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For one individual, the boundary between science fiction and reality blurs when they are unexpectedly transmigrated into the Marvel universe, a place where the technological wonders of their dreams are tangible. Equipped with a system that promises growth and evolution, they begin as an underdog in a world of heroes and villains. Drawing inspiration from the movies, comics, and even cartoons, this alternate universe (AU) tale weaves a narrative that, while familiar, brings its own unique twists and turns. As our protagonist navigates this new life, they will encounter romance, face challenges, and harness the power of advanced technology to rise to the heights of power within the Marvel Patreon Unknown_To_All The upload schedule is Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

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Chapter 61 Spartan III

The rest of the month went by in a flash as I completed some of my long-delayed business. First, I officially met with the Mayor of New York and signed off on the collaboration between my company and the city. This agreement allowed me to start deploying completed Scouts to work with the police.

Within the first week, I had already sent around 20 Scouts to assist the police and began negotiating with manufacturing companies to help produce the Scouts. I realized that these companies might try to steal my company's secrets, so I left them with the least important parts of the construction process. Dagon Industries produced the finer details, such as the chips and batteries, much to the disappointment of others.

To handle the increased workload, I brought Dr. Connors on board and hired a group of scientists who had their backgrounds thoroughly checked. During the vetting process, I personally conducted one-on-one meetings with each individual and uncovered many spies among them. This left me with a small team, but I preferred it this way.

As for Gwen and Ned, they found themselves constantly in the gym, adapting to their new abilities. This was much to Peter's surprise, but he soon got used to the change and was even happy about it, as it now felt like we all had something in common. However, this change still wasn't enough to get Peter to confess that he was Spider-Man to the others, and I wasn't going to do it for him. His secrets were his, after all, and it wasn't my place to reveal them.


"Cortana, how are the Scouts doing out in the field?" I asked as multiple screens activated, showing their body cam footage.

"They are performing optimally, executing orders perfectly and thoroughly. Since their arrival, crime has dropped by 5%, and this percentage is slowly increasing as their presence becomes more noticed on the streets," Cortana explained in detail with a confident smile.

"The police also seem to enjoy their newfound companions, especially those assigned to work with the Scouts. But besides this, things have not been completely perfect…" She lamented with a slightly annoyed look before switching the screen to a scene of multiple individuals in tactical gear trying to apprehend one of the Scouts.

It wasn't hard to figure out what was going on, and I understood where Cortana's annoyance came from. Clearly, others had already begun to move in an attempt to steal my technology, but this was expected.

"Have any of the Scouts become compromised?"

"No, sir. When these acts are attempted, the Scouts prioritize self-deletion, frying all internal circuitry, or they succeed in regrouping with others," she said, showing images of Scouts beaten and battered with smoke leaking out.

"I think that's enough about the Scouts for now. How about you, Cortana? How have your projects gone?" I asked, noticing an excited glint in her eyes.

"Perfect, Kol! The base's defenses are almost completely upgraded with all the devices you suggested. Several rooms have bubble turrets and shields to deter anyone who feels foolish," she declared with a smile, placing her hand on her hip. "Also your insights into Nuclear Fusion have been extremely helpful in creating a stable power source for the laboratory. It will take some time to gather the necessary tools. But leave it to me!"

"That's great, Cortana but besides business related matters have you discovered any hobbies or likes?"

Hearing this question, she stumbled despite there being nothing in the virtual world to cause it. "Umm, it's a bit embarrassing."

"Haha, that's fine, Cortana. Let me hear it," I said, curious about what kind of hobby could cause such a reaction.

"I recently started watching cat videos… and every now and then, I try hacking Stark Industries to mess with Jarvis," she admitted guiltily while rubbing her fingers.

Cats and pranking Jarvis. I didn't expect that, but it's actually kinda cute. "Don't worry, Cortana. I don't mind. You can prank Jarvis as much as you want. Heck, you can mess with Stark too while you're at it," I added, imagining Tony's reaction to his machines acting up as he tried to figure out what was going on.

My response seemed to make her happy as a notepad appeared next to her, and she wrote down some things I couldn't see. Judging by her reaction, I could expect Jarvis and Tony to have a tiring few days ahead.

"Oh, Kol, I almost forgot to say this, but your project is ready!" she exclaimed before bringing up a camera feed to another section of the lab.

I smiled widely the moment the room appeared on the screen. "So it's time, huh? I'll meet you there, Cortana. Prepare the procedure."

I made my way down to the surgery room, the sterile environment gleaming with the polished surfaces of advanced medical equipment. Approaching the patient bed, I took a deep breath, mentally preparing myself for what was to come.

"Cortana, I'm ready," I said, my voice steady but laced with underlying tension. This was going to be painful but the gains would be worth it.

"Understood, Kol. Initiating the procedure now," Cortana replied, her tone professional and reassuring. She controlled the surgical machines with precision, each device moving into position around me.

As the procedure began, the pain was immediate and overwhelming. The machines worked meticulously, enhancing my muscles, grafting my bones, and augmenting my neural connections. Despite the advanced technology, the process was incredibly invasive, and I felt every cut, injection, and adjustment. The pain was unlike anything I had ever experienced, causing me to lose consciousness multiple times.

Each time I blacked out, I was only vaguely aware of Cortana's soothing voice in the background, monitoring my vitals and ensuring the machines operated within safe parameters. When I regained consciousness, the pain returned with a vengeance, testing my resolve and endurance. I gritted my teeth, determined to see it through.

Hours seemed to stretch into eternity, but eventually, the intensity of the procedure began to wane. The surgical machines completed their work, retracting back into their neutral positions. My body, though sore and aching, felt different—stronger.

Slowly, I opened my eyes. The bright lights above me came into focus, and I took a moment to process my surroundings. I could feel a newfound strength coursing through my veins, the feeling similar to when I first enhanced myself using CH-24.

"Cortana," I called out, my voice hoarse but steady. "How did it go?"

"The procedure was successful, Kol," Cortana responded, her tone filled with relief and satisfaction. "Your body has fully integrated the enhancements and not just that but the chemicals injected in your body weren't rejected by your extra chromosome. In fact, I think it recognized it as something useful and helped the process."

"Huh, well that was unexpected but not unwelcome." Smiling weakly, I lifted myself off the bed and felt that my body was already fixing any damage that might have occurred in the procedure as the fatigue began to dissipate.

"Incredible… I barely even feel human anymore." Pulling off my shirt, I walked up to a mirror and saw what could only be defined as a Greek God.

"Kol, my scans are showing that your strength has significantly increased! If before you would struggle lifting a ton, then now it would be practically nothing. Your new limits should probably be in the 20-30 ton range, but even that is subject to change," Cortana said in amazement. "You've also experienced a grown an extra five inches in height due to this procedure making you 6'5" 

"Haha yes!" I shouted in joy before jumping into the air. Finally I was beginning to enter the MCU power scale and this would only increase in the future.

"Cortana prepare my car and get the recording devices ready. I'm going to pay the X-men a small visit"

"On it!"

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

For those interested in Kols stats

Name: Kol Dagon  Race: Enhanced Human

Age: 18

Height 6'5"

X-Gene Dormant

Enhancements: NZT-48, Chromosome 24, Spartan 3 Program

Strength: 28 Tons Comparison Captain America is in the 60 ton range While Wolverine is also in the 20-30 ton range