12 Chapter 12: Spider-Suit

12: Spider-Suit

Peter sighed for the umpteenth time, his arm on his face as he lamented his life. He was going to die so early in his life.

...He hadn't even fucked enough women yet.

Peter ignored how his thoughts were becoming accepting of fucking multiple women. He'd accepted hours ago that Edward was changing him into something else.

He didn't despise polygamy anymore. Heck, even though he'd felt repulsed at the notion of looking at May in a perverse manner just a day ago, he was fine with fucking her right now.

He was kind of afraid of his rapid change in character. But he didn't mull over it for long since it would only make him more depressed. He was not the original 'Peter Parker' anymore, after all.

He wasn't even fully Edward since he remembered everything other than Edward's life. He remembered movies, songs, comics, and whatnot. Just not who Edward was. Nothing about Edward.

The Great Weaver didn't bother him, probably busy with her 'work', whatever that was…

Peter wasn't sure how much time he was inside that cocoon, so he looked at the clock in the corner of his vision.

06:23 p.m.…


Peter's eyes widened; not because of the time, but because he saw a few icons in the corner of his vision.

A "📷" camera icon, a " 🔉" speaker icon, a "🌡️" some kind of indicator, a "🎽" clothes Icon, and a "🔒" locked icon.

What the fuck? System?

[The system has been analyzing the suit for a while now, the user should be patient, the information regarding the suit will be available in a few minutes]

Peter sighed and stood up. He was going to wear some clothes. He was not going to play around with the icons because he simply didn't know what could happen; he had some guesses, but he didn't want to tempt his luck.

[Lady Luck frowns]

Peter straightened. Of course, why would he tempt his luck? He wasn't ready to face the beautiful lady who ruled over it yet, after all.

[Lady Luck chuckles at your behavior and says not to worry, she won't do anything bad to you]

Peter sighed and found some clothes before he went inside the bathroom.

After washing, he returned back into his room with new clothes.

[Suit analysis complete]


Peter smirked. Finally, it was time for him to check his upgraded suit—he hoped it would be an upgrade, at least.


[Description: A suit made from the [Golden Web Of Neith] by the Great Weaver for her Avatar "Peter Benjamin Parker" at his request. The suit is resistant to fire, water, tearing, and so much more. The resistance is quite high. The suit is made to be more durable than to tank damage. If damaged enough, the suit will tear apart. Though the damaged areas will repair by themselves given enough time. This suit is made to last more, not to be a protective armor. This suit won't hinder the user's Spider-related or system-related powers in the slightest. The suit can be technologically improved. Certain tech can be added to the suit. They will remain with the suit, disappear with the suit, come with the suit, be destroyed with the suit, and regenerate with the suit. (Further information is locked)]

[Additional Information: This suit possesses 5 functions as of now, they may increase in the future. (Note: these "functions" as they are called, are also dubbed as "icons".]

[📷: By enabling this icon, the suit will not appear on any sort of camera, and/or capturing device. The user will be invisible to them.]

[🔉: This is, essentially, a voice modulator that is designed to alter the user's voice. Its main function, when turned on, is that the user's voice will be under his control—he can change it to whatever voice he wants.]

[🌡️: An indicator to tell how much heat/cold/energy, in essence, any type of attack—let's call these things [Energy] to simplify things—the suit can bear. Do keep in mind that when turned on, the suit will work akin to Vibranium as in it will absorb any and every type of attack—of course, it is limited, but the limits remain unchecked. Upon turning this off, the user can discharge any predetermined amount of [Energy] into the surroundings, and/or at a specific target. The user has the right to keep the absorbed [Energy] inside the suit for later use. Though it is advised that the user discharge from time to time, as this suit, can be a dangerous bomb, which can explode under certain conditions (For example, The suit getting damaged beyond recovery in a very short period of time, as in a single second. If this were to happen, the suit can still recover given enough time, but the stored [Energy] will erupt.)]

[🎽: This is the Icon that indicates whether the user is wearing the suit or not. Further than that, there are additional functions inside this icon; such as suit customization.]

[🔒: Locked. No information is available at the time.]


Peter would admit… he was quite dumbfounded. He had no words to describe he felt. So, he just closed his eyes, exhaled, and sent a small 'thank you' to the Great Weaver.

This… was just too overwhelming.

Peter wanted to scream in joy at the top of his lungs, but he managed to calm himself after a while.

Then, as he decided to test the suit, he stood up.

Just with a thought, shadows erupted from the tattoo on his right shoulder and spread to his whole body. He was wearing clothes, so he wasn't sure how his clothes would react. Will they be torn? Will they disappear? Or will they remain inside the suit?

He got his answers quite soon.

He felt his clothes disappear as the shadows morphed into his Spider-Man suit. Peter turned the suit 'off' to see if his clothes would reappear, and they did.

The clothes he was wearing before appeared again.

Peter sighed in contentment. Just great. He wouldn't have to get naked or damage his clothes every time he wanted to suit up. His normal clothes would disappear God knows where, and return when he turned his superhero suit 'off'.

Peter turned the suit back on.

It took just a second for the suit to cover his whole body.

Peter wanted to take a look, so he walked in front of the mirror in his room.

The suit was black with blue, red, and white stripes on certain parts of the suit. On the chest was a red-colored spider. There was a hoodie too. Peter was fine with the design, so he'd keep it as such. He'll probably change it into something else in the future too.


Damn… he looked so badass.

Peter grinned and giggled like a toddler. Turning the camera icon on so that he would disappear for the cameras, Peter jumped out of the window, shooting a web at the building he usually does.

He was a bit curious; how exactly were the webs coming out of the suit? Was there a hole on his wrists?

As Peter pulled on the web and got airborne, he brought his wrist closer to his eyes, and sure enough, there was a small hole there. However, It wasn't just a 'hole', it was more like there was a place left free. That's when Peter recalled that this suit could be technologically modified.

So, Peter could add a web-shooter here. Not web-shooter as in the one which would create web and shoot them; that, he could already do. But web-shooter as in the one that could use his organic web, and turn them into more useful stuff. Say, for example, Peter could create web-shooters like the ones from [Spider-Man: Homecoming], the ones Tony Stark made, and add them to his suit. What was even more awesome? He could utilize their every feature and the web won't run out as long as he doesn't get tired.

Though he still needed to figure out how to make a web-shooter, and how to not use web fluid as the source of webs but use his organic webs.

Anyway, he seems to have gone quite off-track there.

Peter sighed, and started moving towards New York City. He wanted to swing in the city as there were sky-piercing buildings and skyscrapers. Peter wanted to feel the thrill of swinging. Maybe he should make his debut as a superhero too? Now that he wasn't going to appear in cameras, he could do whatever he wanted, and the government, S.H.I.E.L.D.—by extension, Hydra—or any other organization, won't know that Peter Benjamin Parker, is in fact, Spider-Man.

Though he still needed to make some kind of cloaking tech so that he could turn invisible too. He didn't want to be chased by some spy, because they were very good at hiding, and just because of that, Peter could easily end up guiding them to his house and reveal his identity.

Peter didn't want that.

It took Peter a while of swinging to reach New York City. When there, he found the biggest building he could and got on top of it.

He turned off the camera icon.

He would appear on cameras now.

Peter looked down. It was terrifying. He didn't want to jump seeing how high it was, but he didn't want to not jump either. So, he latched onto the glass panes of the building. Oh, he found out that the suit doesn't hinder his latching at all. When before, where he could just stick onto things with just his hands and feet, now, his whole body could be used like that.

Peter looked at his reflection in the glass, looking down before looking up, and took in a deep breath.

"Now, this is what I call…"

He muttered, pushing against the glass window, jumping a distance away before he started falling face down towards the ground.

"A leap of faith!" He yelled at the top of his lungs as the wind hit against his whole body and rumbled in his ears.

Peter, for some strange reason, felt the wind on the hairs on his whole body, he was able to tell which cardinal direction the wind was moving from, and where it was going.

…so strange.

But he didn't care, more like, he couldn't care as the upside-down New York City's sight, more specifically at night, was so eye-catching, and enthralling, that he got lost gazing at it. He could gaze at it for the whole night and still not get bored of it.

His body flailed in the air like a rag doll, and he closed his eyes, focusing on his hearing and other senses.

He felt… liberated.

As if, he was free now.

If he were to describe it, he would say that before his rebirth, he felt as if he was trapped inside a small place, like he was contained, like he was holding himself back. But now? he felt as if he was free. No restraint. No worry. No nothing.

Just free.

Which he wasn't.

So many things he needed to do before he could consider himself to be truly 'free'.

He needed to fuck women.

Skim through the MCU plot.

Kill Thanos.

Take the infinity stones for himself.

Do something about the cosmic beings that might come looking for him 14-15 years after.

Oh, and fuck more women.

Lots of them.

Have children.

Lots of them.

Live his life to the fullest.

Do a lot of things.

So, no, he wasn't free yet—he needed a lot of strength to achieve everything on his to-do list, and only then, will he be free.

So, that's his goal. Being free.

Peter's eyes opened; he was near the ground.

He shot a web at a building, and pulled, feeling the gravity struggle to keep him down, but he didn't let it. Instead, he swung for a longer distance and let out a yell of bliss.

The people down there looked at him, but he didn't stop; he was just here to swing, after all.




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