded, bent down and pinched Clark's face, and said, "Little man, see you later."

Clark waved his hand while smiling and said, "Bye Uncle Logan."

Logan smiled and turned to leave.

One step,

two steps...

Logan walked slowly into the darkness like a lone wolf.

"Daddy, Uncle Logan looks so lonely, why Dad?!"

Clark lifted his head.

Mike said quietly, "He's lonely."

"Ah, that's what I just said"

"What do you know, little kid?" Mike picked Clark up and laughed, "Come on, it's time for you to go to bed."

But the next second, his eyes changed slightly, and without hesitation, he rolled backwards with Clark in his arms.


A bullet passed through the place where he had just stood, leaving a mud splattering crater on the ground.

*Boom, boom!*

Mike's heart thumped violently as he goes Assassin Time.

Mike held Clark rushed down the house while not far behind him, a bullet strike like a shadow behind Mike, leaving a crater.

Mike's heart was cold, and killing intent was boiling in his heart.

The bullets that were fired by the other side were actually aimed at Clark!

This damned bastard!

Mike dodged the attack while looking back at the direction the bullet came from, looking for the other side's position.

found him!

huh? it's him?

Mike, somewhat surprised, leaped forward with Clark in his arms, lunged into the room, stomped down on the door with his foot, rolled on the floor with Clark in his arms, and hid behind the wall.

*Poof, poof!*

In a series of soft sounds, a hole appeared in the door.


Clark called softly, his blue eyes full of confusion, but not fears.

Mike hugged Clark and in  a tone as gentle as possible, said: "Don't be afraid."


Clark nodded and pressed his head against Mark's chest.

Mike took a slow breath, his violently beating heart slowly calming down, but his eyes increasingly grew cold.


Mike let out a low curse.

He clearly remembered that in the original episode, Logan was only found by Stryker's men the next morning, how did it get to him so early?.

Moreover, your target is Logan, so go to kill Logan, why deliberately find the two of us father and son trouble?

Thinking of this, Mike could not help but curse.


"Dad, what's a fuck?"

"Ah, erm..ah, oh that's a plant."

Mike spoke nonsense casually.

Just then, he suddenly heard the sound of a helicopter propeller.

It couldn't be...

Mike's eyes narrowed and he ran toward the window with Clark in his arms, while a card appeared in his hand, and as he leaped out of the window with Clark in his arms, the card in his hand disappeared and a stopwatch appeared in his hand.

In the next second, two missiles shot out from the helicopter and landed in their home.

*Boom, boom!*

The flame swept around with the shock wave, roaring and destroying everything.

Just then, Mike pressed the stopwatch in his hand, and instantly, he and Clark were plated with a layer of gold, and being in mid-air, they stopped in mid-air against common sense.

The stopwatch, a prop in League of Legends, is immune to damage for 2.5 seconds, but you can't move or attack in that period.

Mike embodied the life saving props, although there are great limitations, at some point, is definitely a good thing to save your life.

The flames and shock waves swept across their location with the fragments of the house, swallowing up all the places where the two of them were.

In the distance, when Agent Zero, who was holding a sniper rifle, saw this scene, his narrow and light lips were slightly hooked.

Although the man was able to dodge his shots one after another, which he did not expect, but under such an attack, the other party definitely will not survive.

"In the end, it's just two ordinary people."

Agent Zero murmured, pressing the communicator in his ear, and said: "Attention, the Logan is coming back."

He already knew Logan wasn't at Mike's house, of course, but he didn't want to waste the time and go after him.

As he knows that long as the place was blown away, Logan, who hadn't gone far, would definitely return to avenge the father-son pair.

As a former teammate, he still knew the other well.

"Heh, idiot."

Special Agent Zero whispered disdainfully.

On the other side, Logan, who hadn't gone far, hurriedly turned his head to look after hearing the explosion.

The sky-rushing flames introduced into his eyes, making his whole body feel like he falled into the ice cellar, his pair of eyes seemed to burn up.

He seemed to see the pair of father and son engulfed in flames and split in pieces in the explosion.

"Ah! I will kill you all!"

Roaring in anger, Logan's eyes were red, like a madman, and he turned and rushed back.

At the same time, Mike held Clark with a stopwatch to dodge the impact, after carrying Clark out of the fire, to the basement of their home.

"Clark, you wait here for Dad."

Mike said in a still gentle voice.


Clark tugged at Mike's charred sleeve.

Mike turned back, turned his head and touched Clark's head and said, "Clark, remember, when friends come there is good wine and when jackals come there is a shotgun."

Looking at his father, Clark felt that Mike was exuding a stern aura at this point that he had never seen before.

But it is undeniable that looking at such a father, he feels like he is protected by a barrier called a sense of security, and he is extremely relieved.