Marvel: The Death Surgeon

A man died at the age of 26 due to cancer. He was filled with regret as he had not done anything substantial in his life. It was just boring. He wished he would get a chance to reincarnate and he did get a chance to reincarnate in the Marvel world. At first he was terrified but then he became excited as though about a thrilling life in the Marvel world. God gave him two template system of two characters from different worlds -Urahara Kisuke from bleach and Trafalgar Law from the world of one piece. This began the journey of Law Cromwell as the Death Surgeon in the Marvel universe. Disclaimer Everything belongs to marvel except my OC. Nothing is owned by me. It's just a fanfiction. If you can please support me on pat*reon. Link> http://pat*reon.com/Charizard6 No star in the link

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Chapter 8: Progress and Hell's kitchen

From 10 to 20 percent of his template it was about learning and mastering Hakudo. Hakudo is a close-combat style of fighting, in which one is unarmed and uses only one's body, and is one of the four basic fighting styles of the  shinigami. It's basically a shinigami's taijutsu.

It also helped me increase my physical strength and speed as I now have basically Hulk level super strength. Don't know if I am stronger than him or not, as I would have to fight him to know about that. But I would consider myself stronger since I have physical strength of both a shinigami and a physique from One piece world.

Let me tell you, the physical strength of people in one piece world is no joke. Let's get back to my progress.

At 20%, I got the memories about his computer and technology knowledge as a reward which I didn't need to learn as the memories were directly incorporated in my brain. And from 20% to 30% of the template, it is about learning the first 10 spells of Hadō and Bakudo. I have currently learned only 8 of both of them. It's really tough to learn them. I wonder how long would it take for me before I would be able to learn spells in the 90s.

Anyways as for Law Template, I am at 37% with it. From 10% to 20%, I just learned about the various devil fruit abilities which I wouldn't bore you by telling about them.

As a reward at 20 percent, my observation haki got unlocked. From 20-30 percent, I had to increase my mastery over it. I managed to increase my range to about 50 km. It really helped me find crime in the city. As a reward for reaching 30%, I got Law's knowledge about different poisons, diseases and illnesses and how to treat them. Some of them weren't even possible in the Marvel world. As for 30-40 percent, I had to increase the range of my ROOM by 500 metres for every percent. So my current range of ROOM is more than 5km but less than 6km.

I think this will increase in future as Law could cover an entire island with it in the Wano arc.

Anyways, I was happy with this progress. I might have become a little funnier, and sarcastic, thanks to Urahara's memories. It was not that I was affected by his memories. No after seeing his memories, I just started to joke a little but I was still the same. If the memories would have changed me, I would have been a lot scared.

Begin an amalgamation of three people personalities, oh I don't want that. It would have left a bad taste in my mouth if I was no longer the same person and affected by memories of others.

But nothing substantial to worry about since I was still me and it didn't affect me much. The only thing that changed is maybe I now kind of liked pranking my enemies after seeing Urahara's memories. It doesn't have to do with the memories affecting me and all.

Anyways, I was dressed in my black hoodie, black mask and my new black cloak with Kikoku(Law's sword) on my shoulder. Today I was planning to clean some criminals from Hell's kitchen and I was pretty sure I would have to kill some people this time. There was no Wilson Fisk or superheroes like Daredevil yet to keep Hell's kitchen in check, it was utter chaos more than during the Kingpin's era.

The normal civilians of Hell's kitchen lived in fear and danger of losing their lives anytime. The police didn't help much as most of them were corrupted.

There were too many gangs operating in Hell's kitchen from Irish Mafia, German Mafia, Hand, Yakuza and a Mexican cartel along with several local gangs terrorizing this place. I was not going to just go and kill every other gang member. No I didn't enjoy killing people. Infact I have not killed a person ever in life not this one and most definitely not the previous one.

I would just kill the heads of different gangs.

I wasn't scared of killing. I deemed killing as a necessity to get rid of evil to protect greater good. If I don't set an example by killing them, the criminals would easily get released from Jail since it was a corrupted society. They would do the same thing again knowing that I don't have the balls to kill them.

Yes even after killing their bosses and terrorizing them, Some would again commit the crime. But I am not omnipotent, I can't read people's minds to know if they are still going to do evil deeds and are just pretending not to do them on the surface. Anyways, Let's just get to business.


I created a 5km big room and teleported myself to the edge of it. I continued doing it until I reached Hell's kitchen.

I used my observation haki to observe the entire area and oh boy there were crimes everywhere. Looks like unlike other criminals, no criminals here feared the 'Black Mask'.

Well, that will all change today. I first went to a warehouse which I think belongs to a German Gang. I could just smell the drugs from right outside the warehouse.

First I created a ROOM ranging 1km which covered the entire warehouse as well as its surroundings. Now the entire place was my yard.

So I decided to prank with these guys a little.

There were four guards guarding the front door. I controlled a small stone telekinetically and hit the head of one of them who instantly yelled in pain and started looking left and right but only seeing his fellow guard.

He ignored it and thought maybe it was just a mistake by the fellow guard and he didn't mean to hit him with a stone.