Marvel: The Father of Superheroes (TL)

That night, when a Kryptonian ship with a baby crashed on Mike Kent’s family farm, and when he decided to adopt that child the cheat of every isekai'd dude was thus activated, he understood that his life was about to change. Superman Clark Kent, Professor X Charles Kent, Magneto, Eric Kent.. When he became the father of these men, the strongest family was born! Raw Link: https://sj.uukanshu.com/book.aspx?id=147010 ///***/// I don't own anything. I'm just translating because I'm bored.

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Chapter 10: Clark's Mighty Hammer

In the kitchen of Mike's house.

Clark was holding a plate of roast pork and eating happily.

When he saw Mike smiling and looking at him, he hesitated and found the smallest piece of meat from the bowl and brought it to Mike's mouth with a fork.

Mike shook his head, the chopsticks in his hand moving up and down, and said with a bad smile, "I'll take one by myself."

Clark pushed the meat in front of Mike, watched Mike pick up the largest piece of meat, his little grease-stained mouth slowly open, he swallowed as Mike was about to put it on his own mouth, and said:

"Dad, is it delicious?"

"I haven't eaten it yet!"

"I'll taste it for you!"

Mike made a thinking face, then made a face at Clark and said, "No way!"

With those words, he shoved the meat directly into his mouth with an exaggerated expression, "Wow, it's delicious!"

Clark was about to crying, feeling like he was wronged.


Looking at Clark's expression, Mike laughed happily out loud.

Clark looked at Mike fiercely, but stuffed the meat from the fork into Mike's mouth, and then smiled at Mike.

Mike was stunned, and touched Clark's head, feeling a little warm in his heart.

The boy hadn't been raised for nothing.

"You take your time to eat, and Daddy will go wash the dishes."

Mike got up, cleaned up the dishes and walked to the kitchen, but turned to Clark as he reached the door, "Don't just eat the meat!"

Clark smiled cheekily and stuffed a piece of broccoli into his mouth in front of Mike, only to quietly spit it into a side trash can as Mike turned around.

"Clark, it's not right to waste food."

Clark looked at Mike, wide-eyed as he thought in his head if his dad have eyes in the back of his head, He didn't turned his head, so how did he know he hadn't eaten it?

"Oh, I know!"

Clark replied loudly, but shoved another piece of meat into his mouth, then with a cautious face, he shoved his vegetable arch-enemy into his mouth as well, stuffing his little mouth with a bulge, chewing it haphazardly twice, and swallowing it in one big gulp.

Soon, after Clark finished his share of lunch, carrying his plate and bowl, jumped off his chair and ran to the kitchen.

A few moments later, Mike finished cleaning up the kitchen, picked up Clark, who was helping out on the sidelines, and headed upstairs.

When he went upstairs, Clark, who had the habit of napping, was already nodding his little head.

Placing Clark on the bed, he said, "Daddy's going out, don't run around when you wake up."

"Oh! Daddy come back early."

Clark said in a daze, and closed his eyes.

Mike covered Clark with a blanket and then turned and left the room.

After dinner, Clark usually slept for an hour, and he wanted to take advantage of that time to go and prepare a surprise for Clark.

Tomorrow, Clark would be going to school.

He was going to buy some things for kindergarten.

Locking the door, Mike drove off to town.

School bags, paintbrushes, erasers ...

He had already thought about what to buy.

Leaving Clark home alone, he was still a little worried.

"It'll only take forty minutes round trip, Clark will sleep for about an hour, and there won't be anything like accidentally like a killing thief ..."

Whispered muttering, Mike's car speed up again a lot.

In Clark's room.


After hearing Mike's car ring, Clark, who should have been asleep, opened his eyes, rolled happily on the bed twice, got up from the bed, dragged out a bunch of toys from under his bed and played with them himself.

Sometimes he didn't want to sleep, so he would pretend to sleep like the people on TV, and then wait for Mike to go away and play quietly in his room by himself.

"I am the messenger of justice! Red Skull suffers death!"

Clark shouted in a whisper, holding a toy in his left hand.

In the other hand, he was holding a Captain America toy, and the two were colliding in mid-air.

Thinking about the story his father told him, Clark could not help but get excited.



The little hand of Captain America in his hand was crushed to pieces.

Clark froze, his eyes flushed.

This is one of his favourite toys now.


Clark whimpered, wiped his eyes, wiped the tears, after the pieces of the Captain America toy cleaned up, looking at the red skull toy on the ground, beeped, stretched out his fingers and gently poked and said: "It's all your fault, it's all your fault! Captain America is accidentally pinched by me!"

Casually throwing away the Red Skull toy, Clark went to the window to see if his dad was back, and then his eyes ... widened.

He saw a naked man, running wildly from a distance, and then rushed inside the storage room of their life

After blinking, Clark thought for a while and exclaimed: "That's the perverted thief Dad and I were talking about!?"

A thief!

Be a good man with a sense of justice!

Protect your home and family!

Thinking of Captain America, who was crushed by himself, thinking of the reason his father told him, Clark came to a conclusion in his little head.

Thieves are bad guys, and bad guys need to be beaten!

He took a deep breath, walked to the pass side, reached out and raised his bed, after enhancing his confidence, clenched his fist to himself, a righteous face opened the door and rushed downstairs.

A jog to the warehouse door, Clark took a deep breath, carefully pushed open the door and walked in.

He must catch the thief and not let the other side get away!

As soon as he entered the warehouse, his keen sense of hearing picked up the sound of the thief's breathing.

He turned his head, picked up a rake in his hand and turned it upside down, and after finding it too light not to weigh at all, he casually threw it away, picked up a hammer that was taller than him, and walked over in stride.

"I found you! Damn thief!"

Along with Clark's shout, he jerked up in front of the thief.

Only to see that the thief is crouching curling behind the wooden wall of the warehouse stacked tools, as if in pain, his body shaking, covered with sweat.

Logan was shocked when he heard the call, but after looking up at Clark, who was standing in front of him with a huge hammer, his face was upright, he couldn't help but smile.

What a cute kid.

Looking at the other party's smile, Clark froze, and then said angrily: "Are you laughing at me? Perverted thief!"

Saying that, Clark picked up the hammer in his hand and smashed it at Logan.

Logan froze.

This kid is so strong that he can move such a big hammer.

But, after all, it is a just child.

Logan smiled faintly and raised his hand to grab the falling hammer.

Even if he is in a bad state, and the Adamantium has was just injected into his body, but he's still a kid...


There was a muffled sound, and the moment Logan touched the hammer, he immediately screamed,and didn't have the time to react. As he stared with wide eyes and was blown away out by a hammer.


He landed for about four to five meters before he managed to stop as he looked at the kid..no the monster in front of him speechless.