52 A Future Project - Not A Chapter

Hi there, this is Lord_Kismet.

I apologize if this brought up your hope for a new chapter, but I have another good news in compensation for that.

Ever wondered what would happen if a civilian normal dude in the Marvel world - without any of our knowledge - gets the power to go back in time to a specific 'point'? Like the save file of a game? This is exactly what this is about.

Oh, and he can stop time.

Dio style.

And he's trying to find 'his' Perfect Run at life.

Go read, [Marvel: The Perfect Run]

It's gonna be a banger, and I just need you guys' help kick-starting it.

Now, onto some important stuff.

No, The Beast System won't be affected by it.

It is not my main focus.

And I just wanted to share it with readers for some input, and their thoughts.

No harem, No smut, only a single romantic Interest - not decided who it will be tho.

This new project will be my main focus after I finish [Marvel: The Beast System]



Lord_Kismet, out.

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