Marvel: The Death Surgeon

A man died at the age of 26 due to cancer. He was filled with regret as he had not done anything substantial in his life. It was just boring. He wished he would get a chance to reincarnate and he did get a chance to reincarnate in the Marvel world. At first he was terrified but then he became excited as though about a thrilling life in the Marvel world. God gave him two template system of two characters from different worlds -Urahara Kisuke from bleach and Trafalgar Law from the world of one piece. This began the journey of Law Cromwell as the Death Surgeon in the Marvel universe. Disclaimer Everything belongs to marvel except my OC. Nothing is owned by me. It's just a fanfiction. If you can please support me on pat*reon. Link> http://pat*reon.com/Charizard6 No star in the link

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Chapter 12: First Encounter with Mutants

General P.O.V

Law still couldn't comprehend that there were mutants in this marvel universe. He had checked the internet and had not found anything about them.

But this guy said Mutants were found within the last decade by his organisation so the general public or the internet might not have any information about them.

Law's thought process was stopped as the German Mafia head shouted "He is one of the Mutants. You are authorised to take action against him."

As he said that another set of armed men with tactical gear appeared. The difference was that they just had better weapons but what made Law curious were the two men who headed them, they felt different from normal humans.

They had different body builds as one of them had a muscular body while the other one had a lean and thin build.

Law used 'SCAN' on them just to confirm his suspicions. The guy with big muscles had a lot of tissues around his muscles as well as some other things that would suggest that he had super Strength. The thin looking man had elongated tissues which Law surmised was due to having power to elongate limbs.

If he could 'SCAN' them up close, Law would have easily been able to tell how they were different from normal humans as the 'SCAN' ability if used when touching a certain being, it can scan everything and not just have an X-ray view of the said person but also see their DNA.

Anyways, Law had surmised these two were mutants with the superpowers of super strength and extending limbs. They weren't in any x men movies or comics. Law surmised that they were just cannon fodder mutants.

'Whatever organisation he belongs to can employ mutants as their soldiers. My money is on Hydra. Let's make this fight a little more challenging.' Law thought

Law decided to not use his Urahara template abilities just like in his previous fight as well as limit his physical strength to a normal human.

Controlling his physical strength would have been tough but thanks to Urahara's template which made him focus on Hakudo, he could do it easily. It's because for the training of Hakudo he had to control the strength of his body employed in different techniques.

Now you might think Law was stupid for doing this as he could have easily got rid of these low level mutants using his full strength. But that would just make him comfortable to fight his future enemies who he can defeat with overwhelming might.

If he ever battled against an individual who could easily outmatch him in physical strength, he would need creativity in the use of his abilities, better understanding of his powers and combat experience and that's why he was doing this.

One of the mutants said grinning "Well, well, if it isn't a mutant just like us. You won't be able to beat us like you beat these inferior creatures."

Law cracked his knuckles a bit at that "So, you weak mutants think you can take me on? Let's see what you've got."

The Super Strength Mutant smirked and said

"We'll squash you like a bug, little man."

While the Limb Elongation Mutant grinned wickedly and said "And I'll reach out and snap you like a twig."

Law smirked under his mask hearing their trash talk, while his hand instinctively reached for the hilt of his sword.

He looked at these guys and said "You guys just don't know when to quit, do you? Well, if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get."

With lightning speed, Law lunged forward, his blade slicing through the air. The mutants and the armed men scramble to defend themselves, but all in vain.


In a blur of motion, Law swiftly switched the positions of two armed men, causing them to collide into each other with a bone-crushing impact.

Then he extends his hand toward the ceiling. The warehouse trembles as enormous chunks of debris detach and levitate in the air.

With a swift gesture, Law sends the floating debris hurtling toward the HYDRA agents, creating a chaotic storm of destruction. The agents scramble desperately, but they were no match for the overwhelming force unleashed upon them.

One by one, the armed agents were incapacitated, their defeated forms scattered across the warehouse floor. Law stands amidst the wreckage while he looked at the only two people that remained, the two mutants. Three, If you count the German Mafia boss who now had lost his calm expression and was clearly nervous and scared.

The mutant with the super strength charged at Law, launching a powerful punch.


With a swift motion, Law created a barrier protecting him. The mutant's fist collided with the invisible barrier, causing a shockwave to ripple through the area.

Law smirked and taunted the man by saying "Is that all you've got? You'll need more than brute force to take me down!"

The mutant, unfazed, lunged forward again, this time with both fists swinging. But before the attack could connect, Law swiftly dodged to the side, his body moving with remarkable agility. Taking advantage of the mutant's momentary vulnerability, he quickly formed a glowing, surgical-like hand gesture with his fingers which had electricity running through them.

'Counter shock'

Law gave an electrical shock to the mutant who got knocked out and fell unconscious.

But the fight wasn't over yet. The mutant with limb elongation now sprang into action. His arms stretched out like rubber bands, extending towards Law with lightning speed. Law evaded the elongated limbs, performing acrobatic flips and twists to dodge the attacks.

The elongated mutant unleashed a barrage of attacks, his limbs extending and striking from all directions.

"You think your stretchy arms can reach me?" Law chuckled, his voice brimming with confidence as whenever the elongated arm would reach him, he would just teleport to a different place.

Gasping for breath, the mutant managed to extend one of his elongated limbs, aiming for Law's neck. But Law was prepared and he gave this chance to the mutant intentionally as he aimed his sword like a gun towards the mutant.

"Injection Shot!" Law exclaimed, a bullet like blast left his sword. The energy surged forward, piercing through the mutant's elongated limb and rendering it useless. The mutant recoiled, clutching his injured limb, writhing in agony. Law then knocked him unconscious too and focused his attention on the German Mafia Boss.


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