Marvel: The Death Surgeon

A man died at the age of 26 due to cancer. He was filled with regret as he had not done anything substantial in his life. It was just boring. He wished he would get a chance to reincarnate and he did get a chance to reincarnate in the Marvel world. At first he was terrified but then he became excited as though about a thrilling life in the Marvel world. God gave him two template system of two characters from different worlds -Urahara Kisuke from bleach and Trafalgar Law from the world of one piece. This began the journey of Law Cromwell as the Death Surgeon in the Marvel universe. Disclaimer Everything belongs to marvel except my OC. Nothing is owned by me. It's just a fanfiction. If you can please support me on pat*reon. Link> http://pat*reon.com/Charizard6 No star in the link

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Chapter 1: Prologue [Edited]

My name is Ben Cromwell. I was 26 years old when I died due to cancer. I had caring parents and caring siblings. They cared deeply about me and used every means to treat my illness but couldn't do anything about it.

I did not live a fulfilling life. I wanted something more, something more exciting than sitting in a hospital bed and reading novels or watching anime and movies. But my life was already over as I died on the hospital bed with regrets.

But I got a second chance as I stood in front of God as he said that I was given a chance to reincarnate.

I didn't delve into the fact that how many people got this opportunity or why I got this opportunity but I just accepted it without any questions.

"Child, Spin this wheel and let's see in which world you will reincarnate." He said.

I couldn't see him but only heard his voice which was filled with authority.

A roulette wheel appeared in front of me. It had the names of different worlds. One of which will be the world where I would reincarnate in. There were some fictional worlds like Naruto, One piece etc and some movie worlds like Wanted, Terminator, Dc, Marvel and the world which I wanted to go in

'Your original world'. [A/N: Speaking of Naruto: Have you checked out my Naruto fic?If not check it out after reading this :⁠,⁠-⁠)]

I have watched all these animes and movies so I know how dangerous it was to live in any of the anime world or the movie world.

I spun the wheel and it stopped on the world Marvel. At first I was scared, thinking about the dangerous beings there were in this world but then I remembered that I wanted my next life to be thrilling and exciting and what better world than this. I have watched the Marvel movies and even have read some comics with my kids back in the day so I definitely have some knowledge about this world.

But what scared me the most is that I am just a normal human without even any military training so how was I going to survive in this world.

As I was thinking about this, I heard the voice of God.

"Marvel huh? You have got an interesting multiverse or rather a good universe to go in. I will have to tell my Avatar to allow you inside his universe." The God said

"Your avatar? Do you mean One above all? You are one above all? The Ultimate God and creator of the marvel universe?" I asked

"Child, there is only one God and that's me. Every other God are just my different Avatars to cater to different worlds or different religions in the case of your world. Anyways, I could see the worry in your face about surviving in the Marvel world. Don't worry as you have read in many of the novels or Fanfiction of your world, No Gods let's his chosen one to reincarnate without any gifts."

"So here are two wheels with the name of different beings of different worlds and universes. You will get the templates of the person on whom the pointer stops."

'Interesting' I thought with excitement

The wheels had names like Kizaru, Akainu, Blackbeard,Madara uchiha, Ichigo kurasaki and millions of others if not for God magnifying my sight, I wouldn't even be able to see them.

I spun both the wheels at the same time and the pointers landed on Trafalgar Law from One piece and Kisuke Urahara from bleach.

Two very strong characters and their abilities synchronised with each other very well. Both used swords and Kisuke's Bankai also had a healing element in it.

"You lucked out on the powers of two great individuals, my child. Now let me tell you some important things before I set you off on your new journey." The God voice echoed

I nodded and thanked him for this opportunity.

"Urahara Kisuke is a shinigami who are in soul forms and can't live as a physical body as their body can't handle the reiatsu (spiritual pressure).So I have changed this, now you can have the complete powers of a shinigami in a physical body and won't have to leave your physical body. This will be done by compressing the entire reiatsu into your soul without anything leaking. This would make your soul and body stronger and also increase your lifespan by many times than a normal shinigami but this has a limitation as you won't be able to apply the reiatsu pressure on other beings. But there is a way where you could use the spiritual pressure but you have to find about it yourself. Another thing is you won't have the standard devil fruit weakness of water."

It's a good trade off for a longer life and a physical body in exchange for knocking out people with spiritual pressure and destroying their souls.

"The template progress will be given to you by a blue screen. You can see it by calling 'system' in your mind. It has only one other function beside making you see your template progress. Any item you receive from the template progress can be stored inside the inventory tab. Remember any other item can't be stored inside the inventory."

'Fair enough'

"Now I will tell you a little about the world. It's one of the many universes of the marvel multiverse. So don't bet on the knowledge you have although some things might still be the same. And the last thing you should know is that there would be no interference from any beyonders which means beings from outside of the marvel multiverse."

I nodded as it was valuable information as the beyonders were responsible for many things in the comics from enslaving Asgard for ages and using the energy from Ragnorok to survive. To destroying the multiverse or creating a heroes vs villains competition.

"You can now be on your way child, I wish you luck for your next life." God said and snapped his finger.

"Thankyou God San. May Jesus bless you !" as I said that I or rather my soul was teleported to a different universe where I would begin my next life.

After a few seconds at the place where Ben stood before he got teleported, appeared a Morgan freeman look alike out of thin air. From another direction stan lee looked alike walked out and said "So you have chosen him to go into my multiverse?"

"Yes, this child was diagnosed with cancer since he was a 5 year old and didn't get to enjoy his life so I decided to choose him. Although there are many such people but I could only choose one and he happened to luck out."

"Keep an eye out on him but don't interfere in his life. If he does die to this recklessness or cockiness, then let him die. It just means he was not worth it." with that both of them disappeared.